44 Best Fishing Gifts for a Fisherman Who Has Everything

Fishing gear on table

Getting the right fishing gift for your favorite angler can be tough, especially if you’re not an avid fisherman yourself.

Lucky for you, I created a list of fishing gift ideas you can snag this holiday season. They come in a wide variety of prices and sizes, and there’s something here for every type of fisherman.

Some of these ideas are items I own and love. Others are inspired by jealousy because my fishing buddy has them, but I don’t. The rest are legitimately useful items that are on my Christmas list this year too.

I even included some gifts for a fisherman who has everything already!

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In a hurry? Here are our favorite gifts from this guide:

Top Pick
Most Practical
Best Tasting
$21.95 ($1.37 / Ounce)
This inexpensive yet durable knife is capable of both large salt water and freshwater fish!
Because it's made by fisherman for fisherman! Perfect for the fisherman who has it all!
If your fisherman takes their catch into the kitchen, they will absolutely love this blend!
Top Pick
This inexpensive yet durable knife is capable of both large salt water and freshwater fish!
Most Practical
$21.95 ($1.37 / Ounce)
Because it's made by fisherman for fisherman! Perfect for the fisherman who has it all!
Best Tasting
If your fisherman takes their catch into the kitchen, they will absolutely love this blend!
02/21/2024 07:33 am GMT

Best Fishing Gifts They Can Wear

As long as you can get the size right, some of the best fishing gifts for a dad or boyfriend are great fishing clothes. Here are our personal favorites.

Columbia Men's Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Shirt

If your favorite angler is looking for a long-sleeve shirt to wear on the water, the Columbia PFG terminal tackle long-sleeve T-shirt is the way to go. Coming in 21 different colors, the T-shirt ranges in size from extra small to extra extra large. 100% polyester material wicks sweat away while maintaining a breathable layer to prevent sunburn. This is the ultimate shirt for anglers both on the boat and bank and it’s the perfect Holiday gift.

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02/27/2024 09:29 pm GMT
HUK Water Repellent & Quick-Drying Shorts

The search for the perfect Pair of fishing shorts is finally over. Ranging from small to triple XL, these 89% polyester 11% spandex shorts are a favorite of mine due to their mesh lined pockets, four-way stretch, quick dry proprietary blend and breathability. If you or your loved one spends hours on the water, spend the money this holiday season to get them the best pair of fishing shorts out there.

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02/27/2024 09:53 pm GMT
Tackle Boxers

Behind every successful angler is of course a pair of comfortable, breathable underwear that strikes the perfect line between function, fashion and fit. Enter the AFTCO Tackle Boxers, a 92% polyester and 8% spandex quick dry pair of underwear that is stain resistant, antimicrobial and moisture wicking. In my opinion, it’s the best pair of undergarments on the market for angling. This stocking stuffer will hold up their end of the bargain making.

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Smartwool Tall Crew Socks

Socks are often overworked and they’re an incredibly important piece of clothing for anglers. The Smartwool PhD Hunt Light Cushion tall crew socks are a blend of merino wool, nylon, and elastane. They’re 8.5 inches in height, making them the perfect calf sock for a variety of footwear. These socks are breathable, comfortable and maintain both their stretch and shape for a long time making them a great purchase for any angler this Christmas.

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Free Fly Snapback

Half the battle is looking good while you are doing something, and with the Free Fly Wave Snapback, that’s never been easier. This classic trucker style hat features a mesh backing for ventilation and a stylish front patch that goes well on the water or out to dinner. This is One of those great fishing gifts for boyfriends or husbands who wear angling apparel everywhere they go, especially if they are into saltwater fly fishing.

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Ankle Deck Boots

Footwear is important for anglers, both for the protection and grip it provides on slippery surfaces. The Xtratuf’s Ankle Deck Boot provides a breathable pair of footwear that offers traction on even the slipperiest of surfaces, a durable frame and a waterproof seal to keep your feet dry when angling from the bank. They come in multiple color variations and are a great gift for any angler looking to upgrade their footwear. Even the cool kids wear these now.

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Lightweight Breathable Grindstone Work Jacket

Contrary to popular belief, not all angling occurs during the spring and summer months. Anglers can find themselves on the water in chilly weather needing a high quality jacket. In that case, the Sitka Grindstone Work Jacket features everything an angler could want in a jacket. It blocks the wind (most important) and has a waterproof GORE-TEX outer layer (next most important) as well as PrimaLoft insulation (also important) that maximizes warmth while staying breathable. This jacket from a cool brand Is one of the warmest outer layers you can buy without sacrificing mobility.

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Gifts for a Fisherman Who Has Everything

It’s easy for an angler to spend all their disposable income on more fishing gear, which makes the job of a gift giver even harder. These are some items that are a little different, useful, and bound to be appreciated anyway.

Costa Del Mar Men's Sunglasses

The Costa Del Mar Fantail is one of the most comfortable pairs of fishing sunglasses out there. They feature a durable and ergonomic frame with a high bridge fit. The high quality, scratch resistant polarized lenses will last a lifetime and keep your eyes protected in style.

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Cabela's QUL Headlamp

Whether it’s finding your way back to the truck after a long day at the pond or unhooking a big catfish while fishing at night, head lamps are an essential piece of any fisherman’s gear. Cabela’s Princeton Tec Alaskan Guide Series QUL Headlamp is waterproof, weatherproof, and has a 105 hour battery life making it the perfect light for austere and wet environments. This LED light has four light modes and is very affordable compared to others with similar features. It’s hard to find a better gift for fishermen who have everything.

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4-Legged Ice Fishing Chair

While sitting around and waiting for a bite is a common phrase in ice fishing circles, the Bass Pro Shops XPS Ice Fishing Chair lets you recline in style. The polyester fabric and PVC coating makes this steel framed chair a great choice when angling in inclement or wet conditions. This is one of those fishing gift ideas that won’t break the bank but will still be a favorite.

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Portable Mosquito Repeller and Holster

If your favorite fisherman complains about the bugs on the water or constantly comes home with bites, then the Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller Mossy Oak Fishing Bundle is the gift for you. This electronic Mosquito repeller creates a fifteen foot clear zone that is scent and DEET free. It’s quiet and easy to set and forget during an outing on the water. You can attach it to a backpack, tacklebox or clip it onto a boat. I have one of these and can testify that it really works!

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Fishing Gifts that Hold Other Fishing Gifts

There’s nothing like a gift that’s capable of carrying other gifts. These are all nice, name brand containers that an angler may not be willing to buy for themselves.

YETI Tundra 45 Gallon Cooler

This top notch versatile yet durable cooler is every angler’s dream ice chest due to its insulation, rugged build and bearproof design. This ice chest isn't for your run of the mill backyard barbecues, it’s designed for hard use on the water, keeping drinks cold, fish fresh or food warm. Ranging in price according to size, this is one of the best ice chests on the market and one of the best fishing gifts for dad this year. The 45 qt is a versatile size for the kayak, boat, or weekend camping trips for a couple people.

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Edge Line Utility Box

Tackle boxes are important, but many anglers also own tools, line and gear needed to maintain rods, reels and other equipment. The Plano EDGE Frog Utility Box can hold up to 12 300-yard spools of line and features Dri-loc seals, tension bands and moisture wicking packs to ensure your equipment stays dry on and off the water. This is one of the better fishing gifts for men who like to keep their gear tidy and organized.

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Filson Dry Bag

One of the most difficult things on the water is keeping the important things dry. Luckily, Filson provides a space-conscious nylon tarpaulin fabric bag that is coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s flexible, lightweight and incredibly durable. This is a budget-friendly gift for fishermen. Once sealed, their valuable items will stay high and dry all day.

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YETI Sidekick Dry Gear Case

Phones, wallets, keys and headphones have all fallen out of pockets, slipped overboard or been dropped on accident costing anglers an arm and a leg to replace. The YETI Sidekick Dry Gear Case solves this problem with a compact, completely waterproof case made out of the same material as white water rafts. This case locks out water and moisture with an easy to access magnetic HydroShield closure, comes in different colors and is one of the great gifts for fishermen who have everything.

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Fishing Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

A good fisherman can catch fish, but a great fisherman can cook them up right. Here are a few items to help get the catch on the table.

Mermaid's Trident BBQ Rub

This citrusy seafood blend seasoning features hints of garlic, lemon and mustard that go well with any fresh catch. Created by the team at MEATEATER, this seasoning is one of the best blends I’ve ever tasted with its slight smokey aftertaste. I have to recommend this on Redfish tacos. This is a solid fishing gift for men or women who love taking their catch into the kitchen.

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Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Staying in the kitchen, this electric fillet knife Strikes the perfect blend between increased power, and precision, allowing anglers to carve into even the biggest fish with ease. The Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife by Rapala has a dishwasher-safe reciprocating blade that measures 7 1/2 inches. An 8 foot power cord allows anglers to stray from the power outlet to clean the day’s catch. The ergonomic grip on this blade is comfortable, and non-slip, making it one of the best gifts for fishermen looking to upgrade their cutlery.

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Mustad Fillet Knife 8"

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, yet durable fillet knife. look no further than the Mustad Fillet Knife 8”. This knife forgoes the bells and whistles in favor of a functional blade that works well in slippery environments. Capable of handling both large saltwater and freshwater fish, this knife balances a curved blade with a textured grip on a non-slip handle which makes it a versatile and rugged fillet knife for the docks or boat. You won’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy your favorite fisherman a quality fillet knife this year.

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For Boat Anglers

Here are a few gift ideas for kayak anglers and those with a boat.

Fish Monkey Neoprene Gloves

Gloves are an often overlooked piece of equipment for anglers. They can help keep their hands safe and maintain a firm grip on a rod or a fish. The Fish Monkey “The Blocker” Neoprene Gloves are wind and water resistant neoprene and they’re incredibly durable. Yet they don’t sacrifice any comfort with the non-slip grip palms. This is a great gift for fishermen who have everything, but are still looking to upgrade their tackle box.

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Garmin ECHOMAP Fish Finder Combo

Fish Finders are one of the most effective tools for anglers in boats. They’re used to both locate fish and observe the underwater terrain. Coming in as the most expensive gift on this list is the Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv Chartplotter/ Fish Finder Combo with an IPS Touch-Screen Display. This fancy gadget features a 12-inch touchscreen with pre-loaded blue charts that show crisp subsurface images of the lakebottom. It also records and stores all trip information for later use and has a variety of sonar modes. This is a luxury fishing gift that will score you major points.

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Garmin Striker Fish Finder

On the opposite end of the price spectrum, the Garmin STRIKER Vivid 5cv fish finder is a much more budget friendly option in terms of performance-enhancing angling electronics. With a crisp display that ranges in size from four to nine inches, this fish finder includes built-in sonar, waypoint markers and an accurate GPS. As far as gifts for fishermen go, this is a budget friendly choice for highly effective electronics any angler would be lucky to have onboard.

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Inexpensive Fishing Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or a small fishing gift for dad on the cheap, these useful items will be appreciated despite their low prices.

MacKenzie's Fisherman Hand Scrub
$21.95 ($1.37 / Ounce)

Whether you are on a boat or by the bank, smelly, dirty hands are a constant for anglers. However, Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub is a soap made by fishermen for fishermen using clean, environmentally friendly ingredients that are easy on the skin but hard on the dirt and odors. This is a great last minute stocking stuffer or gift for a fisherman who has it all.

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Fishing Tackle Tray

If your favorite angler is like me and has trouble keeping all of their tackle and gear organized, then the Evolution Fishing 3600 4 Latch Waterproof Tackle Tray is a no brainer for gift selection. This waterproof tray is both durable and sexy, with water tight seals and latches all on a smoky black frame. The tray can be customized to feature between 6-21 compartments and is one of the more practical gifts for fishermen. Plus, it’s cheap!

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CLENZOIL Marine & Tackle Kit

While rods, reels, hats and shirts are the most popular gifts for anglers, tools to maintain your gear are often overlooked. The CLENZOIL Marine and Tackle Kit is perfect for maintaining one or a collection of rods with solvent, grease, oil and a multitool all included. This an excellent gift for fishermen who have everything but a kit to maintain the gear they already have.

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Fish Fillet Board with Clamp

Catching the fish is only half the battle and oftentimes, the tricky part is cleaning them. The Intruder Fish Fillet Board removes many of the variables of the cleaning process with its closer and built-in clamp that keeps even the most slippery of fish clamped in place with its steel teeth. It’s a reasonably priced, portable cleaning station that makes a great gift for all anglers.

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Fishing Landing Net for Wade Fishing

This bright orange fishing net is more than just eye candy for anglers, featuring a low drag design and floating frame. This a great net to have handy if your favorite fisherman enjoys fishing from docks, small boats, piers or even from shore. This net is budget friendly and easily disguised under the tree this year.

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Heavy Duty Fishing Nylon Cord

This high durability heavy duty nylon fish stringer helps you keep your fish on a short leash when angling from shore. Ranging in size from 7-15 feet, this is an essential piece of gear in any anglers tacklebox if they intend to keep their catch. And it’s one that will last for quite some time. This is a great, cheap stocking stuffer idea.

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Novel Fishing Gift Ideas

Here are a couple unique fishing gift ideas that are all but certain to be a surprise.

Matching Fishing Mugs

If you’re looking for a cute couples gift for you and your fisherman, coffee mugs are never a bad idea. The Fishing Couple Matching Mugs feature witty, romantic captions on quality, ceramic coffee mugs. These mugs have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on them, and they’d be great for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just because.

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Tackle Box Stuffers

You can never have too much tackle, or tackle boxes for that matter. These are items I keep (or want) in my tackle box. None of them are junk.

Mustad Hero 7 inch Fishing Pliers

Pliers are one of the most important tools in any tacklebox, being used for everything from hook removal to servicing the motor. The Hero Fishing Pliers by Mustad provides 7 inches of spring loaded stainless steel that can unhook an angry catfish. Or they can be used to gently disassemble a reel. These pliers have golf grips for comfort and a tungsten cutter for splitting line, making it a worthy gift for any fisherman.

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Floating Fish Gripper 9"

Reeling in fish is the easy part of angling, the hard part is often getting them into the boat or holding them without letting them get away or injure you. With the Rapala Floating Fish Gripper, anglers can get a firm grasp on their trophy’s lip without harming themselves or the fish. I especially love the quick release mechanism.

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Freestyle Frog LIVETARGET

If your angler wants to make a splash on the water, then your gift should too. The Freestyle Frog LIVETARGET is a small life-like replica of one of largemouth bass’s favorite meals. It’s easy to cast and retrieve and is sure to be a smashing success with the fish. It’s not a cheap lure, but it works magic on the water and will make an excellent gift for a bass fisherman.

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6-Inch Lizard Bait-Pack of 9

If you’ve gone to the beach shop with your favorite angler, or watched a fishing show with them, you’ve probably seen soft plastic lizards being used for bass fishing. This budget gift is a great stocking stuffer. Its durable, 6 inch frame and more than two dozen color patterns make it a sure bet to reel in a lunker. Get a couple packs in different colors.

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Strike King Rage Tail Crawfish

A variety of species of predatory freshwater fish will hit a soft plastic crawfish, but only the Strike King Rage Tail Crawfish can smell like your morning cup of joe while bringing in trophy bass. This coffee scented high grade soft plastic lure produces plenty of splashes and noise during retrieval. And its watermelon seed, blue and black, or neon green body options make it stand out even in the murkiest of waters. This is a versatile lure that is the perfect gift for your fisherman boyfriend.

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Plastic Float Assortment 10-Pack

Easily snapping onto your line, these slip floats are highly buoyant, visible and durable. They’re a great addition to any crappie, sunfish or catfish anglers tackle box. The red and white plastic frame is reminiscent of old school bobbers, but the modern, high quality plastic ensures they will last longer and ride higher than their predecessors. Ranging from 1-¾” to 1” sized bobbers coming in the pack, this assortment of bobbers will be a cheap but very much appreciated gift.

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124-Piece Reusable Split Shot Weight

This 124-piece lead split shot assortment of weights is a great last-minute gift to throw in the pile of presents. Ranging from BB’s to #4 shot sinkers, anglers of all skill levels will find a use for them. It’s a low budget gift that will sink your favorite angler’s bait, but lift their spirits.

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Eagle Claw Terminal Tackle Kit

The ultimate live bait tackle compilation, this smorgasbord of hooks, sinkers, swivels, bobbers and more is a cost effective way to stock up a tackle box. Perfect for all your freshwater angling needs, the only thing cheap about this budget box tackle set is the price. The Eagle Claw 161 Piece Ultimate Terminal Kit is a great gift for novice and experienced anglers alike.

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Strike King Lure

Another favorite lure of mine is the Strike king KVD Splash Top Water Bait Blue Black Herring. It’s a lure that chugs, spits and walks its way across the surface and into the mouths of big fish. If you’re not an avid angler yourself, it can be hard to pick the right lure for your loved one. This three inch lure adds a little bit of Christmas magic to your favorite angler’s tackle box and is a great gift for any freshwater fisherman.

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You Can Never Have Too Many Rods and Reels

Some bass fishermen will deny taking an extra passenger because then they’d have to leave behind some of their rods and reels. If you’re not a fan of sitting in the heat all day and getting eaten up by bugs in an effort to catch stinky slimy fish, you may as well fuel the frenzy and fill the passenger seat with more rods.

Daiwa Laguna Spinning Rod

A fishing rod might seem like the most logical purchase for your favorite angler this holiday season, but with so many brands and styles out there, it can be hard to pick just one. The Daiwa Laguna 562 ULFS is an example of a quality rod at an affordable price. It has a graphite and carbon frame, aluminum oxide line guides, and a split foam grip. Those are all good things. While it’s pretty cheap, this rod has always felt like a million bucks in my hands and is a great fishing gift for a friend or significant other.

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02/21/2024 09:14 pm GMT
Shimano Fishing Vanford Spinning Reel

A perfect blend of speed, strength and durability, the Shimano Vanford Spinning Reel puts all of the best components of this style of reel into one versatile mechanical masterpiece. This reel is a smooth retrieve for everything from inshore saltwater angling to ice fishing. It’s one of the pricier luxury fishing gifts on our fishing gift guide, but it’s one of the best reels money can buy.

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02/21/2024 05:24 pm GMT
Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel

The Daiwa Tatula 100 baitcast reel is a great choice. Its single piece aluminum frame strikes a fine balance between stylish and work horse. Daiwa’s eight bearing system, Magforce Z cast control and up to 11 pms of drag power make this compact reel super easy to handle. This is a luxury fishing gift that is still somewhat affordable, but worth its weight in gold.

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02/26/2024 05:45 pm GMT
Kids Casters Spincast Combo

If your little one is looking to enter the wide world of angling, they will need a quality rod and reel that is just their size. Enter the Kids Casters Spincast Combo for Kids, a kid sized rod that comes in different color schemes and is pre-spooled with 6 lb test line. It has a no tangle rod system and pre-tied snap swivel to make fishing easier on your aspiring BassMaster Classic Champion.

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Whether you’re looking for fishing gifts for your boyfriend, your dad, your mom, or yourself, hopefully this gift guide gave you a few ideas.

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