36 Best Camping Couples Gifts (Fun, Unique, Cool & Useful)

Camping couple on a boat in mountain lake

Buying for one outdoorsy person can be a challenge, but when you’re buying for a couple it can get tricky. Now you’ve got two people’s interests to take into consideration, not to mention the cost of your gift just doubled!

We’ve considered all of this when putting together this gift guide. We’ve got some camping essentials for those couples just getting started and some fun nice-to-haves for the more experienced campers.

Read on for great gifts for your favorite couples. (Maybe that includes yourself and your partner!)

In a hurry? Here are our favorites from the gift guide:

Budget Pick
Comfiest Gift
Top Splurge
You can get two sets of poles for the price of a lunch out. They can take these on any outdoor adventure.
No need to suffer while camping, this lounger provides great relaxation.
If you want to buy a big ticket item for two, this backpack cooler will get a lot of use and will last for years to come.
Budget Pick
You can get two sets of poles for the price of a lunch out. They can take these on any outdoor adventure.
Comfiest Gift
No need to suffer while camping, this lounger provides great relaxation.
Top Splurge
If you want to buy a big ticket item for two, this backpack cooler will get a lot of use and will last for years to come.
02/27/2024 11:05 pm GMT

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Gift the Essentials For Any Couple Who Camps

Cooking Mess Kit for Two

For any couples who are just building their camping supplies, this cooking mess kit is a great start. It has everything they’ll need for cooking, eating, drinking, and cleaning up. It comes with a pot, pan, kettle, and all tableware. Plus it comes in a stackable orientation with a mesh bag for easy and compact packing.

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Whiteduck Prota Canvas Tent

Unless you plan to sleep under the stars, a tent is a must-have camping piece of equipment. This tent from White Duck Outdoors is our pick. At 10’ x 14’, it has plenty of room for two people plus their beds, bags, and even a chair or two. It’s a canvas tent so it’s built to last for years and years to come. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you’re in the market for a generous gift, this is it. Check out our detailed review on this tent here.

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Turkish Beach Towel

Towels can take up a ton of space in a bag or trunk. These Turkish beach towels fold up to be a fraction of the size of a cotton towel. And they dry in a fraction of the time. They can also double as a blanket around the fire or in a sleeping bag. This is a great multifunctional gift that won’t break the bank, even if you buy one for each member of your favorite couple.

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Anker Portable Charger

For young couples on the go, a portable phone charger is essential. This is a compact option with great power and quality. This will give them some extra battery life while they’re without a power source so they can take plenty of photos and videos, and keep in contact in case of emergencies.

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Coleman Trailhead II Cot

These are basic cots without any bells and whistles, but they’re all you really need when you’re camping. And I can tell you from years of experience that sleeping in a cot beats sleeping on even the best of camping pads. They’re more supportive and comfortable and there’s just something about being up off the ground. Also, if you’re packed tightly into a tent, they’re a space-saver because you can store your bag and shoes under your cot, leaving plenty of room for walking around.

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YETI Rambler Mug

Every couple needs the perfect mug for coffee or cocoa on those chilly mornings in the outdoors. I love my Yeti Rambler Mug because it keeps my cocoa warm and secure. The lid fits with a snug seal and has a sliding magnetic lid to keep anything from splashing out. It’s big enough to fit nearly 2 cups of coffee or a serving of soup. Its wide opening makes it easy to get in there with a spoon so it’s great for drinks or a meal. You can’t go wrong with a pair of these for your favorite pair of people.

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Kelty 2-Person Sleeping Bag

For couples that like to snuggle up, even in the woods, this is a great 2-person sleeping bag. It’s rated for 20 degrees F and has an outer shell to cover both people as well as an inner blanket that each person can use individually. My husband’s favorite feature is the option to unzip the bottom and stick his feet out while I keep my size zipped up and cozy. It’s wider than a queen so there’s plenty of room to spread out if that’s more comfortable.

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GCI Roadtrip Rocker Camp Chair

Don’t waste your money on any other camp chair. This rocking camp chair by GCI is the best one I’ve ever owned. It can sit flat and be stable or tip back and rock. It has a high back for those midday camping naps along with a supportive seat and a cup holder. It’s stable and easy to carry; just an all-around great chair.

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Roasting Sticks

This is a classic camping gift, but you just can’t go wrong with some good ‘ol roasting sticks. This set of four comes with a storage bag, which is very useful. Pair this with a bag of marshmallows and some chocolate bars and you’ll have a fun and tasty gift idea.

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LED Lantern

A lantern is an often-overlooked item because we think we only need flashlights while camping. But lanterns serve a different purpose and are super useful. They’re great for outside on a table as the sun goes down but you’re finishing your meal or card game. They’re also great for hanging inside a tent so you can have hands-free light for everyone in the tent. This inexpensive lantern gives off a whopping 1000 lumens, which will provide up to 200 hours of light and it’s waterproof to boot.

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  • Highly durable, useful accessory pouch attached, airtight seal
  • Heavy, hard-to-open lid latches
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Camp Chef Everest 2x Camp Stove

I’m the camp chef in our family, and when we’re out in the woods I use this camp stove from Camp Chef. It has two powerful burners with three-sided wind protection thanks to the two flaps on the sides. The burners are big enough to use two large pots at the same time. I love that it has a matchless ignition that makes it simple and quick to light. It’s not the cheapest portable stove on the market, but it is one of the best.

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Roll Top Camp Table

This folding camp table is the perfect size for two people. It can be used to prep and eat food, play a game, or just set drinks and snacks. The top folds up and the legs collapse down for compact storage. And my favorite feature is the mesh shelf under the table.

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Comfort and Convenience Gifts for Camping Couples

3-in-1 Camp Chair

This chair is more than meets the eye. It’s a backpack, cooler, and chair all in one. So if you’re buying a gift for a new couple, this is a great one if they’re short on space. Sometimes all they’ve got for space is the trunk of a sedan so taking a big cooler, a comfy chair, and their backpack (times two!) isn’t possible. This is a versatile backpack with plenty of storage and pockets.

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Double Hammock

Nothing says relaxation in the outdoors quite like a hammock. This double hammock is a great gift for that outdoorsy couple because it’s a double. It can hold up to 500 pounds and is nice and roomy. It comes with the straps, carabiners, and a carrying bag. Lots of colors to choose from, and if price is more important than color, click around on the color options until you find the cheapest one.

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Sony Portable Speaker

This portable bluetooth speaker will allow your friends to wirelessly connect their phones and stream their favorite music, podcast, or audiobook. With this device, they can carry the fun with them and be entertained for up to 16 hours. This Sony speaker is waterproof and very durable so it’s great for the beach, the boat, and the campsite. It has a removable strap that can allow the speaker to be strapped to anything for more security and ease of use.

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Couples Silicone Rings

Some outdoor activities are hard on jewelry, and we especially want to protect those precious wedding bands. These silicone rings for couples are the perfect stand-in for their real wedding rings when they just don’t want to risk losing those precious stones. This set is specifically designed to coordinate together and there are lots of options to choose from. The silicone won’t break or get stuck and there won’t be tears if it’s lost in the wilderness.

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Survivor Filter Squeeze Water Filter Kit

This water filtration system is great for emergency preparedness or while camping without taking water. It comes with everything you need to have clean water, including a filter and two collapsable canteens. This would be a great gift for a couple who has the basics but is looking to get more gear for backpacking or more remote camping.

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Hiking Poles

This is a good-quality set of hiking poles. You can get two pairs of them for less than one pair of some top name brands. These trekking poles will help them hike up many mountainsides with their strong aluminum and four types of tips, all while staying under a pound.

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Campout Cookbook

As much as we’d like to believe that cooking while camping is like cooking at home, it just isn’t. You need recipes that take fewer ingredients and tools. This cookbook gives delicious recipes while staying simple enough to accomplish in the outdoors. Give this to your favorite couple and then invite yourself on their next adventure so you can taste the fruits of their labors.

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Portable Shower

When two people go camping together and then have to share a tent (and/or sleeping bag), the stink of the day can really be a turn-off. This basic portable shower is great for rinsing off the grime and sweat so they are clean before they snuggle up in bed. It’s got great handles for filling up and carrying the bag as well as convenient clips for hanging up the hose to shower hands-free. This is a great gift for the couple that already has many camping necessities.

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Inflatable Lounger

If comfort and relaxation are the things your favorite couple is looking for, this inflatable lounger is the perfect gift. It’s something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but would love to have. No pump is necessary, they simply hold the opening up and sweep it through the air and they’ll have an inflatable lounger that will hold them up for five hours. Comes in many different colors and is the ultimate in sitting back and taking it all in.

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Rumpl Original Puffy 2 Person Blanket

These Rumpl blankets are super popular and trendy right now. But they’re also great quality and very practical. They’re super durable, with a ripstop exterior and a fluffy interior. That makes them warm and cozy and very packable. They’re a great outdoor blanket for sitting around in the campground or along the shore of the lake. They come in a ton of cool colors and designs. This blanket is big enough for two people.

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Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
$34.99 ($17.50 / Count)

This is the perfect gift for the classist couple you know: travel wine glasses. These stainless steel glasses can go wherever they do and won’t break. Many outdoor spaces prohibit glass, so these are great for still taking that chilled beverage along for the day. Comes in a variety of colors and with a generous 18 oz. size, they definitely won’t go thirsty. This is a set of two.

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YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Cooler

Many couples want to take their meals to go…on a hike, by the river, or on the beach. This backpack cooler by Yeti will keep their meal and drinks cold for hours. Some features I love are the backpack straps for easy transport, the wide opening on the top, and the large capacity. They can definitely fit a day’s worth of food in this bad boy. It’s not cheap, but it’s built to last.

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VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

For those coffee lovers you know, this on-the-go coffee grinder will offer fresh coffee, even in the mountains. This super sturdy grinder achieves fresh grounds in under a minute. It doesn’t have the wobble problems that other grinders have. The top pops off easily so they won’t spill the beans while they’re trying to fill it up.

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Unique Gifts For Your Favorite Camping Couple

National Parks Guide Books

Having the desire to go camping is easy; figuring out where to go can be difficult. These National Park Guides by Lonely Planet are awesome. If you know a couple who lives near a national park or is excited to visit a particular one, these are fun gifts that can jumpstart their adventure. Here I have linked the Yellowstone & Grand Teton guidebook, or do a quick search for any other national park you’re interested in.

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When your favorite couple goes into the outdoors, make sure they’ve dressed the part. Luckily for you, that can be a pretty inexpensive gift: an outdoorsy t-shirt. This is a great cheeky option for her or him (size up for him) so they’ll look good while having fun.

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Travel Journal

Sometimes we can have the most profound experiences when we travel, especially in the great outdoors. This guided journal has some prompts to get that special couple thinking about how they’re feeling when they’re out there and what really matters.

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Azul Board Game

Sometimes when it’s just the two of you, the days (or nights) can get long in the woods. So having a game or two on hand is a good idea. One of our recent favorites is Azul. It’s a strategy board game where you build with mosaic tiles. It’s as pretty as it is fun. Even if you’re not heavy into strategy games, give this one a try. (Even our 10-year-old can handle it.)

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National Geographic Campground Book

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when we’re planning a getaway. Camping is no different and your favorite couple will appreciate the help in planning their next trip. This book is great for campers who like to explore different states, with both tent and RV camping spots in all 50 states.

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National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Some of the most beautiful campsites are found within the U.S. National Parks. If the couple on your gift list is trying to visit them all (there are 63!) this is a great poster to help them track their progress. They can scratch off every park visited and will have a lovely keepsake for years to come.

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Stanley French Coffee Press & Mug

Even when you’re in nature, you still need that hot cup of coffee in the morning. This french press by Stanley is the perfect on-the-go option. They’ve thought of everything with features like a screw-top lid that stays connected to the bottle when you open it. With a few tablespoons of coffee and some hot water, you can have fresh coffee in just a few minutes. And it will stay hot for four hours, or cold for up to 20 if iced coffee is your jam.

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Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communicator

When both members of a partnership go on an outdoor adventure together, it’s always a good idea to tell someone where you’re going. It’s an extra good idea to have an SOS device in case something goes wrong. This satellite communication device by Garmin is a great gift for the practically minded. It can give the couple access to emergency services when a normal cell phone doesn’t have service. Gift the gift of peace of mind with this device you hope they’ll never have to use.

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GoPro Action Camera

You can’t go wrong with the gift of a GoPro. These action cameras have been wildly popular for years, and with good reason. They’re able to go where cellphone cameras just can’t: in the water, on the beach, etc. They’re rugged and waterproof and are meant for an active life. This model isn’t the most recent (and therefore isn’t the most expensive) but it has 5K video and all the bells and whistles your couple will need and want.

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Mountain House Dehydrated Meals

Not all campers love to cook in the great outdoors. But they still need to eat! Dehydrated meals have come a long way in recent years, and meals by Mountain House are among the best. When they add water and wait 10 minutes, they will have a lasagna dinner for 2. There are also many other food options if you want to get them stocked up for the camping season.

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