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How To Cast a Fly Rod, All You Need To Know

When most anglers think of fly fishing, they tend to envision a fisherman standing in the middle of a large river rolling out 70-foot...
angler caught bonefish

What Type Of Gear You Need For Saltwater Fly Fishing?

There was a time when all fly fishers were trout fishermen. In fact, the earliest written accounts of anglers fishing with artificial flies dated...
fly reel caught salmon

You Need To Know These 9 Fly Fishing Knots

    From reel to fly, knots are an integral part of any fly fishing rig. And while learning to tie knots well takes some practice...

Review: Piscifun Sword 5/6 Fly Fishing Reel

Outdoor Empire top pick as affordable fly reel The Piscifun Sword fly reel is one of the best entry-level reels currently on the market. To...
Orvis Mirage III Fly Reel

Review: Orvis Mirage III Fly Reel

Outdoor Empire top pick for trout fishing  The Orvis Mirage series of reels was initially developed to withstand the abuse of big-game saltwater fishing. After battle-testing...
Orvis Fly Leader

Fly Leaders Made Simple

  Fly fishing is all about stealth. If your fly lands on the water with only a hint of a ripple and drifts downstream free...
fly fishing equipment and basket

Fly Line And All You Need To Know About It

  Without the proper fly line, a fly rod is practically useless. But when it is paired with a line that has the right weight...

What Is The Best Fly Reel In 2017: Top 5 Reviewed

  Last update: 27.03.2017. Added in fly blogger current reels, quotes and advice. Learn more about fishing gear here.   Many anglers consider a reel to be the...

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