Man smiling with stacked wall of coolers behind him
There was something very satisfying about building a wall out of 60 coolers from our collection. Photo: Chase Fly

Hard coolers, soft coolers, backpack coolers, wheeled coolers, rotomolded coolers, bearproof coolers, and gimmicky coolers – we test them all! We have so many coolers that we literally had to get a storage unit to store them. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s all so we can provide the best cooler reviews on the internet! No sponsored reviews here, just authentic, hands-on, deep dives on ice chests from budget to high-end models.

If you want to know if Yeti really makes the best rotomolded coolers, or which of its competitors offer the best ice retention, you’re in the right place. Our side-by-side comparisons, real-world testing, and detailed analysis will demonstrate how hard we try to help you know what you’re getting and whether it’s worth the money. After all, coolers can be crazy expensive these days! Let us help you pick one with confidence.

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Cooler Reviews, Tips, and Guides

Yeti cooler on black pavement in bright sun

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Nine of the best wheeled coolers stacked up in a backyard

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men carrying cooler

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Six different homemade ice packs lined up on rim of cooler with lid open

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cooler with drinks

This is How a Cooler Keeps Things Cold

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family walking with cooler along boardwalk

Types of Coolers: 4 Kinds of Coolers & What They’re Good For

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best coolers for ice retention in yard

Best Cooler for Ice Retention (We Tested 28 to Find Out)

For people who take extended off-grid trips like whitewater rafters, backcountry hunters, and overlanders, how long a cooler holds ice is far ...
angler dragging a Yeti Tundra

How To Store Coolers So They Stay Clean and Last Forever

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Yeti cooler with snacks and drink

How To Pack a Cooler Properly (Drinks, Camping, Day Trips, Meat)

Improperly packing a cooler can lead to consequences that range from merely inconvenient to dangerous. Warm drinks or soggy bread are a ...
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How to Clean a Cooler (Even Stains and Smells)

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YETI cooler opened by bear

6 Best Rotomolded Coolers Reviewed (6 Top Picks)

Roto-molded coolers have revolutionized the cooler industry and offer users products that are more durable, retain ice longer, and are heavier duty ...
cooler with bottles

8 Best Coolers Reviewed (Budget to Best on The Market)

When it comes time to upgrade you cooler, you will find that it is more complicated than ever before. Today’s coolers do ...