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Outdoorempire.com was created out of desire to specifically discuss outdoor recreation and sports gear. There is so much information available about fishing, hunting and camping as activities, but not about enhancing, maximizing the enjoyment we get from outdoors through proper gear.

Of course, there are countless reviews, “best product” lists, but they do not offer such a specific and detailed overview about choosing, using a piece of outdoor gear like we aim to do.

Our content will cover gear from every possible angle: what is needed for your activity, how to buy for each activity, specific product reviews and how to effectively use the gear after the purchase.

We carefully choose and select our authors not only on the basis of how much knowledge they have on given field, but also based on their ability to explain concepts clearly, pass on actionable and useful information and their overall writing style.

We hope to make your outdoor experience, whatever it may be, more enjoyable and satisfying.

For questions, concerns, recommendations please contact us here.

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