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L.P.Brezny has written hundreds of articles for just about every publication known in the industry today, but has also been a columnist for Wildfowl, Midwest Outdoors , and Outdoorsman SD. Writing for The Varmint Hunter, Varmint Masters, Predator X, and Gun Digest Magazine Brezny has moved into the area of high power rifles for both game and varmints after leaving Minnesota in 2000, and relocating in the Black Hills of western South Dakota. As a direct result of this adjustment Brezny has currently authored three books on Long Range Shooting, as well as a combined very different and unique review of shotguns through Gun Digest books as well ( Modern Shotgunning .) When hunting from Bela Russia to the Southern Cross ( Australia over many years.) and almost everything in between, Brezny has brought together a mass of information and hands of experience in terms of understanding the best guns and loads the hunter can select when taking on water buff in Australia by example, to mule deer in Wyoming or South Dakota. Today Brezny spends a great deal of time in the area of current long range shooting load development, as well as review both guns and optics for shooting out to the next zip code.
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11 Best .17 HMR Rifles Tested In-Field (Savage Bolt-Action to Semi-Auto) w/ 27 Photos!

The obvious birth of the .17 HMR rimfire craze started with the development of the famed 22 WMR back in 1959. Over ...