Testing a new hunting rifle prone
Practicing with my new Browning hunting rifle in 2023. Photo: Chase Fly

There’s a lot of information out there about guns, but it can be hard to weed through the politics and the controversy to find down-to-earth, useful advice about hunting rifles and shotguns. You won’t find political bashing here, just good ole’ hunting rifle reviews and tips from one hunter to another.

We’re not all born experts in this gun stuff and a lot of folks would have you believe you have to have the biggest scope and the most expensive firearm to be a legitimate hunter. While that can be fun, it might not be for you. We strive to provide honest gun reviews for every budget, sound advice, and data-backed information that will help you be a better marksman, but more importantly, a better hunter.

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Firearms for Hunting

Best 30-06 rifles lined up along tree

The Best .30-06 Rifles of 2024

The .30-06 Springfield cartridge is arguably the most significant cartridge in American history. As Ron Spomer put it, it’s “the Grandaddy of ...
9 308 rifles for hunting and target shooting laying next to each other

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose the Right .308 Rifle

The .308 Winchester cartridge is one of the oldest and most prolific chamberings for rifles in the United States. It’s a reliable ...
Elk standing in meadow with trees in background

.308 for Elk Hunting: Pros, Cons, & What to Consider

Elk may be a species of deer, but they’re not like the small deer that bounce across the road in front of ...
Best .308 hunting rifles side by side comparison

The Best .308 Hunting Rifles of 2024

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different models of rifles chambered in .308 Winchester, so finding the best 308 hunting rifle ...
4 shotgun shells standing up showing markings on them and two shotgun shells laying down

Shotgun Shot Size and Shells Explained (What to Use When)

Shotguns are suitable for all sportsmen, from novice hunters to experienced sporting clay shooters. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you ...
A hand inserting a 6.5 creedmoor rifle casing into a reloading press

The True Cost of Reloading 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo (Worth It?)

6.5 Creedmoor is an effective cartridge for a rifle that can touch targets hundreds of yards away, whether a deer or paper ...
coyote hunting

Best Coyote Calibers and Cartridges (Including Long Range)

Coyote hunting has become more popular in recent years for various reasons. Some hunters want to harvest them for their beautiful fur ...
Man's hand using torque wrench to screw in rifle scope ring screws

Everything You Need to Know About Scope Ring Torque

Whether you are tightening down the mount on your first scope or confirming the seating of the optic of your favorite hunting ...
Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns

Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns: What You Need To Know

Hunters have often led conservation efforts in the United States. We love animals and the outdoors, so we want to preserve it ...
Man in hunting camo ranging distance with rifle scope sitting at gun range bench

How to Range a Distance with Only Your Riflescope

Whether you forgot your rangefinder at home, it broke in the field, or you want to learn how to find the distance ...
rifle on bipod

Should You Use a Bipod for Shooting? For Hunting?

Long-distance shooters and hunters often use bipods to create a more stable shooting platform. However, with tripods, shooting stands, and bag rests ...
Looking at target through rifle scope

The Best Hunting Zero Technique? Maximum Point Blank Range

It’s an exciting time when you finally put sights on that deer that you’ve been stalking for the past several hours. You’ve ...
hunter aiming rifle

Aiming vs Pointing: Differences in Rifle vs Shotgun Shooting

Like some hunters, I grew up using only one type of firearm when hunting. Some states limit the types of guns that ...
hunting chokes for shotgun on wooden table

A Complete Guide to Hunting Chokes for Shotguns

One of the greatest developments in shotgun technology was the discovery that constricting the barrel right before the end tightened up your ...
shotgun, wax, soft cloth and gloves

Waxing Guns: Protect Your Firearms from Salt, Sweat & Rain!

Some firearms are pieces of art that deserve to be protected. Even the least expensive gun, though, is an effective tool and ...
hunter holding rifle by a swamp

How To Protect Your Rifle from the Elements

Hunting can involve carrying and using many tools. Boots, backpacks, and radios can all be important to the success of your hunting ...
3 shotguns on a tree stump

Hunting vs Sporting Shotguns: What They Are & Comparison

Getting into shotgunning seems like it should be easy. All you need is a 12-gauge shotgun and you can do everything, right? ...
hunter holding shotgun with optic e1655125299687

Should You Install an Optic on a Shotgun?

Shotguns are excellent tools for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense. They’re versatile tools and are easy to pick up once you get ...
174085630 l 1024x683 1

What Type of Hearing Protection is Best for Shooting?

Guns are very loud, and a gunshot can damage your hearing, especially if you shoot a gun often. It is essential to ...
Cotton Ear Plug

How To Make Homemade Ear Plugs for Shooting

Your hearing is one of the most precious resources you have. Unfortunately, damage to your inner ear may get worse as you ...
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