Shotgun on ground with pair of hunted ducks
A classic Remington 870 shotgun with a pair of ducks from a morning hunt. Photo: Chase Fly

Learn more about shotgun shooting from our shotgun tips, beginner guides, and comparisons. From shotgun reviews to hunting chokes to detailed guides to shotgun shells, both novices and pros can take away some helpful information about shotguns from Outdoor Empire. We research like crazy and speak from experience to help you find the answers to your questions about shotguns, whether for upland game hunting or protecting the antique gun you got from your grandpa from the elements.

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Shotgun Reviews and Guides

4 shotgun shells standing up showing markings on them and two shotgun shells laying down

Shotgun Shot Size and Shells Explained (What to Use When)

Shotguns are suitable for all sportsmen, from novice hunters to experienced sporting clay shooters. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you ...
Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns

Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns: What You Need To Know

Hunters have often led conservation efforts in the United States. We love animals and the outdoors, so we want to preserve it ...
hunter aiming rifle

Aiming vs Pointing: Differences in Rifle vs Shotgun Shooting

Like some hunters, I grew up using only one type of firearm when hunting. Some states limit the types of guns that ...
hunting chokes for shotgun on wooden table

A Complete Guide to Hunting Chokes for Shotguns

One of the greatest developments in shotgun technology was the discovery that constricting the barrel right before the end tightened up your ...
3 shotguns on a tree stump

Hunting vs Sporting Shotguns: What They Are & Comparison

Getting into shotgunning seems like it should be easy. All you need is a 12-gauge shotgun and you can do everything, right? ...
hunter holding shotgun with optic e1655125299687

Should You Install an Optic on a Shotgun?

Shotguns are excellent tools for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense. They’re versatile tools and are easy to pick up once you get ...
shotgun barrel

Shotgun Gauge vs Caliber: Why and How Is It Different?

Regardless of its type, the inside of a firearm barrel is known as the bore. These sizes can range from very small ...
Same Cost to Buy 20 Gauge Cheaper to Reload

What’s the Cheapest Shotgun Gauge to Shoot? (Most Bang per $)

It’d be wonderful to live in a world where your budget doesn’t matter when shooting. However, every time you pull the trigger, ...