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From gear reviews on rods, reels, and gadgets to tips and tricks, here is everything you need to equip yourself for your next fishing adventure.

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Where is My Fish Finder Looking? (Understand Where to Cast)

Fish finders are very helpful tools, but it can be hard to tell where the fish are. Understanding what the fish finder shows you...
Gatorz Marauder sunglasses side view

Gatorz Marauder Sunglasses Review

This summer I’ve worn at least a dozen different pairs of sunglasses as I’ve been testing out shades from reputable eyewear brands like Smith...
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Smells Fish are Attracted To (and Scents They Hate)

Every fisherman has experienced the frustration of watching somebody else catching fish while their own bait remains untouched. As it turns out, scent can...
Eight pairs of best smith fishing sunglasses on a bench

Best Smith Sunglasses for Fishing and Water Sports 2022

If you have honed in on Smith Optics for your next pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing or other fun stuff on the water,...
Smith Guide's Choice sunglasses on man by Yellowstone Falls

My New Favorites: Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses should be comfortable, keep the sun out of your eyes, and survive the perils of being tossed around. Bonus points for looking cool...
Smith Castaway fishing and water sunglasses

Smith Castaway Sunglasses Review

The Smith Castaways are some of the newer fishing shades from the reputable eyewear brand. I’ll tell you why they fell just short of...
Woman wearing Smith Joya and holding Rockaway sunglasses

Smith Joya vs Rockaway Sunglasses Review

The Smith Joya and Rockaway are designed for women. They’re cute, quality, and worthy of serious recreation on the water. So what’s the difference? And...
Man wearing Smith Barra sunglasses overlooking Grand Prismatic hot spring in Yellowstone

Smith Barra Sunglasses Review (Fishing with Style)

When I first saw the Smith Barra sunglasses I thought they looked pretty cool. When I put them on, my wife agreed.  The Smith Barra...
Smith Deckboss fishing sunglasses review

Smith Deckboss Sunglasses Review

If you want to look like a boss, then the Smith Deckboss polarized sunglasses might be just the ticket. The Smith Deckboss sunglasses provide a...
Smith Longfin sunglasses review portrait

Smith Longfin Sunglasses Review

What do Clydesdales and the Smith Longfin sunglasses have in common? They both wear blinders. Only for different purposes. The Smith Longfin sunglasses are among...
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