Fisherman holding a barramundi fish
Catching a barramundi on a successful fishing trip in Florida. Photo: Chase Fly

We cover fishing topics for beginners, experts, and every fisherman in between. Whether you’re into freshwater fishing for giant bass, saltwater fishing for pompano, or fly fishing for trout, here you’ll find helpful information, tips, tricks, and in-depth guides that will help you be a more successful angler. We even cover bowfishing for the good ole’ boy carp hunters.

It can be hard to find reliable fishing tips and explanations about what you should look for in fishing gear, especially if you’re just getting started or you don’t have a mentor. At Outdoor Empire, not only do we provide some of the most in-depth fishing gear reviews and buyer’s guides, but we explain how the gear works and what to use when.

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Fishing Tips, Gear, and Tactics

Man pointing behind him to a wall of stacked best coolers

10 Best Coolers of 2024

We have over 60 different coolers currently sitting in a storage unit that we have acquired over the past couple of years ...
Fisherman holding largemouth bass he caught

How to Fish a Tube Jig (Rigging, Lines, Baits, Technique)

If you’ve ever fished for bass or even looked into bass fishing, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled into the world of tube ...
A Man Fly Fishing in Oregon with Scenic Background.

Fly Fishing Etiquette: 9 Unwritten Rules You Gotta Know

Fly fishing for beginners is pretty tough. There seems to be a number of unwritten fly fishing rules that you’re expected to ...
Main types of fishing reels on rods laying on floor

What Are the Most Common Types of Fishing Reels?

The difference between reels is often a confusing subject for anglers — especially those who are new to the sport — but ...
Close up of medium spinning reel size in anglers hands on a fishing rod

Fishing Reel Sizes Explained! All Reel Types with Charts

Every bit of fishing gear has an effect on what you can catch and how easy it’s going to be to reel ...
fishing rods

Fishing Rod Size Guide: How To Choose Fishing Rod Length

The perfect cast isn’t always just about the person behind the rod. When any angler goes out to try and bring in ...
caught sturgeon

How to Fish for Sturgeon: A Complete Guide to a Huge Catch

Covered in armor-plating and spiked scales to deter predators, it’s surprising to me that sturgeon do not have teeth. Sturgeon are bottom ...
tubefishing bass

What Makes a Good Tube Fishing Rod (3 Best Tube Rods)

Anyone hoping to catch bass can get the most out of fishing tubes. Tubes typically imitate small baitfish or crawfish, and bass ...
anglers by the lake

8 Reasons Why People Go Fishing and Like It

I’ve spent countless days sitting outside on the banks of rivers or a beach on the edge of a lake, just watching ...
spinning reel in action

What is Drag on a Fishing Reel and How Does It Work?

When a monster grabs your line and starts to pull, you know you’re in for a fight. Over the years, fishing reels ...
Most Expensive Fishing Reels

The Most Expensive Fishing Reels Money Can (and Can’t) Buy

Buying the most expensive fishing reel you can find and heading out with high hopes of catching a monster is easy. The ...
fishing reels and lines

Where to Get a Fishing Reel Spooled and How Much It Costs

Every now and again, you will encounter issues with your fishing reel and will need it spooled with line again. No matter ...
fisher holding caught sturgeon

Best Bait for Sturgeon: A Pro Fishing Guide Weighs In

Sturgeon fishing is seeing a spike in popularity. New management techniques and an awareness of sturgeon conservation have helped their numbers rise. ...
Man with coat and beanie on holding bass fish caught in winter

The Best Colors and Baits for Winter Bass Fishing

The days are colder, the nights longer and the fishing is at its yearly low. Bass anglers around the country are left ...
Fisherman caught a salmon in the northern river.

The Most Popular Types of Fishing (Common Styles & Methods)

I worked as a fishing guide for many years and was always asked about the most popular types of fishing. There are ...
Man holding a bass in one hand and fishing rod in the other in the Fall

Early Fall Bass Patterns (Behavior, Baits and Colors)

The most overlooked and under appreciated season for bass angling is early fall. Aside from the beautiful change in the leaves, cooler ...
Fly fishing gear on rock by river

39 Best Fly Fishing Gifts (We Know They Can be Picky)

Buying gifts for the fly fisher in your life is easy. My wife might not agree with me, but let me explain. ...
Fishing gear on table

44 Best Fishing Gifts for a Fisherman Who Has Everything

Getting the right fishing gift for your favorite angler can be tough, especially if you’re not an avid fisherman yourself. Lucky for ...
Holding surf fish and pointing at species in booklet

Surf Fish Types by Region & the Best Bait to Catch Them

Surf fishing is a sport where the fisherman stands either on the beach or in the shallow water close to the beach ...
56914473 m 1024x683 1

Where to Catch Sturgeon: Rivers, Lakes & Oceans by US Region

Sturgeon are popular fish to go after because of their massive size and because they produce caviar, which is a delicacy around ...
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