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From gear reviews on rods, reels, and gadgets to tips and tricks, here is everything you need to equip yourself for your next fishing adventure.

rabbit beside a man covering his mouth

Why Do Fishermen Never Say Rabbit? (No Bunnies on the Boat)

For many people, a rabbit's foot means good luck. However, for fishermen, 'rabbit' is a bad word that you should never say on a...
Night fishing at sea

Why Fishermen Fish at Night (Why, What For, When and Where)

Fishing is a hobby that many people enjoy. While most fishermen hit the water during the day, there are many reasons why fishermen fish...
fisher back view wearing Ms Simms Challenger Jacket

How To Wash Foul Weather Rain Gear (Grundens, Simms & More)

An unexpected storm can turn a pleasant fishing trip into a miserable outing in a hurry. Foul weather rain gear allows you to enjoy...
Perception Outlaw 11.5 1

12 Most Stable Fishing Kayaks (Stand Up and Don’t Tip)

Fishing isn't just a fun pastime. It's also a way to be environmentally responsible, especially if you fish for invasive species and use a...
bowfishers on Roughneck 1860 Archer

8 Best Bowfishing Boats of 2022: For Rivers, Lakes & Marshes

The best bowfishing boats are simple to use and have flat bottoms so that you don't run aground as you fish. For the highest...
Muzzy bowfishing line on wood

Best Bowfishing Line: A Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2022

Bowfishing is a thrilling and rewarding mixture of bow hunting and fishing. This makes the sport an excellent evolutionary step for either hunters or...
fishers holding gear walking by the shore

Why Fishermen Are Called Anglers: Same Thing or Different?

Fishing is an activity that is done both commercially and recreationally. Whether you fish for business or pleasure or don’t fish at all, you...
angler fishing in the morning

Why Do Fishermen Fish Early In The Morning?

If you haven't been very successful in recent fishing excursions, maybe you're fishing at the wrong time of day. Perhaps you know that many...
hand zipping up Grundens bib

Which Grundens To Buy: A Detailed Grundens Bib Comparison

Grundens is one of the most famous fishing gear manufacturers globally, and its bibs are popular with both recreational and commercial fishermen. Are you...
fisher wearing rain gear back view

Grundens vs Simms: Comparing the Best Foul Weather Rain Gear

It is no secret that dealing with volatile weather is a reality for many fishermen. Whether you participate in commercial or recreational fishing, buying...
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