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archer with compound bow

Compound Bow Parts & Lingo: 17-Item Complete Guide! ( 2021 )

From crossbows to longbows to recurves, it seems that some form of archery has been around since the dawn of time. Thankfully, the advancement of technology has brought...
hiker trekking the peak in a snow storm

Wilderness Survival During Serious Weather Part 2 – Freezing Cold

Part 1: Blistering Heat Cold is one of the more insidious killers. That's not because it kills violently. Rather, it causes a slow death in a...
deer in the forest

How Long Do Deer Live – White-Tailed Deer Lifespan Explained!

Ask four deer hunters how old they consider a mature buck to be, and you’ll get four different answers. What’s interesting is that each...

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