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Looking at target through rifle scope

The Best Hunting Zero Technique? Maximum Point Blank Range

It's an exciting time when you finally put sights on that deer that you've been stalking for the past several hours. You've practiced proper...
Duck hunter with ducks on sling

53 Best Gifts for Duck Hunters (Cheap, Unique & Practical)

It can be hard to come up with good gift ideas for duck hunters. Many of them can be picky and chances are they...
Whitetail deer buck looking at camera

40 Best Gifts for Hunters That Will Score You Major Points

I know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect gift. You don't want to give them something they'll stick in a drawer and...

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fisherman on river

How To Cast a Fly Rod (All You Need To Know)

When most anglers think of fly fishing, they tend to envision a fisherman standing in the middle of a large river rolling out 70-foot...
annual kids fishing day

Taking Children on Their First Fishing Trip

Few memories last as long as those surrounding your first fishing trip ( family's first camping trip maybe? ). You probably still remember the...
bass caught on hook

Carolina Rig 101: How to Setup, Tie & Catch More Fish

Soft plastic baits are some of the most effective lures for catching bass and other gamefish, and they’re among the most popular baits used...

Popular from Camping

man cutting wood using axe in the forest

8 Best Survival Axes & Hatches (Reviewed & Tested)

Axes are an important tool for survival in wooded areas. With an axe, you can process a tree into firewood, construct shelter, and even defend...
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Junction Ultralight Backpack Review

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Junction Ultralight Backpack Review

Let’s start with the fact that lightweight backpacks are not for everyone. If you plan to carry outlandish loads, please buy an outlandish backpack. If,...
handheld radio used for camping

Ham Radio 101: 3 Types Of Ham Radios and Licenses Explained!

Amateur radio is an engaging hobby that can be practiced by anybody who wants to apply for a license and buy a radio transceiver. However,...

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