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Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns

Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns: What You Need To Know

Hunters have often led conservation efforts in the United States. We love animals and the outdoors, so we want to preserve it for future...
Man in hunting camo ranging distance with rifle scope sitting at gun range bench

How to Range a Distance with Only Your Riflescope

Whether you forgot your rangefinder at home, it broke in the field, or you want to learn how to find the distance to target...
Hunter holding rangefinder to eye

This is When You Need a Rangefinder for Hunting

Most rifle hunters associate the term rangefinder with Hollywood-esque long-distance shots like the Mark Wahlberg movie "Shooter." If you've never used a rangefinder, you...

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fly leader

Fly Leaders Made Simple

  Fly fishing is all about stealth. If your fly lands on the water with only a hint of a ripple and drifts downstream free...
Abu Garcia Revo SX 1

Review: Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Outdoor Empire TOP-3 bass fishing reel Serious anglers are often quite discerning when it comes to spinning reels, and they typically demand high-caliber performance, reliability...
carp caught

Best Carp Bait Comparison: The Top Options for Your Carp-Catching Needs 

Carp have long been a popular gamefish in Europe and parts of Asia, but they’ve largely been ignored by North American anglers. However, this...

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cooler with drinks

This is How a Cooler Keeps Things Cold

Coolers are a staple of any outdoor activity. From keeping the food cold during a summer canoe trip to holding the drinks for Saturday's...
practicing using bear spray

How To Use Bear Spray Properly to Survive a Bear Attack

Whether you love to hike or can't wait for hunting season, to enjoy the outdoors safely, you need to come prepared. In bear country,...
man on mountain holding walkie talkie

7 Best Walkie Talkies Reviewed (Hunting, Long-Range, Waterproof)

Walkie talkies should be used by anybody who ventures into the wild with a friend. Voices don't carry very far in the woods, and emergency...

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