Freshwater Fishing

Angler removing lure from bass fish mouth
Freshwater fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Snake River, Idaho. Photo: Chase Fly

Millions of Americans enjoy freshwater fishing for bass, bluegill, trout, and more. At Outdoor Empire, we strive to offer hands-on advice and gear reviews that will help you catch more fish. From sturgeon to largemouth bass, you’ll find well-researched tips and gear guides written by passionate anglers who aren’t coy about their best baits. Though they may or may not reveal their favorite fishing holes.

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Freshwater Fishing Tips, Stories, and Gear Guides

Fisherman holding largemouth bass he caught

How to Fish a Tube Jig (Rigging, Lines, Baits, Technique)

If you’ve ever fished for bass or even looked into bass fishing, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled into the world of tube ...
caught sturgeon

How to Fish for Sturgeon: A Complete Guide to a Huge Catch

Covered in armor-plating and spiked scales to deter predators, it’s surprising to me that sturgeon do not have teeth. Sturgeon are bottom ...
tubefishing bass

What Makes a Good Tube Fishing Rod (3 Best Tube Rods)

Anyone hoping to catch bass can get the most out of fishing tubes. Tubes typically imitate small baitfish or crawfish, and bass ...
fisher holding caught sturgeon

Best Bait for Sturgeon: A Pro Fishing Guide Weighs In

Sturgeon fishing is seeing a spike in popularity. New management techniques and an awareness of sturgeon conservation have helped their numbers rise. ...
Man with coat and beanie on holding bass fish caught in winter

The Best Colors and Baits for Winter Bass Fishing

The days are colder, the nights longer and the fishing is at its yearly low. Bass anglers around the country are left ...
Man holding a bass in one hand and fishing rod in the other in the Fall

Early Fall Bass Patterns (Behavior, Baits and Colors)

The most overlooked and under appreciated season for bass angling is early fall. Aside from the beautiful change in the leaves, cooler ...
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Where to Catch Sturgeon: Rivers, Lakes & Oceans by US Region

Sturgeon are popular fish to go after because of their massive size and because they produce caviar, which is a delicacy around ...
large mouth bass caught

World Record Largemouth Bass (Official and Unofficial)

With about 40 million sport anglers in the United States, fishing is the nation’s fourth most popular sport. Approximately one-third of all ...
rsz spinning reel for bass

7 Best Spinning Reels for Bass Fishing Reviewed (Hands-on Guide)

Are you thinking of adding a spinning reel to your bass fishing arsenal? Are you having a difficult time navigating the hundreds ...
hooked worms

Best Baitworms For Fishing: Selection, Storage and Presentation 

Few baits are as iconic as worms. They grace the hooks of a wide variety of anglers, including cane-pole-wielding kids trying to ...