Two knives stuck into a downed log
Two of our favorite knives we tested in 2023. Photo: Chase Fly

Our knife reviews on the top knives, axes, hatchets and other blades are based on hands-on experience by knife enthusiasts. Whether you need a new hunting knifesurvival knife, or an axe for camping, you’ve come to the right place for objective help to pick a good one.

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Knife Reviews and Guides

Where to Buy a Hatchet or Ax (20+ Online & Local Sellers)

Getting into camping, bushcraft, or survival will inevitably lead you toward trying to find a high-quality hatchet or ax. These can be ...
hatchet and knife

Hatchet vs Knife: Expert Camp Tool Comparison

Hatchets and knives have always been trademark tools for camping, survival, and bushcraft. Each of these tools makes everyday tasks achievable and ...
Hatchet vs Axe

A Full Hatchet vs Axe Comparison: Splitting Wood and Hairs

Humans started making tools millions of years ago, with the first axe showing up on record 1.8 million years ago. Every moment ...
A fixed blade knife next to a folding blade knife both stuck into a juniper bush

Folding vs Fixed Blade Knife (Which to Get When)

Fixed or folding, and no, we aren’t talking about chairs. There is a constant debate on whether fixed blade or folding knives ...
Different types of hunting knives on a table

What Type of Knife is Best for Hunting? (Handles & Styles)

We’ve all seen the pictures of the fresh kill, a bloodied knife in hand or on the fur. Hunting knives often make ...
hunting knife with gut hook

Should a Hunting Knife Have a Gut Hook (Pros and Cons)

Whether you are cleaning an animal, splicing some twine, whittling away in your free time, or chopping up dinner in the backcountry, ...
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Camping Knife vs Survival Knife: What You Need to Know

You never want to be caught out in the wilderness with the wrong equipment, especially when it comes to your knife. Your ...
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What Hunting Knives Are Used For (10 Different Uses)

Hunting knives are extremely useful tools, but many people don’t use them to their full capacity. Hunting knives are surprisingly versatile. A ...
Axe Safety and Maintenance

A Guide to Axe Safety and Maintenance

Felling a tree, splitting firewood, pounding wedges, removing limbs – the uses for an axe are countless. During my time as a ...
man carving grilled rabbit meat in forest camp

10 Best Survival Knives Reviewed (Fixed Blade & Folding)

A good knife is perhaps the most important survival tool you can own. With a knife, you can: Make clothes Make shelter ...
man cutting wood using axe in the forest

8 Best Survival Axes & Hatches (Reviewed & Tested)

Axes are an important tool for survival in wooded areas. With an axe, you can process a tree into firewood, construct shelter, ...
axe on chopped wood by the camp fire

9 Best Axes Tested (Splitting, Felling, Camping)

A good knife is the king of survival tool. But you can’t cut down a tree with a knife! You can split ...
A deer hunter holding a knife prepares to skin shot deer

9 Best Hunting Knives for the Game Getter ( Fixed And Folding Blade )

Every hunter needs a knife. From butchering game to picking out a thorn to whittling something when the day is slow, a ...