Hunter holding rangefinder to eye
Testing a Maven RF.1 laser rangefinder on a shed hunt in Idaho. Photo: Chase Fly

We field test new optics and compare them against each other side by side including rangefinders, spotting scopes, binoculars, and rifle scopes. Our unsponsored, hands-on approach allows us to be as objective as possible in helping you understand what to look for in a hunting optic. From the best rangefinders for hunting to how to range a target without one, our optics reviews and guides will help you on your next hunt.

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Hunting Optics Reviews and Guides

Man's hand using torque wrench to screw in rifle scope ring screws

Everything You Need to Know About Scope Ring Torque

Whether you are tightening down the mount on your first scope or confirming the seating of the optic of your favorite hunting ...
Man in hunting camo ranging distance with rifle scope sitting at gun range bench

How to Range a Distance with Only Your Riflescope

Whether you forgot your rangefinder at home, it broke in the field, or you want to learn how to find the distance ...
Hunter holding rangefinder to eye

This is When You Need a Rangefinder for Hunting

Most rifle hunters associate the term rangefinder with Hollywood-esque long-distance shots like the Mark Wahlberg movie “Shooter.” If you’ve never used a ...
man looking through a rifle scope

How to Range Without a Rangefinder When Hunting

So you’re wondering if you need to fork out the change before a hunt and buy a rangefinder or if you can ...
Looking at target through rifle scope

The Best Hunting Zero Technique? Maximum Point Blank Range

It’s an exciting time when you finally put sights on that deer that you’ve been stalking for the past several hours. You’ve ...
hunter holding shotgun with optic e1655125299687

Should You Install an Optic on a Shotgun?

Shotguns are excellent tools for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense. They’re versatile tools and are easy to pick up once you get ...
rsz rangefinder for long range shooter

5 Best Rangefinders for Long Range Shooters in 2022 (In-Depth Reviews)

Long-range shooting is an exact science. To be successful, the shooter must know and understand a long list of variables. Of course, ...
Maven RF1 and Leupold RX 1400i on wooden table

Buyer’s Guide: Best Hunting Rangefinders Reviewed

If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve come to accept the fact that your internal tape measure isn’t entirely accurate, and you’re not ...
Maven RF.1 Rangefinder on wood

Maven RF.1 Rangefinder Review (Worth Every Penny)

When I got the chance to do a Maven RF.1 rangefinder review, I was stoked! I’ve had it for a while now ...
Leupold RX 1400i on wood

Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W Rangefinder Review (Best Under $200)

There are many good options for hunting rangefinders, but I ultimately purchased the Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W, and I’ve been using it for ...
hunter looking into binoculars

The Best Magnification for Binoculars (Hunting & Birding)

The best binocular magnification for you will be determined by more than one interacting element. Before you make a purchase, you should ...
hunter using binoculars

14 Best Binoculars Reviewed & Tested (Hands-on Buying Guide)

Getting the right pair of binoculars is confusing since they come in different styles and sizes. Not all of them are the same, ...
spotting scope in the field

10 Best Spotting Scopes Reviewed: Definitive Guide

If you are into birdwatching and other naturalist activities, hunting, and shooting, a spotting scope is something that you may need and ...
man looking through compact binocs

8 Best Compact Binoculars Reviewed (Hiking, Birding, Travel)

Every outdoor enthusiast needs a pair of binoculars. Whether you’re hiking, hunting, bird watching, or traveling through a new land, a good ...
hunter with rifle and binocs

6 Best Binoculars for Hunting (Deer, Elk & Other Game)

If you’re hunting, you need binoculars. It’s as simple as that. In order to ethically take a shot, you need to identify ...
Scope mount on rifle

How to Choose A Scope Mount? (Scope Rings Vs 1-Piece Mount)

Scopes mounts are the handshake that creates a unification between rifle and scope. They are crucial to a successful and accurate gun, ...
man adjusting scope turrets

Rifle Scope Turret Systems, Explained! (A Complete Guide)

Turrets, a name that makes people envision those towers on the side of castles or machine guns on the top of humvees. ...
long range shooting

11 Best Long-Range Scopes Reviewed (1000 Yard Scopes)

Long-range shooting is an absolute thrill. The joy of hearing the dong as you strike a metal target at long range is ...
Night vision scope mounted on rifle

9 Best Night Vision Scopes Reviewed (All Generations & Budgets)

Who doesn’t love shooting? We all do, right? But what about at night? Shooting at night can be safe, legal, and fun. ...
night vision vs thermal

Night Vision Versus Thermal Imaging – Full Comparison!

When it comes to choosing an electronic optic, you have a lot of decisions to make. For nighttime use, you will be ...
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