Hunting rifle sitting on a table on shooting rests
Reviewing hunting rifles like this Springfield Waypoint 2020 is obviously one of the coolest things we get to do at Outdoor Empire. Photo: Chase Fly

Our extensive hunting rifle reviews and guides will give you confidence in your next rifle purchase or help you be more informed about the firearm you take to the field on your next hunt. Learn from our detailed cost breakdowns and in-depth analysis on the pros and cons of certain rifle calibers. Then read our hands-on rifle reviews, like our popular best .308 rifle comparison, so you can be more knowledgeable about and have greater confidence in your hunting rifle.

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Hunting Rifle Reviews and Guides

9 308 rifles for hunting and target shooting laying next to each other

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose the Right .308 Rifle

The .308 Winchester cartridge is one of the oldest and most prolific chamberings for rifles in the United States. It’s a reliable ...
Elk standing in meadow with trees in background

.308 for Elk Hunting: Pros, Cons, & What to Consider

Elk may be a species of deer, but they’re not like the small deer that bounce across the road in front of ...
Best .308 hunting rifles side by side comparison

The Best .308 Hunting Rifles of 2024

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different models of rifles chambered in .308 Winchester, so finding the best 308 hunting rifle ...
coyote hunting

Best Coyote Calibers and Cartridges (Including Long Range)

Coyote hunting has become more popular in recent years for various reasons. Some hunters want to harvest them for their beautiful fur ...
Man's hand using torque wrench to screw in rifle scope ring screws

Everything You Need to Know About Scope Ring Torque

Whether you are tightening down the mount on your first scope or confirming the seating of the optic of your favorite hunting ...
Man in hunting camo ranging distance with rifle scope sitting at gun range bench

How to Range a Distance with Only Your Riflescope

Whether you forgot your rangefinder at home, it broke in the field, or you want to learn how to find the distance ...
rifle on bipod

Should You Use a Bipod for Shooting? For Hunting?

Long-distance shooters and hunters often use bipods to create a more stable shooting platform. However, with tripods, shooting stands, and bag rests ...
Looking at target through rifle scope

The Best Hunting Zero Technique? Maximum Point Blank Range

It’s an exciting time when you finally put sights on that deer that you’ve been stalking for the past several hours. You’ve ...
hunter aiming rifle

Aiming vs Pointing: Differences in Rifle vs Shotgun Shooting

Like some hunters, I grew up using only one type of firearm when hunting. Some states limit the types of guns that ...
hunter holding rifle by a swamp

How To Protect Your Rifle from the Elements

Hunting can involve carrying and using many tools. Boots, backpacks, and radios can all be important to the success of your hunting ...
rifle and cartridge on tree trunk

Expert Advice: The Best All Around Hunting Rifle Caliber

My hunting friends love to rib each other about their favorite calibers. A particularly sharp rivalry is between my love of 6.5mm ...
ammo box next to 308 rifle

Can You Shoot 7.62×51 With a .308 Rifle? (And Vice Versa)

Firearm safety is important, and one aspect of firearm safety is to only load your rifle with compatible ammunition. Even guns chambered ...
psa pa10 looking down range

Pros and Cons of .308 Rifles: Great Gun, But Not For Everyone

While there are both pros and cons of .308 rifles, .308 is one of the most common rifle rounds used by sportspeople ...
man holding hunting rifle and bullets e1646487040670

What’s the Cheapest Rifle Caliber to Shoot? (Most Bangs for Your Bucks)

My least favorite part of the shooting hobby has to be dealing with ever-inflating ammo prices. Unfortunately, unless you’re collecting vintage firearms, ...
shotgun barrel

Shotgun Gauge vs Caliber: Why and How Is It Different?

Regardless of its type, the inside of a firearm barrel is known as the bore. These sizes can range from very small ...
mule deer in sagebrush

What Game Can You Hunt With a .308 Rifle? (List of Animals)

The .308 Winchester is a very capable cartridge, capable of taking many game types in North America. Like any cartridge, though, .308 ...
psa ar10 308 at range

PSA AR-10 Review: PA10 Gen3 as a .308 Hunting Rifle?

When it comes to AR-10s and AR-15s, most folks just consider them to be tactical weapons or range rifles for target shooting ...
556 vs 308 rounds side by side

Is 5.56 or .308 Better? (An Enthusiast Weighs In)

5.56x45mm NATO and .308 Winchester are two of the most commonly used cartridges in the United States. New shooters, and those looking ...
opplanet remington 308win

What’s the Difference between .308, .308 Win, and .308 Rem?

Understanding the difference between 308 Win vs 308 and all the rest is confusing. Caliber and cartridge references are nuanced and it’s ...
rifle on a bipod

8 Best Rifle Bipods Reviewed & Revealed (Hands-on Guide)

To choose a good bipod for your needs, you’ll need to consider the way you intend to use it, as well as ...
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