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Hiroto Hayashi is an outdoor recreation writer, photographer, and educator. If it falls under the umbrella of outdoor recreation or nature-based skills, hobbies, and crafts, you can bet he's tried it, or it's on his calendar to pick up. That said, his main passion has always been fishing.
caught sturgeon

How to Fish for Sturgeon: A Complete Guide to a Huge Catch

Covered in armor-plating and spiked scales to deter predators, it’s surprising to me that sturgeon do not have teeth. Sturgeon are bottom ...
fisher holding caught sturgeon

Best Bait for Sturgeon: A Pro Fishing Guide Weighs In

Sturgeon fishing is seeing a spike in popularity. New management techniques and an awareness of sturgeon conservation have helped their numbers rise. ...
Fisherman caught a salmon in the northern river.

The Most Popular Types of Fishing (Common Styles & Methods)

I worked as a fishing guide for many years and was always asked about the most popular types of fishing. There are ...
Man hiking and drinking water in mountain meadow

Hobbies and Activities That Promote Confidence and Independence

Hobbies that promote confidence and independence and impact self-esteem are important. A person’s level of self-esteem directly affects their relationships, perceived levels ...