52 Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women (Indoorsy Friends Start Here)

Woman with sunglasses in Yellowstone

Those of us who love the outdoors can think of 100 things we’d love to receive as gifts. Maybe they’re essentials we just haven’t gotten yet or nice-to-haves that we can’t justify spending our hard-earned money on. That’s the perfect gift to get for someone, right?

So if you’re the indoorsy friend to an outdoors lover, we have the perfect gift guide for you. This is also a great gift guide for parents, siblings, and friends looking for a gift idea for someone you love.

These suggestions come from a lot of personal experience and this guide is full of tried-and-true gadgets and pieces of gear. I also threw on a few items from my personal wishlist.

Whether you’ve drawn your outdoorsy sister in the family gift exchange or you have a friend gift you need to buy this week, we’ve got you covered.

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If you’re short on time and need a quick idea, here are our top three choices:

For the One Who Has It All
Best Non-Camping Gift
Best Budget Pick
This takes the thinking out of gift shopping but keeps it thoughtful with a box of surprises once or as long as you want.
This is a great non-camping item for when you just need that extra layer of warmth over your whole body.
If you can stay cool, everything is better. This little device lets you take a "cool breeze" wherever you go.
For the One Who Has It All
This takes the thinking out of gift shopping but keeps it thoughtful with a box of surprises once or as long as you want.
Best Non-Camping Gift
This is a great non-camping item for when you just need that extra layer of warmth over your whole body.
Best Budget Pick
If you can stay cool, everything is better. This little device lets you take a "cool breeze" wherever you go.
02/21/2024 02:00 am GMT

Practical Gifts for an Outdoorsy Woman

YETI Rambler 20 oz Travel Mug

If warm (or cold) drinks are her love language, this 20 oz tumbler from Yeti is the perfect gift. It’s got a leak-resistant lid and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a variety of colors and will keep her hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

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02/19/2024 04:46 am GMT
Toiletry Bag

When going outdoors, we try to take only the necessities in our toiletry bag. So we don’t need quite as much room as when we’re going to the big city. We like this small, simple leather and wool toiletry bag by Mountain Made. Its quality materials and design will keep her happy for years to come.

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02/27/2024 10:23 pm GMT
Old Friend Slippers

I have owned several different types of slippers the last several years, and these are by far my favorite. They have a hard rubber sole (great for going out to check the mail or bring in the groceries) and the softest sheepskin fleece on the inside. They’re 100% leather and come in a few different colors. But the best part is that the cuff can stay folded down or you can flip it up on those chilly days to keep your ankles warm. I wear them for about 6 months out of the year. They keep my feet warm but not sweaty. Mine are a year old now but look brand new.

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02/21/2024 07:44 am GMT
Biodegradable Soap
$16.95 ($1.99 / Fl Oz)

While this may not be the most exciting gift she gets, it may be the most sensible. I’m sure your outdoorsy woman cares about the environment. For those nights spent in the forest, she’ll need some biodegradable soap to wash off the dirt and grime of the day. This 3-pack of soap is great for her hair and body and she could use it on her dishes, too! Best of all, it’s safe in all bodies of water and won’t harm the environment or the animals living all around.

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02/21/2024 08:08 am GMT
Outdoor Shower

Pair this portable solar shower with the biodegradable soap and you’ve got the perfect gift for your outdoorsy woman. This solar shower bag comes with a shower head and a hose. It also has a water temperature gauge and an on/off knob to start and stop water flow. Believe me, this will make it MUCH more comfortable for her to get clean while camping than a quick dip in the freezing river. This is a great gift for the camper who has everything.

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02/27/2024 10:31 pm GMT
Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife

Man or woman, every outdoors person needs a knife. And not all knives are created equal. When you just need a knife, you don’t want one of those bulky multitools. This is a great, sleek, reasonably-priced option. Perfect for backpacking, fishing, hiking, camping, and more. You can cut food or rope with this baby. With a 4” blade and 8” overall length, you’ll be able to fit in any pack or kit.

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02/19/2024 04:56 am GMT
Backpacker's Trowel

Bodily functions don’t stop just because you’re out in the woods. Such a bummer, right? When nature calls while out in nature, you need to be able to dig a hole quickly to bury your business. This bright orange trowel is perfect because it’s small and lightweight but sturdy enough to do the job. Its bright color, while kind of obnoxious, makes it easy to find, even at night. And at less than $5, it’s a great little gift for anyone.

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02/19/2024 04:56 am GMT
Neck Reading Light

When you’re out in the woods and the sun goes down, you sometimes still have hours before you’re ready to go to bed. Reading in nature is one of my favorite things to do, but it gets hard after dark. This book light that sits around your neck is the best of all book lights out there! No more clipping lights onto your book and then having to re-clip after a few pages. And no more blinding everyone in the tent with your headlamp while you finish your chapter while trying to adjust that flashlight into just the right position. This necklamp has 2 light sources to cover both pages of your book and it’s sturdy enough to not lose its shape. That means you can roll over on your side and it’ll stay where you want it. It has three brightness levels so you won’t disturb others around you AND it’s under $20. That just can’t be beat.

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02/27/2024 11:24 pm GMT
Female Urination Device

Let’s be honest, peeing in the woods just isn’t as convenient for women as it is for men. And no woman wants splashes of pee on the bottom of her pants or the sides of her shoes. (We’ve all been there, ladies.) That’s why this device is so genius. With a simple funnel system, women can pee with ease without the worry of splashing and spraying. This set comes with an extension tube for times when you need to trap your urine in a bottle or some other tight space. Also comes with a discreet carrying bag.

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02/28/2024 05:51 pm GMT
Menstrual Cup

All of the body’s natural processes don’t go on vacation just because you do. It’s a real bummer. As a woman, being on your period while outdoors is just the worst. I’ve become a recent convert to menstrual cups and it’s not an exaggeration to say they have changed my life. Most notably, while out in nature where toilets and running water are nonexistent. Unlike pads and tampons which need to be changed every few hours and require storing trash, menstrual cups only need to be changed every 12 hours and require no trash or wrappers. They are easy on your body and easy on the environment.

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02/28/2024 11:58 pm GMT
Anker Portable Charger

This Anker portable charger is the best! It’s the same size as most smartphones and charges them on the go so quickly. I recently took mine on a trip to Mexico and my phone went from 20% to 90% in under 30 minutes. This is great for on-the-go women who need to stay in touch or just want to have their phones to take photos of their epic adventures. Any outdoorsy woman would be thrilled with this gift.

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02/29/2024 06:09 pm GMT
Pee Cloth

When going to the bathroom in nature, dripping dry is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to UTIs and nasty odors. And taking toilet paper is not always possible and it’s definitely not environmentally friendly to bury it. And it’s gross to carry it with you. Enter: the pee cloth. This cloth has excellent features like a grippy handle and snaps to close up the cloth to keep things hygienic. It also has snaps to attach the used cloth to your backpack or a tree branch to dry out. The silver infused in it makes it antimicrobial. This is great for all women who have to pee while out in nature; yep, that’s all of us.

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02/29/2024 08:23 pm GMT
MSR PocketRocket 2 Ultralight Backpacking Stove

When you’re on a backcountry adventure for a few days you can really get sick of salami and cheese or PB&J. Get your outdoorsy woman a personal cooking system so she can eat something hot at the end of a long day. This personal cooking system is half the price of other name brands but works just as well. My husband has one for backpacking and it's a super popular and reliable model.

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Fun Outdoor Gifts for Women

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Get the woman in your life this portable, waterproof speaker for when she’s at the lake or in the park with friends. It’s about the size of your hand and will allow her to stream music and audiobooks wirelessly from her phone wherever she goes.

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02/29/2024 10:24 pm GMT
Buff Original EcoStretch

A Buff is more than just a neck warmer; it can be a hat, scarf, hair tie, headband, and more! It’s so versatile and the perfect outdoor accessory. Go for the original EcoStretch if you want something lightweight that will wick away moisture. It’s made from recycled plastic and is UPF 50 certified and comfortable to boot. If you’re looking for something warmer, grab this Merino Knitted Neck Warmer. It’s perfect for skiing and other snowy adventures. You can’t go wrong with either one!

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02/19/2024 10:22 am GMT
100 Hikes of a Lifetime

Outdoorsy women aren’t outdoors ALL the time. So why not get them a lovely coffee table book to admire when they’re home? This beautiful book is full of gorgeous photos and also a lot of useful information for their next adventure.

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03/04/2024 04:32 pm GMT
Portable Campfire

Everyone loves a good campfire at the end of the day, but not everyone loves the hassle (and mess) of starting the fire and putting it out at the end of the night. Try this smokeless, portable propane gas firepit. It’s perfect for camping, beach parties, and family parties on the deck. It comes with a carrying case and is easy to transport and set up. 

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Radiate Mini Campfire

If your outdoorsy lady’s gathering area is small, this mini campfire-in-a-can is great for a fun, table-top fire at her next picnic or beach gathering. They last for 3-5 hours and are good for small groups in a tighter setting.

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02/19/2024 10:28 am GMT
Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is the new version of the little backpack from our childhood days. It’s nice to have something big enough to carry essentials (chapstick, sunscreen, phone, snacks, etc.) but small enough to easily carry around. This fanny pack aka hip bag aka sling is perfect. It can be worn around the waist or across the body. It’s just the right size to be both functional and comfortable. Available in many gorgeous colors.

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03/04/2024 05:18 pm GMT
Topo Designs Rover Day Pack

When the adventurous woman in your life needs to hit the trail but needs to carry more than what a hip bag can carry, this is the perfect pack. The Rover Pack Classic by Topo Designs is as functional as it is colorful. It’s got a big opening for her larger items like a jacket, picnic lunch, or even a laptop. It also has a couple of zippered outer pockets and a few compression straps so she can expand it out or cinch it down. With a huge variety of colors, you’re sure to find something that will be just right for her.

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Gregory Facet 45 Backpack

For the outdoorsy woman who is ready to hit the trails and spend a couple of nights out in the wilderness, we have the perfect bag. The Gregory Facet 45 backpack is a great size for any woman. At 45L capacity, she can pack the essentials for a few nights or more without breaking her back. This pack has a free-floating suspension which will provide great support along with ventilation to keep her comfortable. It has the best side pockets (ideal for water bottles) out of any pack we’ve used. This is the perfect backpack for a woman who is a serious backpacker and wants serious gear.

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02/19/2024 10:41 am GMT
Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a hammock after a long day outdoors. This hammock is a large, double hammock that can hold up to 500 lbs. They also have a medium size for one person up to 400 lbs. But I happen to think bigger is always better when it comes to hammocks so I would stick to the double. It comes with everything you need to set it up in under 1 minute, according to the manufacturer. When you’re done it rolls up into itself and is nice and compact for transporting and storing. Give the gift of relaxation to your loved one.

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Silicone Ring

Sometimes things get dirty when you’re in the outdoors, and no one wants to ruin their nice jewelry. I love this silicone ring as a stand-in for an engagement or wedding ring. I opted for the single ring, but they also have options for multiple stackable rings if accessorizing is still important to you while trekking outdoors. It’s so comfortable you may not want to take it off once you get home.

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02/19/2024 12:51 pm GMT
Hiking Poles

These collapsable hiking poles are great for the average hiker or the serious backpacker. They can collapse down to fit in a backpack with no problem. They’re made from aluminum so they’re super lightweight and they come apart and go back together with ease. Get your outdoorsy friend a nice pair of hiking poles in their favorite color and they’ll definitely be thanking you after long hours on the trail.

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Custom Earrings

If you want to give a truly unique and personalized gift to the outdoorsy woman in your life, this is the perfect gift. The company Uncommon Goods has customizable earrings where you submit a photo of your loved one’s special place (specific mountain, beach, etc) and they will turn it into earrings. Click on our link to see some beautiful examples. She will be so surprised when she opens this gift and touched that you remembered her special place.

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Kindle eReader

It sounds strange, but this is probably my favorite gift I’ve ever gifted myself. About 9 years ago I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite (when they first came out) and I’ve used it every day since. It’s perfect for all kinds of travel, but it really shines in the outdoors. This is because when you’re cozied up in your sleeping bag, you don’t need a flashlight or headlamp in order to read your book. Amazon Kindle eReaders have backlights (without the harsh blue light of a phone or tablet) that allow you to read in total darkness without straining your eyes or keeping everyone else in the tent awake. You can store dozens (if not hundreds) of books on an 8GB kindle, which beats taking multiple books with you on a long camping trip. There are a few different versions and price points, but I like the Kindle Paperwhite the best for its crisp text and water resistance. Even a rainstorm or splash from the lake can’t stop you from finishing that chapter!

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REI Membership

If you have an outdoorsy woman you love but she has everything she needs, an REI membership is a great gift so she can buy what she wants from a great retailer. A lifetime membership is only $30 but gives them access to great savings and perks. Look for a signup bonus card that is sometimes offered when you sign up for a new membership.

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National Park Pass

A great life goal of mine is to visit all the national parks before I die. But admissions to some parks can really add up. This annual parks pass is $80 (less for seniors or military) and will get them entry to any park in the country for 12 months.

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Wild Woman Outdoor Subscription Box

This subscription box will come to your outdoorsy woman every month with over $50 worth of products inside. Their aim is to “make the outdoors feel more accessible and inclusive” and I think their boxes do just that. There will always be a piece of useful gear, a product for their body, something yummy to fuel them, and a piece of inspiration to help them on their journey. You can send a box for just one month or up to 6 months. Everyone likes happy mail!

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Gifts Outdoorsy Women Can Wear

Darn Tough Hiker Socks

When out on a hike, nothing is worse than a blister. Help the woman in your life avoid those by getting her a pair of Darn Tough Socks. We recommend these Midweight Hiking Socks for the average hiker. They’re tough, durable, soft, moisture-wicking, and cushiony. Yes, cushiony is a word.

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02/19/2024 01:43 pm GMT
Darn Tough Socks--Lightweight

For hot-weather hikers or trail runners, Darn Tough’s Lightweight Hiking Socks have the perfect balance of support and breathability. Plus, all their socks are made in the USA (in beautiful Vermont) so you can feel good about shopping domestic!

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02/19/2024 01:47 pm GMT
Teva ReEmber Booties

When I first saw these I didn’t really know why I would need them. Do I wear them inside? Outside when I’m walking around camp? On a walk along the river? On a quick run to the convenience store? The answer is yes to all! While they’re not for a long hike, they’re good for just about everything else. They’re cozy and soft on the inside but with a rubber sole and water-resistant layer on the exterior. If you’re in between sizes, size up. (I made the mistake of sizing down and my daughter benefitted from my error, with a nice pair of shoes that she didn’t know she wanted but now loves!)

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02/19/2024 01:47 pm GMT
Forclaz Trek 100 Convertible Hiking Pants

You know those days you go out for a hike and it’s chilly in the morning, but by the time you stop for your picnic lunch, you’re roasting in the sun? These are the perfect pants for those situations, which happen very often in the mountains. These convertible pants have quick zip-off/zip-on legs that make it simple to adjust to the weather. They don’t look bulky where the zippers are and they’re good in the sun and rain. They’re lightweight and the waist is adjustable. Definitely size up if you’re between sizes and maybe even up to 2 sizes if you like a loose fit.

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Smartwool Classic Thermal Merino Wool Base Layer

Base layers are essential when doing anything outside during the months of January-December. Yes, that’s all the months. Base layers are obvious for the winter months, and they allow you to layer more or less clothing depending on how freezing it is outside. But they’re also great layering pieces for the non-winter months, when the weather just can’t decide what it wants to do. Also great for those in between seasons when it’s cold in the morning but warm during the day. They’re just great all the time. Here is a great merino wool ¼ zip top. It comes in so many colors and patterns and will be a great addition to any outdoorsy woman’s wardrobe.

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03/08/2024 01:03 am GMT
Pearl Izumi Midland T-Shirt

A great graphic tee can really make a statement. This Grateful Dead T-shirt does that and more. Not only is the graphic fun, but the fit and feel of this shirt is awesome. It has moisture-wicking properties and is very breathable. Made for women on the move, this is a great statement piece for the woman who loves good music.

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Free Fly Bamboo Thermal Fleece Hoody

Every outdoorsy woman probably has a fleece hoodie or jacket. And guess what? She’d probably love another. These fleece hoodies from Free Fly are so soft. They’re warmer than just a light fleece hoodie, so they make a great medium layer. They have a slightly cropped cut, but not so cropped that they’ll need another layer underneath. It has a large hood and pockets on the sides. They’re perfect for sitting around the campfire or layering up when out looking for a Christmas tree.

View at Free Fly Apparel
Sitka Ambient Jacket

This jacket is great for all seasons and is packable and comfortable. It checks all the boxes. It’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s the jacket that all outdoorsy women will reach for again and again. It has low-bulk insulation, is breathable, and dries out quickly. You could wear it on its own during the spring and fall or under a waterproof shell during the winter months. They offer some solid colors but also a couple camo prints that would come in handy during those cool-but-not-cold hunting trips.

View at Sitka View at Sportsman's Warehouse
Toad&Co Forester Pass Parka

Every one needs a jacket for those days when it’s not quite coat weather but it’s still cool and blustery. This jacket is a little longer which helps block out the cold and is water and wind-resistant. And unlike many shells out there, it’s cute! It comes in several attractive colors and the woman in your life will look put together, whether she’s fishing on the lake or taking a stroll along the river.

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Gifts for the Outdoorsy Mom

Wearable Sleeping Bag

This wearable sleeping bag is for more than just sleeping. Think of the women in your life who go to early morning soccer matches and evening football games. They’re sitting outside so they’re outdoorsy, too! This also works for sitting around the campfire or under a tree during a fall picnic. It’s rated for 48-61 degrees F, so it’s not designed to be a cold-weather sleeping bag. It’s for those chilly times when you’re sitting in a chair and need to keep the whole body warm. Layer up underneath and you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.

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Pendleton Outdoor Packable Blanket

A waterproof blanket will come in handy almost everywhere–sports games, camping trips, picnics, outdoor movie nights, fishing at the lake, sitting on the beach–the options are endless. This is the perfect gift to give the outdoorsy woman who likes to buy her own clothes and shoes but would still like to be loved. She can leave it in the back of her car and pull it out anytime she needs. We like the Pendleton Outdoor Packable blanket because it has a waterproof side to put down on the ground and it easily folds up into a tote with a carrying strap. It also comes with a couple pockets to hold your phone, keys, etc.

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Handheld Personal Fan

Do you know a woman who loves the outdoors but hates to be hot? Or maybe a summer concert-goer who loves to jam to the beats but gets too hot and sweaty in the process? This handheld fan is the perfect answer for those scenarios and more. It has a nice, grippy handle to hold it on the go. But it can also rest on a desk (think, hot office) or on a nightstand (think, hot Airbnb) hands-free so your loved one can cool off in comfort. It has a USB plug for when you’re at home or a large-capacity, rechargeable battery pack for on-the-go. It can even charge your phone if you’re in a pinch.

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02/21/2024 02:00 am GMT
Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Anyone who has tried to cook at a campsite knows it comes with challenges. Never enough counter space, where to put the dishes after you wash them, etc. This Coleman portable kitchen is a great addition to any camping kitchen setup. There’s the bigger table that is good for chopping and prepping food, the smaller table that perfectly fits a 2-burner Coleman stove, a lantern holder up above, and a mesh net below the table for drying all those dishes. It can be a bit unstable on uneven ground (which is nearly all campsites) so tossing in a few wood disks or old coasters could be good to even it out. (Or just find rocks or pieces of bark once you get to your campsite.) It packs up nice and small and is self-contained. This is great for someone who is cooking for one or for a whole family.

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02/21/2024 02:19 am GMT
Folding Wagon

Moms always have to carry so much stuff for the family; in the outdoors times that by ten! This collapsable utility wagon has nearly 40,000 five-star reviews, so I think that speaks for itself. It’s great to transport things (and children) when you’re camping, going to the beach, cheering on your little ones at a sporting event, and more! The rugged wheels make it easy to maneuver on uneven terrain and with a load limit of 150 pounds, you can move a lot of stuff at once. It comes in multiple colors, and if the color doesn’t matter to you as much as the price, click around to find the cheapest colors and save yourself some.

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02/20/2024 08:24 am GMT
Packing Cubes

I became a convert to packing cubes about six years ago. I had three small children who were just starting to be able to pack for themselves and I wanted to keep everyone’s things separate and organized in a single large suitcase. I got everyone a set of packing cubes and it was a game changer. Now the kids can follow my checklist and put their big, bulky stuff in the big cubes all the way down to socks and undies in the smallest cube. Get each kid their own color and that will make it so much faster to figure out which bag belongs to which child. This set also comes with a shoe bag and a dirty clothes bag. Perfect! Be sure to get a set for yourself!

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02/20/2024 08:40 am GMT
Osprey Lightweight Child Carrier Backpack

One of our most-used items in the woods (or the backyard) is our kid carrier backpack. It’s just hard for little legs to keep up with the big ones. And it’s REALLY hard for the adults to listen to the whining when someone’s legs are tired after three minutes. This kid carrier from Osprey is worth the splurge. It has a super light frame and can carry a kid up to 50 pounds. It comes with a sunshade (essential!) and extra storage for snacks and water.

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02/20/2024 09:09 am GMT

Cheap Gifts for Outdoorsy Women (Under $20)

Weatherproof Notebook

Inspiration seems to come to us best when we’re out in nature. Give her a place to record her thoughts, ideas, or sketches in this waterproof notebook by Rite in the Rain. We like the 5”x7” size best, but they have an 8”x10” size if you think she has a lot to say.

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02/20/2024 08:44 am GMT
Gloves with Touch Screen Fingers

There are a million types of gloves for a million different purposes. We like these slimmer gloves for everyday outdoor activities. They’ll keep the hands from getting cold and numb, but the tips of the fingers can still be used on a phone or tablet for texting or taking a photo. The palms of the gloves also have a non-slip design so your phone won’t slide out of your hands when taking that selfie or making a call. They’re perfect for keeping in a jacket pocket when you go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or up in the hills.

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02/21/2024 03:58 am GMT
Crossword Book

Sometimes we just need a simple way to unwind after a long day of exploring. Sitting in a hammock with a crossword puzzle can be the perfect relaxation tool. This book from the New York Times is the best of the best. There are puzzles ranging from easy to hard and the woman in your life will have a great time solving them.

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02/21/2024 04:13 am GMT
Mini Tripod

When you’re a solo hiker/camper/hunter, sometimes you need an extra hand to get that great photo. This tripod is great as both a tripod and a selfie stick. It has a wireless remote and works with most smartphones via bluetooth. This is a great gift idea for any outdoorsy woman who wants to be in the photo.

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02/20/2024 08:49 am GMT
Microfiber Towel

I bought five of these microfiber towels for our family about five years ago, and they’re still going strong. They roll up super small (around the size of a 16 oz bottle of water) and are incredibly absorbent. Best of all, they dry super quickly and dirt and sand won’t cling to them like they do with cotton towels. No more hanging towels over a branch and waiting five hours for them to dry, only to find clumps of dried sand and wet spots all over. They’re long enough for adults and super roomy for kids. They come in a ton of fun colors and you just can’t go wrong. Get one for the outdoorsy woman who will ever touch the water in any capacity.

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02/21/2024 07:15 am GMT
Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

Arguably the most annoying thing about the outdoors is the mosquitos. They can ruin any outing quickly. This portable mosquito repeller is great for camping, outdoor dinner parties, or enjoying the sunset by the lake. It’s about the size of a water bottle, so you can slide it into any bag or keep it in the car. Best of all, you don’t have to spray everyone down and get that nasty chemical smell in your mouth or eyes or all over your food. You’ll get about 15 feet of mosquito-free area from one device and one refill pack lasts about 12 hours. Simply buy another refill pack and you’re good to go for another full day.

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02/20/2024 09:00 am GMT
Headlamp Beanie

As a mom who likes to go camping with her little kids, I was interested in giving this unique beanie a try. Is it the most fashionable beanie? No. Is it the warmest beanie? Also no. But is it the most functional beanie? Definitely. When you’re sitting around the campfire and you realize it’s completely dark and you haven't dug out the flashlights or headlamps, this is the perfect stand-in. It’s a simple beanie with a small LED light built into the front. It’s not bulky or heavy and it has two settings of brightness. It’s perfect for rounding up roasting sticks and children and cleaning up camp in the dark. Best of all, you’re hands-free and your ears are warm.

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