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Outdoor Empire Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen

How do you know what to get the guy who has everything? He’s an outdoorsman, that means he probably already has all the stuff he needs, right? Right.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise him with something he didn’t know he needed until now. If your man (or lady) is an avid hunter, angler, hiker, camper, shooter, or lover of gear in general, he will love these gifts to bits and pieces. Happy hunting!

Gifts for Around $50 or Less

1For Caffeine Lovers: Custom YETI Drinkware

Everyone has their favorite beverage and it usually comes either hot or cold. YETI stainless steel insulated drinkware will keep it that way for a long time. And for this holiday season you can get it customized with Santa riding a fish for your fisherman or a reindeer butcher diagram for your hunter.

Check price at: YETI

2For the Sweet Blooded: Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller

From backpacking to baseball games, mosquitoes are gonna bite you. Unless you have a Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller! It’s a device you can set on the table and it will keep mosquitoes 15 feet away in silence. I hate the feel and scent of bug spray and I won’t need it with this innovation.

Check price at: Thermacell, Amazon, Sportsman’s Warehouse

3For Conflicted Minimalists: Gerber Armbar Slim Drive

Multi-tools do a mediocre job at most things and minimalists aren’t fans of unnecessary weight and bulk. The Gerber Armbar Slim Drive is a fantastic compromise for reluctant compromisers. With a capable blade, a 2-sided bit screwdriver, and a bottle opener, this adds utility to your daily pocket knife without the unnecessary bulk. It’s an affordable stocking stuffer or an easy gift for the guy who made no requests.

Check price on: Gerber, Amazon

4For Practical Fly Fishermen: Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

While a good fly reel is notoriously expensive, you can rest assured that the Piscifun Sword is well worth the price you’ll pay and it will please all but the most persnickety of anglers. You need to purchase the reel based on weight. The higher the number the bigger the fish you can catch on it. If you’re not sure, sneak a peek at the recipient’s fly rod and buy a reel that matches the weight marked near the rod’s grip.

Check price on: Amazon

5For Bald Bird Hunters: Filson Fleece-lined Wildfowl Hat

This hunting cap will keep any shiny, wise head full of wisdom warm and dry. I dare say even the hairy-headed would enjoy it. The wax finish and short brim keep the rain off the face but still let you see so you can shoot at them birds. Meanwhile, the quick-dry lining and ear flap will keep your beau’s neck and noggin toasty in bad weather.

Check price at: Filson

6For Fair Weather Fishermen: Grundéns Solstrale Hoodie

For anglers looking to keep the sun off on a warm day or put on a lightweight base layer when it’s chilly, the Grundens Solstrale fishing shirt is awesome. With a funky scuba hood, this high-performance outdoor shirt is sure to be a favorite that you didn’t know you wanted. Take it from the fly fisherman who tested it out first hand.

Check price at: Grundens

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7For Big Game Hunters: Gerber Randy Newberg EBS Knife

The knife you use to field dress a big game animal needs to be sharp as hell and you’re better off if you have more than one. The Gerber Randy Newberg EBS knife system comes with three blades, a sturdy ultralight handle, and a clever case that won’t rattle and scare the bucks away. This system is compact and won’t take up extra space in your hunting pack or cargo pocket like most field processing tools. I hope my wife gets this for me!

Check price on: Amazon, Gerber

8For Water Drinking Earth Lovers: Klean Kanteen TKWIDE 20 oz Insulated Bottle

In case the categorization was unclear, this is a gift anyone would enjoy. We all drink water and we all love the Earth. Klean Kanteen does too and they make an awesome vacuum insulated water bottle called the TKWide. Unlike a lot of these types of tumblers, this one has a handy carry loop and a drinking cap that feels and functions better than most.

Check price on: Amazon, Klean Kanteen

9For Hot Hunters: Filson X Mossy Oak Camo Long Sleeve Barrier Shirt

For early season big game archery hunts or any hunt in warm weather, the Filson X Camo shirt will keep you concealed and less sweaty. Filson makes quality apparel and this is no exception. This shirt is a reasonably priced, breathable, quick-drying shirt any hot hunter will appreciate.

Check price at: Filson

10For Range Regulars: Magpul PMAG 30 Round Magazine

For folks who spend every spare moment at the range, this rifle accessory will make them real happy. The Magpul PMAG Gen 2 Magazine can hold up to 30 rounds of 5.56×45 NATO or .223 Remington ammo or stuff a stocking.

Check price at: Palmetto State Armory

Gifts for Around $100 and Up

11For Boy Scouts at Heart: VSSL First Aid Kit

This would make a great gift for any hunter, hiker, backpacker, or fisherman, and it’s probably something they won’t ever buy for themselves. Stuff like this really satisfies my inner boy scout need to Be Prepared. It’s a clever, rugged waterproof container (or vessel) that’s about the size of a small water bottle. With all the essentials and some thoughtful features that could really help save your skin, this is the coolest first aid kit I’ve ever seen! They also have a cheaper mini version.

Check price on: Amazon, VSSL

12For Poor Communicaters: Midland GXT1050VP4 Walkie Talkies

Let’s face it, a lot of men suck at communicating. So give a gift that will help out with that. Anyone who spends time outdoors needs to stay in contact with their hunting or hiking buddy and a good set of walkie talkies will do the trick. This is one of our favorites!

Check price on: Amazon

13For Those With Butter Fingers: UAG Monarch Kevlar Series

If your loved one has a cracked screen from taking cliffside selfies, they could benefit from the Monarch Kevlar Series phone case from Urban Armor Gear. This bulletproof phone case is grippy, will protect your phone from 20 foot drops, and you can still wireless charge with it.

Check price on: Amazon, Urban Armor Gear

14For Day Hikers and Campers: Kodiak Skogan Hiking Boots

I personally own and love these boots. Whether hiking with my kids, setting up camp, or traveling, they have become my go to outdoor boot. Their athletic shoe comfort makes them more versatile than any other boot I’ve owned. You can read my full review here.

Check price on: Amazon, Kodiak

15For Moms and Dads of Tiny Tots: Osprey Poco LT

When my kids were wee babes, I used our Deuter kid carrier more than any other piece of outdoor gear I owned. I even put them in there when I mowed the lawn. Then my brother-in-law got an Osprey and I was totes jelly of how lightweight it was and the handy features. With a retractable sun shade, stowable straps to check on an airplane, and plenty of storage, the Osprey Poco LT child carrier is the best kid carrier you can get. This gift is is for the whole family!

Check price on: Amazon, Osprey

16For Glock Geeks: Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Tactical Light

Guys with handguns love a good gadget to add on so a tactical light would be very well received. The TLR-1 HL is particularly great for a Glock 19 but can work with other firearms as well. This one will make your holidays merry and bright! Ba-dum-pump chsh!

Check price on: Amazon

17For Fishermen with a Boat: Grundéns SeaKnit Boat Shoes

If your loved one likes to fish and he has a boat (or not), the Grundéns SeaKnit Boat Shoes would make a comfortable and useful addition to his wardrobe. They look good out on the town and feel good and stable fishing from a boat. Check out our full hands-on review for more details!

Check price at: Grundens

18For Soggy Duck Hunters: Cabela’s Classic Series II Neoprene Boot-Foot Waders

Duck hunting is a gear-heavy pursuit so any waterfowler will be thrilled to get a new pair of waders as a gift. And as the giver, the Cabela’s classic series won’t break the bank compared to some. These waders are warm, durable, and comfortable.

Check price at: Cabela’s

19For Backcountry Hunters: Kodiak McKinney 8-Inch Waterproof Boot

These are a great pick if your handsome hunter wants some new fancy hunting boots, but you’re not interested in forking out the dough required for a pair of Danners or Irish Setters. The Kodiak McKinney boots bring the high-end fit, feel and quality at a mid-range price. They’re leather, insulated, waterproof, and have super comfy footbeds.

Check price on: Amazon, Kodiak

20For DIY Shooters: Toolcraft Logo’D Carpenter 158 Bolt Carrier Group

Kids who grew up building model airplanes often turn into men who build their own rifles. If that describes your Gaston, this nitride full-auto bolt carrier group from Palmetto State Armory is high quality, but low cost.

Check price at: Palmetto State Armory

21For Backyard Plinkers: Smith & Wesson M29 CO2 BB Revolver

This airgun is a lot of fun in the backyard or out in the woods for some family friendly target shooting. Set up some empty soda cans and paper targets and plink away with this old school BB gun pistol.

Check price at: Pyramyd Air

Gifts They’ll Love, but You’ll Keep the Price to Yourself 😉

22For Ultralight Backpackers: MSR Hubba NX 1

Every backpacker needs a good backpacking tent and the MSR Hubba NX is a top pick. The Hubba NX1 is an ultra lightweight one-man tent, but it is also available in larger sizes for more social hikers. This tent will even please brand-picky gearheads.

Check price on: Amazon

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23For Dogless Duck Hunters: Alpacka Raft Packraft

I hunt ducks but my dog puts the breaks on once water hits his belly. He’s decent with upland game, but worthless for waterfowl. So when ducks go down, I need another way to fetch them. An Alpacka Raft packraft could do just the trick and it could even help you pack out big game from the backcountry. While I haven’t yet tried one myself, I have heard great things and I am very much looking forward to trying one out. While the Scout or the Caribou could do the trick, the Ranger is the one I’ve got my eyes on.

Check price at: Alpacka Raft

24For Gun-loving Hunters:  PSA PA10 .308 Rifle

Here’s a generous gift for the hunter in your family who has always wanted an AR-15, but could never quite justify the expense for something he or she doesn’t quite deem necessary. This AR-10 from Palmetto State Armory is both a tool and a toy. Equally useful on a big game hunt as it is target shooting at the range, this multipurpose rifle just might scratch that itch your gun lover has always had. See the full hands-on review here.

Check price at: Palmetto State Armory


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