Hunting Tips

hunter dragging a deer

Tracking Deer After Your Shot: A Guide to Recovering Arrow-Hit Deer 

In a perfect world, every deer you shot with your best hunting bow would go down where you could see it and they would...
deer targeted on scope

Where To Shoot A Deer: 6 Kill Zone Shot Placements w/ Graphics

Shot placement for big game animals is often a contentious topic among hunters. When you take that discussion and add in variables like range and weapon ( rifle, bow, crossbow,...
scent killer clothing spray

Making Sense of Scent Control: Tips For Managing Scents While Deer Hunting

If you spend a little time in the hunting community, it will not take long before you identify some people that seem to have...
compound vs recurve vs crossbow

Compound, Recurve or Crossbow – What Is The Best Choice For Bowhunters?

Archery is viewed by many outsiders as a very primitive method of hunting. However, the more you look around on the market, the more...
bowhunter caught turkey

Tips For Bowhunting Turkey: Go Get Your Gobbler 

For many people, hunting is a fall sport that wraps up in November or December. Some hunters stretch the hunting time of year into...
hunters wearing different camo patterns

A Guide to Hunting Camo Patterns ( By Type, Location, Specie…)

Hunting apparel has come a long way since blue jeans and flannel were the go-to for many. Not only have the materials advanced significantly, so to...
hunter setting feeder

7 Deer Baiting Tips & Techniques

In some parts of the country, baiting is synonymous with hunting. In others, hunters believe that if you’re using bait, it means you're fishing!  Baiting...
Hunters standing together against sunrise sky in rural field during hunting season. Concept for teamwork.

Preparations The Night Before The Opening Day  

Opening day has a special place in the heart of hunters. Fond memories of first bucks, campfire, rotary in the tradition of hunting with...

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