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brown bear taken down with rifle during winter

Bear Hunting Basics – 7 Tips For Starting Out

Bear hunting isn't like deer hunting. Well, it is in some ways; you go into the wild armed with a weapon and attempt to overcome...
hiker trekking the peak in a snow storm

Wilderness Survival During Serious Weather Part 2 – Freezing Cold

Part 1: Blistering Heat Cold is one of the more insidious killers. That's not because it kills violently. Rather, it causes a slow death in a...
deer in the forest

How Long Do Deer Live – White-Tailed Deer Lifespan Explained!

Ask four deer hunters how old they consider a mature buck to be, and you’ll get four different answers. What’s interesting is that each...

Hunting Blinds vs Treestands – Full Comparison!

Having hunted successfully from both, treestands and grounds blinds play a major role in my pursuit of wild turkeys and whitetailed deer each spring...
deer antler knife on hide

How to Tan a Deer Hide? DIY The Easy Way

Stalking a deer then harvesting the animal is satisfying, but your job doesn't end when you pull the trigger or release the bowstring. That fallen...
Eight point trophy whitetail deer with shotgun, hunting clothes, deer call and bullets on a rustic wooden table

How to Score a Whitetail Deer? – DIY The Right Way

Trophy hunting may not be the primary reason most hunters bring a rifle into the wild, but the prospect of bagging a record-breaking buck...
Men's hands making forcemeat with meat grinder

Expert Advice: How To Use A Meat Grinder?

Whether you call them meat grinders or meat mincers, it’s all the same. These handy tools grind large pieces of meat to make everything...
Young archer training with longbow

How To Hunt With Recurve Bow 101: Effective Tips for Traditional Archers

Shooting with traditional archery equipment — recurves and longbows — has seen a jump in popularity in recent years. Once a few people find...
hunters walking with dogs

10 Best Hunting Dog Breeds That Make The Best Partners and Friends

Dogs have been our hunting partners since we walked together over grasslands grazed by mammoths. With such a long, shared history, it’s not entirely...
man healing knee injury

Bleeding in the Woods? Basics of Wound Care in the Wild 

Outdoor hobbies are my favorite hobbies, but they can also be the most dangerous.  Statistically speaking, hiking and hunting have lower rates of injury and death...