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From camo to guns to gadgets, here you can find the best hunting gear reviews and resources on the interweb.

Hunter holding rangefinder to eye

This is When You Need a Rangefinder for Hunting

Most rifle hunters associate the term rangefinder with Hollywood-esque long-distance shots like the Mark Wahlberg movie "Shooter." If you've never used a rangefinder, you...
rifle on bipod

Should You Use a Bipod for Shooting? For Hunting?

Long-distance shooters and hunters often use bipods to create a more stable shooting platform. However, with tripods, shooting stands, and bag rests available, I've...
man looking through a rifle scope

How to Range Without a Rangefinder When Hunting

So you're wondering if you need to fork out the change before a hunt and buy a rangefinder or if you can squeak by...
Looking at target through rifle scope

The Best Hunting Zero Technique? Maximum Point Blank Range

It's an exciting time when you finally put sights on that deer that you've been stalking for the past several hours. You've practiced proper...
Duck hunter with ducks on sling

53 Best Gifts for Duck Hunters (Cheap, Unique & Practical)

It can be hard to come up with good gift ideas for duck hunters. Many of them can be picky and chances are they...
Whitetail deer buck looking at camera

40 Best Gifts for Hunters That Will Score You Major Points

I know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect gift. You don't want to give them something they'll stick in a drawer and...
Wild turkey in field cheap hunting gift guide

27 Best Gifts for Hunters Under $50 (And Under $25)

Ah, the gift-buying season. The time when everybody hunts for the perfect presents for their loved ones. Every hunter has at least one piece of...
hunter aiming rifle

Aiming vs Pointing: Differences in Rifle vs Shotgun Shooting

Like some hunters, I grew up using only one type of firearm when hunting. Some states limit the types of guns that can be...
QueitKat Apex vs Ranger tire to tire

QuietKat Apex vs Ranger: Hunting eBike Hands-on Comparison

For two months this spring I had two awesome electric bikes in my garage, the QuietKat Apex and the QuietKat Ranger. Not only were they...
Hunter with QuietKat Apex ebike

QuietKat Apex Electric Hunting Bike Hands-on Review

Being pretty new to turkey hunting and with only YouTube as my mentor, I need all the help I can get to find gobblers. As...
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