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A Buyer’s Guide To Best Duck Hunting Waders – 6 Reviewed

  Outdoor Empire Recommendations Are you looking for... cheap hunting waders? or  best value hunting waders? best overall hunting waders?     If you search waders online, you will...
arrow rest upclose

How To Pick The Best Arrow Rest – 6 Reviewed

  Outdoor Empire Recommendations Are you looking for a... whisker biscuit arrow rest? Get or  drop-away arrow rest? Get or  best hunting arrow rest?  or      As is the...
man in camouflage holding M4 carbine

Reviewing The Best Airsoft M4 AEGs With Buying Advice

We recommend reading our airsoft gun guide first to get familiar with general airsoft concepts. Outdoor Empire Recommendations Are you looking for an... M4 under $200? Take...
hunter setting feeder

7 Deer Baiting Tips & Techniques

In some parts of the country, baiting is synonymous with hunting. In others, hunters believe that if you’re using bait, it means you're fishing!  Baiting...
Hunters standing together against sunrise sky in rural field during hunting season. Concept for teamwork.

Preparations The Night Before The Opening Day  

Opening day has a special place in the heart of hunters. Fond memories of first bucks, campfire, rotary in the tradition of hunting with...
man shooting compound bow

Choosing the Best Beginner Compound Bow: Top 3 Reviewed

Make sure to also take a look at our guide to best compound bow which will go more in-depth about a lot of topics...
man holding airsoft pistol

Picking The Best Airsoft Pistols In 2017 w/ Buying Advice

To learn more about airsoft guns and to see our picks for other gun types like shotgun, AEG, machine gun check out our comprehensive...
sniper rifle

Choosing The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle In 2017 w/ 3 Reviews

To learn more about choosing an airsoft gun in general and to see our picks for other roles, check out our "Find The Best...
TenPoint reverse crossbow

Guide To Reverse Draw Crossbows w/ 2 Recommendations

Also check out our guide to picking the best traditional crossbow.   Crossbow hunting is here to stay, love it or hate it. What used to...
Man shooting air rifle

Can You Hunt With Airgun In Your State? (Laws & Regulations)

  Airgun hunting steadily gains popularity over the last decade. Spurred by numerous factors like a lack of available 22 LR, tons of new shooters,...

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