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From camo to guns to gadgets, here you can find the best hunting gear reviews and resources on the interweb.

Hunter walking through dry grass with rifle on shoulder and wearing Sitka camouflage clothing

Sitka Camo Review (3 Items I Regret Not Buying Sooner)

Sitka Gear has long been regarded as a top-tier brand in the hunting apparel market, known for its high-quality products that come with an...
shed deer antler

How To Shed Hunt: A Complete Guide With Tips

Hunting is a great sport enjoyed by many. It's an enjoyable challenge between you and the beast. However, regular hunting requires certain skills and equipment....
black bear walking on rocks next to lake

Where to Shoot a Black Bear: 6 Shot Placements with Graphics

Bear hunting is quite different from deer hunting. You might expect me to delve deep into how one animal is a predator and one is...
A hand inserting a 6.5 creedmoor rifle casing into a reloading press

The True Cost of Reloading 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo (Worth It?)

6.5 Creedmoor is an effective cartridge for a rifle that can touch targets hundreds of yards away, whether a deer or paper target. However,...
coyote hunting

Best Coyote Calibers and Cartridges (Including Long Range)

Coyote hunting has become more popular in recent years for various reasons. Some hunters want to harvest them for their beautiful fur pelts. Others...
Man's hand using torque wrench to screw in rifle scope ring screws

Everything You Need to Know About Scope Ring Torque

Whether you are tightening down the mount on your first scope or confirming the seating of the optic of your favorite hunting rifle, understanding...
Hunter in camo drawing bow and aiming for clean shot behind a tree

How to Make a Clean Shot While Hunting

You have an accurate rifle with good hunting ammo, perfectly sighted in. You're wearing the right gear for the weather so you're perfectly comfortable in...
Hunting backpack filled with hunting gear

Hunting Pack Essentials: Gear to Carry Based on Pack Type

Whether it’s a several-hour excursion to your deer stand or a weeklong trip into the backcountry, hunting packs are a vital piece of any...
Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns

Non-Toxic Ammo for Old Shotguns: What You Need To Know

Hunters have often led conservation efforts in the United States. We love animals and the outdoors, so we want to preserve it for future...
Man in hunting camo ranging distance with rifle scope sitting at gun range bench

How to Range a Distance with Only Your Riflescope

Whether you forgot your rangefinder at home, it broke in the field, or you want to learn how to find the distance to target...
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