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10 Best Heated Gloves Reviewed in 2021 ( Rechargeable Electric Gloves )

Skier wearing hand gloves

When the temperatures drop, cold hands can become a major problem. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, working outdoors, or just walking around, frozen fingers are a major pain.

Thankfully, there’s a way to solve this problem. The answer? Rechargeable heated gloves ( in addition to heated jacket ). With the right pair of electric gloves, you can keep your hands warm and comfortable, regardless of the weather.

But finding the right pair of battery-heated gloves can be a challenge to say the least. With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to find the exact pair of hand-warming gloves that are right for you.

So to get you started, we’ve created this ultimate guide that covers the best heated gloves, complete with reviews of the top models, available on the market today.


The 10 Best Rechargeable Heated Gloves of 2021: Outdoor Empire Reviews

Here are our reviews of the best heated gloves money can buy:

  1. Best for Men: Volt Resistance Titan
  2. Best Affordable for Men: Savior Heated Gloves
  3. Best for Women: Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Sensor
  4. Best Affordable for Women: Aroma Season
  5. Best for Work #1: Volt Heated Work Gloves
  6. Best for Work #2: Verseo Heated Work Gloves
  7. Best for Ski #1: Black Diamond Solano
  8. Best for Ski #2: Hestra Heated Mittens
  9. Best Thin #1: Sun Will Heated Liner Gloves
  10. Best Thin #2: Snow Deer Heated Gloves


CategoryBest Men’sBest Women’sBest for Work
ProductVolt Resistance Titan
Volt Resistance Titan

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Sensor
Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Sensor

Verseo Heated Work Gloves
Verseo Heated Work Gloves

Number Of Heat Levels431
Fabric MaterialsLeather- Gore-Tex Infinium
- Leather
- Polyester
- PrimaLoft Gold
- Polyester
- Carbon Fiber
Battery7.4V 3350mAh VB730Y2 x 7.4V Li-ion3600 mAh, 3,7 V Lithium Polymer
Average Battery Life- 12 hours lowest
- 3 hours highest
- 8 hours on Low
- 5 hours on Medium
- 2.5 hours on High
Up to 5 hours
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


1. Best Heated Gloves for Men: Volt Resistance Titan

Volt Resistance Titan

The Volt Resistance Titan is a high-powered glove with heated fingers that’s designed to keep you warm in the harshest winter weather. These gloves have heating elements that extend down the entire length of the finger – not just the palm – for maximum warmth when you’re outside.

They have four different power levels, so you can customize your gloves to create the amount of warmth you need. Plus, the Titan has a cozy fleece lining for next-to-skin comfort while their durable leather exterior provides protection from the elements.

The Titan is easy to use with its exterior switch that turns it on and off. These gloves even come with a charger and two batteries, so you can always have warm hands regardless of where life takes you.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 4
  • Fabric Materials: Leather
  • Waterproof?: Yes


  • Four heat settings
  • Heating elements run the entire length of the finger
  • Comes with spare batteries and a charger
  • Comfortable fleece lining


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of dexterity

Who These Gloves Are For: Anyone that wants maximum warmth for outdoor activities but doesn’t require a lot of finger dexterity.


2. Best Affordable Heated Gloves for Men: Savior Heated Gloves

Savior Heated Gloves

For plenty of warmth without breaking the bank, the Savior Heated Gloves are a solid option. These gloves have a polyester and lambskin-blended exterior fabric that is waterproof and wind-resistant. Inside, they also have a layer of pearl cotton that is warm and comfortable against the skin.

Savior Heated Gloves have a built-in carbon fiber protective shell to protect your knuckles. In addition, these waterproof heated gloves have three different temperature settings, so you can customize the warmth to meet your needs.

These gloves use a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that’s strong enough to start warming your hands within 30 seconds of turning it on. Plus, they have heating elements that run down the length of the entire finger so your whole hand can stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 3
  • Fabric Materials: Lambskin and Polyester
  • Waterproof?: Yes


  • Carbon fiber protective shell protects your knuckles during outdoor activities
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Battery works quickly to warm your hand
  • Can work in sub-zero temperatures


  • Lacking some durability given the polyester fabric

Who These Gloves Are For: Anyone that needs a budget-friendly pair of heated gloves for hiking, skiing, or walking around town.



3. Best Heated Gloves for Women: Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Sensor

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Sensor

The Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Sensor is a pair of highly breathable and windproof gloves that can keep your hands toasty during the cold winter months. These gloves are touchscreen compatible, so you don’t even need to take them off to use your phone.

They have a bright, easy-to-read power button that’s easy to navigate without removing your gloves. The Stormtracker is also packed full of Primaloft Gold insulation that’s great for trapping in warmth from the heating element.

They also have a durable and insulated, water-resistant goat leather palm that allows you to get a good grip while keeping your hands warm. The Stormtracker implements a TPU injection molded design on the back of the knuckles and hand in order to protect your fingers from injury.

Plus, these gloves still allow for plenty of dexterity, which makes them perfect for technical outdoor activities, such as ice climbing or wintertime construction.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 3
  • Fabric Materials: Gore-Tex Infinium, Leather, Polyester, PrimaLoft Gold
  • Waterproof?: Water-resistant


  • Very dexterous and touchscreen compatible
  • Protective TPU molding on the back of the hand
  • Packed with added insulation to keep your hands warm for longer


  • Expensive
  • Not fully waterproof

Who These Gloves Are For: Women that enjoy technical outdoor pursuits but hate cold hands.



4. Best Affordable Heated Gloves for Women: Aroma Season

Aroma Season

If you need a pair of heated gloves that can keep your hands warm without breaking the bank, the Aroma Season might be what you need. These gloves have three different heat settings that can easily be adjusted using the button on the back of the palm.

The Auroma Season uses a single rechargeable battery to power the heating element, which can warm the entire palm, back of the hand, and the fingers, except for the thumb. The fingers on these gloves are touchscreen compatible, so they’re great for use around town.

Additionally, the Aroma Season features a special Hipora insert that is both breathable and waterproof. This insert helps to keep your hands warm and dry even in blizzards and extremely cold temperatures.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 3
  • Fabric Materials: Polyester with Hipora Insert
  • Waterproof?: Yes


  • Very affordable
  • Automatic shut-off safety system
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Can last for 9 hours on low heat


  • Not as durable as other brands
  • Limited color choices

Who These Gloves Are For: Women that need a budget-friendly heated glove for walking around town or skiing.



5. Best Heated Work Gloves #1: Volt Heated Work Gloves

Volt Heated Work Gloves

If you work outside in the winter months, you need a way to keep your hands warm all day long. That’s where the Volt Heated Work Gloves come in. These highly insulated gloves feature a heating element with four different settings to keep your fingers comfortable in the cold.

The Volt Heated Work Gloves feature extra padded palms for added durability, regardless of how often you use them. They have a soft fleece liner for added comfort and a cinch cord that prevents any cold air from getting in.

These gloves are also completely waterproof, thanks to their built-in breathable membrane. The Volt Heated Work Gloves also heat the entire hand, not just the palm for maximum warmth in even the coldest of conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 4
  • Fabric Materials: Leather
  • Waterproof?: Yes


  • Fully waterproof while still remaining breathable
  • Four heat settings that can warm the entire hand
  • Soft fleece liner with durable leather outer and padded palms


  • Bulky
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of dexterity

Who These Gloves Are For: People who do a lot of construction or outdoor work in the winter months but want warm hands.



6. Best Heated Work Gloves #2: Verseo Heated Work Gloves

Verseo Heated Work Gloves

Verseo’s Heated Work Gloves are designed for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter months but need the full dexterity in their fingers. These work gloves are thin enough to allow you to fully use your fingers but are also insulated enough to keep you warm.

Since they are thin liners, these work gloves can be used in conjunction with a thick leather glove for added protection. Or you can use them on their own for maximum dexterity. They’re made from a thin, stretchy composite fiber that’s great at evenly distributing heat around your hand.

Meanwhile, they have an anti-slip surface on the palm to help you grip your tools as you work. And the best part? These gloves charge in just 2-3 hours and can last for up to 5 hours in the cold.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 1
  • Fabric Materials: Polyester and Carbon Fiber
  • Waterproof?: No


  • Allows for plenty of dexterity
  • No slip grip for working with tools
  • Quick to charge
  • Can be layered with other gloves for added warmth


  • Not thick enough for use on their own during very cold days
  • Not waterproof

Who These Gloves Are For: People who want a warm and thin heated work glove that can be layered with a leather glove for added protection when outside.



7. Best Heated Ski Gloves #1: Black Diamond Solano

Black Diamond Solano

Skiing on a cold day doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. With the Black Diamond Solano, you can be sure that your hands stay toasty even when the temperatures are well below freezing.

These fully waterproof gloves feature a Gore-Tex insert that keeps moisture out while still allowing your hands to breathe. They have a premium goat leather shell for added durability while PrimaLoft Gold insulation and a fleece-lined palm offer plenty of insulation.

The Solano also has a rechargeable battery pack that can supply three different levels of warmth to your hands. For added protection, the battery compartment is fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about destroying your gear in a snowstorm.

If that wasn’t enough, the Solano comes with its own zippered carrying case and a charger with US, UK, and EU outlet adapters.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels:
  • Fabric Materials: Leather, Gore-Tex, Primaloft
  • Waterproof?: Yes


  • Very warm with added Primaloft and fleece insulation
  • Fully waterproof glove and waterproof battery compartment
  • Very durable materials


  • Expensive

Who These Gloves Are For: Avid skiers that want to keep their hands warm, regardless of the weather.



8. Best Heated Ski Gloves #2: Hestra Heated Mittens

Hestra Heated Mittens

When heated gloves just aren’t enough, the Hestra Heated Mittens are here to help. These super warm mittens are packed with synthetic insulation to trap your body’s natural heat.

Meanwhile, the mittens also have an integrated heating system that provides warmth to your entire hand at three different temperature levels.

The Heated Mittens are made with a super tough Flextron nylon shell and a cowhide palm for added durability. They are also fully waterproof, thanks to their integrated CZone waterproof membrane.

The heating system on these mittens is easy to adjust using a built-in control panel. They also come with a universal international adapter for charging, so you can take them on ski trips around the world.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 3
  • Fabric Materials: Flextron Nylon, CZone, Synthetic insulation
  • Waterproof?: Yes


  • Fully waterproof construction with a waterproof liner
  • Very durable exterior fabric
  • Some of the warmest mittens on the market


  • Limited dexterity
  • Very expensive

Who These Gloves Are For: Anyone that values warm hands while skiing above all else.



9. Best Thin Heated Gloves #1: Sun Will Heated Liner Gloves


Sun Will Heated Liner GlovesIf you just need a thin pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm as you walk around town, then the Sun Will Heated Liners are perfect for you. These thin gloves are made of lycra, so they’re highly dexterous and can be used for just about every activity.

The Sun Will Heated Liners are touchscreen compatible, which makes them great for use while on the go. With these gloves, you can choose between three different temperature settings.

At high power, the battery in these liner gloves can last up to 2.5 hours, which is perfect for a walk or bike ride on a chilly winter afternoon.

These gloves have infrared fiber heating elements surrounding the entire back of the hand and fingers for maximum warmth. They work even when wet and are great for layering with thicker gloves for added warmth on the coldest of winter days.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 3
  • Fabric Materials: Lycra
  • Waterproof?: No


  • Touch screen compatible and highly dexterous
  • Three different heat levels
  • Can be layered with other gloves for added warmth


  • Minimal insulation from the cold without the heating element
  • Not waterproof

Who These Gloves Are For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a thin pair of heated liner gloves for cold days or for layering with other gloves.



10. Best Thin Heated Gloves #2: Snow Deer Heated Gloves

Snow Deer Heated Gloves

The Snow Deer Heated Gloves are a pair of heated liner gloves that are great for those brisk autumn and spring days. These rechargeable heated liners are perfect for layering with thicker mittens or gloves for added warmth on particularly frigid days.

They can also be used on their own for biking, hunting, walking, or any other activity that demands a lot of finger dexterity.

The Snow Deer Heated gloves have a heating element that covers the entire back of the hand and each finger. Using infrared fibers, the gloves are able to spread warmth around your hand for better circulation and sensation.

The battery in the Snow Deer Heated Gloves can be charged in just 3-4 hours and provide up to six hours of warmth for all-day use. They are also fully compatible with touchscreens on any smart device for added convenience on a cold day.

Product Specifications

  • Number Of Heat Levels: 3
  • Fabric Materials: Lycra, Neoprene, Cotton, Fleece
  • Waterproof?: No


  • Has infrared fibers to keep the whole hand warm
  • Can be charged in just 3-4 hours
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • Not very warm on their own
  • Not waterproof

Who These Gloves Are For: Anyone that suffers from poor circulation or cold hands while outside in the winter months.



Just how Useful are Heated Gloves Really?

Outdoor Research heated glove left hand view

Since heated gloves are generally quite expensive, you may be wondering if they’re worth the money. The fact of the matter is that gloves with heated fingers are worth the investment, but only if you frequently find that your hands get cold when you’re outside.


When Should I Consider Heated Gloves?

Hand warming gloves are a good idea for anyone that suffers from routinely cold hands. Additionally, heated gloves are a great option for people that regularly work outside during the winter months but still need to have full use of their hands.

While regular gloves can be well insulated, they just won’t provide as much warmth as a pair of heated gloves. So, if you often struggle to keep your hands warm, you might want to consider a pair of heated gloves.


Pros and Cons of Heated Gloves

bare hand over hand with Outdoor Research heated glove

Heated gloves are fantastic. But like all gear, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks to heated gloves:


  • Can keep your hands very warm during particularly cold days
  • Allows for a lot of dexterity, so you can use your hands outdoors even in the middle of the winter
  • Evenly disperses heat around your hands, even to the tips of your fingers
  • Can be adjusted to produce just the right amount of heat for your hands


  • Generally more expensive than regular gloves
  • Can be quite heavy and bulky
  • Must be charged often to function


Heated Gloves Purchasing Advice

heated mitten and paw glove meeting to shake

With so many different models on the market today, choosing just one pair of heated gloves can be tricky. So, in this section, we’ll give you some guidance on how to choose heated gloves and what to look for when you’re shopping around.


How to Choose Heated Gloves

When you first start shopping for hand-warming gloves, you need to know what you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to remember as you do your research:


Intended Use

lady skier sitting on snow with hands stretched

What you plan to use your gloves for will greatly impact what you buy. For example, if you plan on using your gloves mostly for skiing, your needs will be very different from someone that primarily needs their gloves for wintertime construction work.

So, before you buy a pair of gloves, think about what you plan to use them for. Based on this information, you can start to narrow down your options.


Mittens v. Finger Gloves

rechargeable heated mitten vs glove

When buying rechargeable heated gloves you often have a choice between mittens and finger gloves. The primary advantage of finger gloves is that they allow more dexterity during different activities.

However, mittens are much warmer than finger gloves, so they are often the better choice for particularly cold environments.


Important Considerations for Heated Gloves

As you decide on a pair of electric gloves, keep the following key considerations in mind:


Battery Life/Recharging Time

heated glove showing rechargeable battery

All battery-heated gloves will need to be recharged at some point. However, some pairs of heated gloves have a much longer battery life than others.

For the most part, you can expect your gloves to provide you with a low amount of heat for at least 4-5 hours. But if you plan to be outside for longer, you may want to consider a pair that has a longer battery life.

Additionally, charging the batteries in heated gloves can take quite a while. Some pairs can be recharged in just 2-3 hours while others can take up to six hours for a full charge. If you spend a whole lot of time outside, it might be best to get a pair that can be quickly recharged between outings.



Black Diamond Solano left glove shown

No one likes wet hands, so having a waterproof pair of gloves is pretty important. But while there are plenty of waterproof heated gloves out there, most of the thinner liner gloves options will not keep your hands dry.

In these situations, you’ll need to layer these heated liners with a waterproof shell to protect your hands from the elements.



A pair of gloves is more or less useless if it doesn’t fit. So, getting a pair of well-fitting gloves is of the utmost importance.

To ensure that you get the right fit, be sure to read the manufacturer’s size guide. Often, finding the right fit involves measuring your hands, but this is well worth the effort if you want a comfortable pair of gloves.


Touch Screen Compatibility

hand wearing heated glove navigating phone

These days, some heated gloves come with the added bonus of touchscreen compatibility. This is a particularly nice feature if you spend a lot of time on your phone. With touchscreen compatibility, you can keep your fingers toasty and still text your friends at the same time.


Top Brands

Buying from a trusted brand is a good way to ensure that you’re purchasing top-of-the-line gear. Here’s some background information on a few of the top heated glove manufacturers:



Volt logo

Volt is one of the industry leaders when it comes to producing high-end heated gloves. The company specializes in heated clothing and their lineup includes jackets, footwear, vests, and shirts.

The company got its start when its founder wanted to make something that could help his mother deal with her persistently cold feet. This led to the creation of a pair of heated slippers and the start of a successful business.

Volt is unique in the world of heated gloves because they want to create gear that functions well and looks good all at the same time.



Hestra logo

Hestra is a family-owned company based in Sweden that got its start when the founder, Martin Magnusson, created gloves for local lumberjacks. The original gloves were crafted from a strong leather fabric and then reinforced for long-term durability.

Soon enough, Hestra was creating high-end gloves for elite skiers who needed durable gloves that could perform well enough for competitions. The company recently started making heated gloves that incorporate heating elements into its top-quality materials for the best performance in cold weather.


Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research logo

Outdoor Research is a mountain equipment gear manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company was founded after Ron Gregg, a nuclear physicist, went on a climbing trip to Denali where he endured an open bivouac in heinous conditions.

After his ordeal, Gregg was inspired to make high-quality gear that could be used in the world’s most severe conditions.

Although the company is fairly new to the world of heated gloves, their lineup of options combines excellent craftsmanship with durable heating elements that are perfect for use in harsh conditions.




Here are our answers to the common questions about heated gloves:

How do heated gloves work?

Heated gloves are able to produce heat thanks to a special element embedded into their liner. This element is powered by a battery pack that produces heat that is dispersed throughout the glove using small electrical wires.

Since heated gloves use batteries, they have to be recharged often if you want them to function. But most heated gloves can be fully charged in just a few hours, so they’re useful for people that spend a lot of time outdoors.


Can heated gloves be dangerous? Can I burn my hand?

The good news is that heated gloves are very safe to use.

While some people are concerned that the heating element inside the gloves can burn their hands, heated gloves have built-in safety features that automatically shut them off in the event of a short circuit. This prevents them from catching fire or burning your hands.



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