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The 10 Best Airsoft Guns Reviewed & Revealed (Hands-on Guide)

airsoft gun and BBsWant to know the best, most high-quality airsoft guns on the market?

Don’t have 1,000 hours to review dozens of guns in each category and compare numerous features?

Who does?

That’s why we’ve done the work for you.

We’re big airsoft fans and we know how important it is to have good, quality gear.

The last thing you want is to buy a gun, get it shipped, load your buddies in the car, get on the ground and…

…the damn thing doesn’t work.

We know how much of a headache this can be, so we’ve studied the best airsoft guns on the market for 2021 in every category and made the information available to you.

Check it out:

The 10 Top Airsoft Guns of 2021: In-Depth Reviews

Whether you’re a tried-and-true sniper or you prefer CQB, we’ve reviewed our top pick in every major gun type to fit your playstyle.

Already know your role in-and-out and prefer to get straight to the good stuff?

We’ve got you covered.

These are our top recommendations for airsoft guns in 2021:

  1. Best assault rifle: Get the Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR
  2. Best sniper rifle: JG 366a Bar-10
  3. Best cheap: Get the Walther P99 Blowback
  4. Best sub-machine gun: Get the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1
  5. Best automatic handgun: KWC Colt M1911A1 Full Metal
  6. Best machine gun: A&K M249 Paratrooper 
  7. Best shotgun: Classic Army CA870
  8. Most powerful: Get the ASG Dan Wesson revolver
  9. Best bow for airsoft: Junze Archery Combat Tag

Airsoft is a blast and has grown quickly as both a fun hobby and competitive sport over the past several years.

And with competition comes increasingly higher quality gear.

Whether you’re just looking for the best airsoft loadout or want to maximize your output, our in-depth reviews of the top airsoft guns of 2021 offers everything you need and more:

*Looking for a specific feature? Check out our quick-reference chart below:

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR

JG 366a Bar-10
JG 366a Bar-10

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

KWC Colt M1911A1 Full Metal
KWC Colt M1911A1 Full Metal

A&K M249 Paratrooper
A&K M249 Paratrooper

Classic Army CA870
Classic Army CA870

Muzzle Velocity400-410 FPS~420 FPS~394 FPS340-360350 - 390 FPS400 FPS
Operating SystemAutomatic ElectricSpringAutomatic ElectricCO2Automatic ElectricSpring
Adjustable Hop-UpYesYesYesYesYesNo
Fire ModesFull/Semi Auto, Safety Single-shot, SafetySemi/3rd Burst/Full-Auto, SafetySemi-AutomaticFull-Auto, SafetySingle Shot, Safety
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Check PriceCheck Price

1. Best Airsoft Assault Rifle: Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR

Lancer Tactical is well known for making high-quality airsoft guns for prices that don’t break the bank.

At just under four pounds, the Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR is a lightweight airsoft assault rifle with both semi-automatic and fully automatic firing capabilities, just like real assault rifles. This rifle is capable of sending six-millimeter airsoft BBs downrange at 400 feet per second, and the adjustable hop-up system reduces drop at longer ranges as well.

The handle can get hot after repeated firing because that’s where the batteries are stored, but all in all, the Lancer Tactical Interceptor is still a solid option for an airsoft assault rifle.


  • 400 FPS firing speed
  • Very lightweight at just under four pounds
  • Removable front and rear sights
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Retractable stock
  • Full-metal gearbox
  • 300-round magazine


  • Handle can get hot after repeated firing

The Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR is an excellent choice for an airsoft assault rifle. Lightweight yet offering plenty of firepower, this is a good choice to bring into your next airsoft battle.

2. Best Airsoft Sniper: JG Bar-10


Jing Gong Bar -10


The JG 366a Bar-10 has a traditional bolt action rifle design, so you know it’s not only dependable but offers a realistic feel.

To add to that, it has a high quality exterior and classic rifle design, making the JG Bar-10 a dream for anyone looking for a realistic sniper rifle experience.

The JB Bar-10 holds a total of 30 rounds and boasts incredible accuracy even when using .20g BBs, so you get the maximum output and accuracy– perfect for beginner snipers who are just getting the hang of long-range shooting.

And if you’re looking to upgrade down the road? Then the Bar-10 is the perfect sniper rifle for you as it comes compatible with both Angel Custom VSR-10 and Marui VSR-10 upgrade parts.

Unless you’re going to put a bunch of money and time into A Sniper, don’t expect a laser gun. But if you do get a sniper then paint it something other than black, it’ll really help you stay hidden.

– Dayton from housegamers.ca ( Tokyo Marui VSR-10 )

Snipers are an expert class that requires accuracy, patience, and a high-quality airsoft sniper rifle. The JB 366a Bar-10 is the perfect companion for new and experienced snipers alike for its realistic look and feel, high-quality exteriors, incredible accuracy, and wide upgrade compatibility.


● 400 FPS output with 500+ FPS capability
● High quality, realistic exterior with rubberized coating and a classic sniper rifle design
● Illuminating 3-9×40 scope with great accuracy, perfect for beginners
● Great upgrade potential

3. Best Cheap Airsoft Guns: Walther P99 Blowback

The Walther P99 Blowback pistol is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cheap yet dependable airsoft gun that won’t break the bank. As with the real-life Walther P99, this airsoft pistol comes with an ambidextrous, paddle-style magazine release and a metal slide.

The thin magazine holds 15 rounds of ammunition, and the weapon is powered by a 12-ounce CO2 cartridge. However, cartridges are not offered with the pistol.

The barrel is made out of brass on the inside and metal on the outside for good durability.


  • 15-round magazine
  • Brass barrel
  • Metal slide
  • 320 FPS shooting velocity
  • Ambidextrous, paddle-style magazine release


  • Thin magazine
  • CO2 cartridge not included

The Walther P99 blowback pistol is an affordable and well-made option for those who are looking to get into airsoft with a new semi-automatic airsoft pistol.

4. Soft Air Taurus 24/7

Soft Air Taurus 247The Taurus 24/7 is a modern, polymer frame; striker fired handgun used throughout South America as a duty handgun. Its impressive ergonomics have made it a popular option for airsoft players looking for something a little different than a Glock.

The Soft Air Taurus is also an affordable option for new players, or for those merely looking for an affordable sidearm. This is a spring powered gun, so this keeps the price low and the quality high. You do have to rack the weapon after every shot, so be prepared for that.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast…and accurate. The Soft Air 24/7 is a deadly accurate little gun, with a surprisingly long range capability. It holds 24 rounds, which is substantial for a handgun. It’s also equipped with robust sights and a tactical rail for accessories. Out of the box, it’s ready to go, and for affordability, it’s hard to beat spring gun.


  • 315 FPS speed
  • 24 round magazine
  • Tactical Rail
  • Works with 24/7 Holsters

5. Best Airsoft Sub-Machine Gun: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1


ASG made a great move when they grabbed the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. The Scorpion has continuously gained in popularity since it’s debut– and it’s no surprise why.

The Scorpion is a modular sub-machine gun that’s been carefully recreated by ASG in every way.

They faithfully recreated the platform and it offers users a compact, ergonomic design that allows you to excel in a variety of different roles.

The CZ Scorpion also lends a degree of realism when you’re in the field because it doesn’t fire when it’s empty, so you know exactly when to reload.

The interior parts are reinforced to accept high-end, high powered upgrades. The internals are all CNC machined parts, which have a long-standing reputation for being reliable.


● Muzzle velocity: ~394 FPS
● 4-position fire selector
● Battery monitor
● Folding / removable stock
● Fiber reinforced polymer that is lightweight and durable
● Functional bolt lock

6. Best Airsoft Automatic Handgun: KWC Colt M1911A1 Full Metal

The KWC Colt M1911A1 is designed to be an authentic airsoft reproduction of the original Colt M1911A1 used in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

This is a single-action blowback with semi-automatic firing capabilities, and it comes fully licensed from Colt. This is a CO2-powered pistol, and each cartridge will provide you with around sixty shots at a rate of 340 to 380 feet per second.

As with the original M1911A1, this airsoft reproduction has both a frame-mounted safety and a grip safety. Each magazine holds 17 rounds, although the springs are stiff to load the individual rounds into.


  • 340 to 380 FPS shooting velocity
  • Utilizes CO2 Propellant
  • Authentic airsoft reproduction of Colt M1911A1
  • Laser-etched Colt trademarks that match the original


  • Stiff magazine spring

All in all, the KWC Colt M1911A1 is a faithful airsoft reproduction of the original M1911A1 that is also incredibly well-built and will be a classic option for a sidearm in your next airsoft war.

7. Best Airsoft Machine Gun: A&K M249 Paratrooper


The A&K M249 Paratrooper is a great all-around option for the Machine Gunner. It has a shorter barrel and a collapsible stock, which makes it lightweight and easier to handle in close quarters.

The M249 Paratrooper uses a butterfly battery along with an adjustable hop-up. It also comes with a bipod that serves as a stable platform for engaging targets with suppressive fire.

In addition, the box magazine contains 2,400 BBs, which guarantees a high volume of fire. At 2,400 BBs, the M249 Paratrooper is no laughing matter, and will certainly do the job when you’re trying to keep heads down.

The A&K M249 Paratrooper is compatible with Matrix, G&G, and Tokyo Marui M4/M16 box magazines. This allows the user to share ammo with M4/M16 users if needed in a pinch.

The receiver, barrel assembly, feed cover, and bipod are all made of metal, while the stock and hand guard are nylon fiber reinforced, so you know you’re getting a high-quality, realistic airsoft rifle.


● Muzzle velocity: 350-390 FPS
● Retractable metal stock
● Railed feed cover perfect for optics
● 8mm full metal gearbox
● Adjustable front and rear sights

8. Best Airsoft Shotgun: Classic Army CA870


The Classic Army CA870 is modeled after the tactical Remington 870, a legendary shotgun used by police forces and military units worldwide. Like the Remington 870, it also uses a pump action.

The CA870 uses a spring based system that actuates the spring and loads a BB into the chamber. It allows the users to rapidly manipulate the pump and fire the weapon more quickly. This makes it one of the more effective spring powered weapons in the airsoft community.

The Classic Army CA870 has an all metal body, with a polymer pump and stock, just like the tactical Remington 870. It has a full stock that makes shooting at extended differences possible. And like an actual shotgun, you get a limited magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

Shotguns are an interesting weapon in the airsoft loadout. It’s designed for close quarters and is one of the few spring powered airsoft guns that can keep up with AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) or gas guns, so definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something different.


● Muzzle velocity: 400 FPS
● Durable metal receiver
● Synthetic stock and forearm
● Textured grip and pump
● 10-round magazine capacity

9. Most Powerful Airsoft Gun: Dan Wesson WG C02

ASG Dan WessonNow when we talk power, we are going to discuss raw FPS. The speed of the BB determines just how hard it hits, but not necessarily how far it goes.

The Dan Wesson WG is a handgun, specifically a revolver, and man does it hit hard. A 20g BB comes screaming out at 499 feet per second. A gun this powerful may even be banned at certain fields. It may only hold six rounds, but that’s six rounds of pain.

This gun is CO2 fired and uses the standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges. It’s licensed from Dan Wesson and features the same ergonomic pistol grip, adjustable sights and vent rib DW is famous for.

It’s a massive revolver that takes no prisoners. It’s a full metal gun that is best described as a hammer. It’s heavy and hits hard.


  • 499 FPS Powerhouse
  • 6 Brass shells included
  • Full Metal construction
  • 6-inch barrel

10. Best Airsoft Bow: Junze Archery Combat Tag

Archery Combat Tag

An airsoft bow is a little different than an airsoft gun. Instead of firing a 6mm airsoft BB they shoot arrows that are topped with soft foam tips.

The Junze Archery Combat Tag bow has a draw weight of 25 pounds and comes with six foam-tipped arrows. This simple bow is designed to launch at an arrow in a safe, but effective manner.

It’s perfect for the literal Rambo wannabe’s who want to add little old school archery to the modern airsoft game. The use of a bow in airsoft is a growing trend and does offer a few benefits over an airsoft gun.

Mostly, the bow is a silent killer. Airsoft guns aren’t loud, but between green gas and AEG motors, they make a fair amount of noise. A bow makes hardly any sound and can be used to eliminate sentries silently.

Plus you can’t beat the feeling of taking out a machine gun with a bow.


  • Includes six foam-tipped arrows: Foam tips are removable.
  • 25 lb draw weight
  • Recurve design
  • Swift, silent, and deadly.

Top Picks: Experts and Popular Airsofters 

Now that we’ve covered the best airsoft rifles of 2021, what guns are most popular with well-known and experienced airsofters?

Check out a quick run down below:

KellyFemme Fatale Airsoft
Templar AirsoftICS M4 AEG
Dutch The HooliganDutch The Hooligan - YoutubeCustom-built Warsport LVOA Polarstar
ArwinMilSimJunkie- InstagramCurrently I switch between an old CYMA AK74u, PTS ERG, and a PolarStar build I have. All great platforms and all perform great even after a number of years
Novritsch -
Novritsch SSG24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
- Youtube
My go to gun if I am trying to be most effective and useful to my team is the Krytac CRB/SPR hybrid Trident. If I am playing for fun and don't feel like grinding it out then the Silverback SRS. 

If you’d like to have your name and gun listed here feel free to contact us.

Factors that Affect the Gun’s Function 


Are you new to airsoft or just want to take you skills and knowledge to a new level?

No matter which, the next few sections will teach all about various important factors you should consider when purchasing an airsoft gun so that you can make a smart buying decision.

Operating System



Beretta 92 FS
Beretta 92 FS

A spring provides the force to project the BB, which must be reset for every shot.

This essentially gives you a single shot weapon because spring powered guns require a manual action for every shot. They are often under gunned when facing electric or gas guns.

For shotguns, the pump makes a spring gun comparable to faster firing weapons, and snipers really don’t need a faster rate of fire.

Spring guns are very reliable and extremely simple. They are also often the cheapest route to take when buying an airsoft gun.

Automatic Electric


Automatic electric guns, aka AEGs, are battery powered airsoft weapons. They use an electric motor to propel the BBs.

AEGs are the most common type of airsoft gun and usually the most reliable. The internals of an AEG, like its motors, can be upgraded to be both more capable and powerful.

AEGs are the perfect weapon for a beginner because they’re great to start with and will last through as your experience grows.


The blowback from AEGs provides a more realistic airsoft experience by having a bolt or slide operate when the weapon is fired.

However, this is all about appearance and does not affect function. It’s also important to note that this feature makes the guns both more expensive and more likely to break.

Gas Powered

RWA Airsoft Surgeon Green Gas
RWA Airsoft Surgeon Green Gas

Gas powered airsoft guns are very realistic because they mimic the real operation of a firearm, especially with handguns.

They utilize different gas sources to propel the BB forward and cause recoil, as well as the bolt of a slide to move rearward.

The main issue with gas powered is its failure to function in cold weather. Plus, the guns and their parts tend to be more expensive than AEGs.

High Pressure

High-pressure airsoft guns can be adjusted for different ROF (Rate of Fire) and FPS (Feet Per Second) ratings. They provide consistent function, are quite accurate, and very reliable.

However, they require an external air tank which makes them less realistic.

Internals and Externals

m15a4 airsoft replica
Photo by: AlecMoody

One important factor if you work with a dedicated team is the ability to share magazines.

Some models can swap magazines between platforms and some platforms can use a variety of different magazines.

It is essential when purchasing an airsoft gun that you know how to repair and upgrade its internals.

The downside of not being familiar with it? You may be forced to buy an entirely new platform to get the performance you desire.


AK47 conversion and accessory kit
AK47 conversion and accessory kit

A flat top rail on the top of the airsoft gun will allow you to utilize a scope.

And on handguns, a forward Picatinny rail will allow you to mount a flashlight or laser sighting system. However, you’ll need a proper holster to accommodate the flashlight mounted on a weapon.

Slings are a necessity, in my opinion, for a long gun. It will allow you to retain your airsoft rifle, shotgun, SMG, machine gun, sniper rifle, and whatever else you carry while your hands are occupied.

And when you run out of rifle ammo in a pinch? You can just let it go and draw your pistol.

Bipods often attach to different types of sling swivels as well. If you have sling swivels, there are different methods for slings to mount, including wrapping around the stock and forend.

If running a stock AK 47, you may never have to consider upgrades. However, most players will soon want to at least add a scope or red dot, especially after a few night time games.



There are two types of upgrades:

  1. Internal upgrades
  2. External upgrades

Internal upgrades are more common with AEGs. You can upgrade motors or completely replace them when they wear out.

You may decide to do external customization on the body of your gun as well. For example, I always want a beard friendly stock, not one that pulls my facial hair. So I swap stocks occasionally.

You may also want to add accessories like optics, flashlights, bipods, or vertical grips. If you like to customize you need to consider your ability to upgrade.

Most of these upgrades can be done if your weapon is fitted with a Picatinny rail system. These rails are often on the forend of a firearm and allow the mounting of accessories.

Start off with something generic (M4) tons of upgrades, every tech knows how to work on one and the most evolved system out there. Then as you advance get that unicorn gun but you will always have your M4 for backup.

– Mark from Youtube channel BrainExploder.

Adjustable Hop-Up

High Operation Power Up, or as it’s usually put, Hop-up, is the back spin of the BB as you fire it.

An adjustable hop-up allows the user to tailor their airsoft gun for the BB ( here is an airsoft BB guide) to maximize its range.

In general, you want to adjust the hop-up until the projectile is flying straight, not at an up or down angle.

See below:

airsoft hop-up settings graphics

Feet Per Second

Feet per second, or FPS, is a common way of identifying the velocity of an airsoft gun and it’s calculated using the BB’s weight plus the weapon’s power.

However, you want to make sure your FPS isn’t too high.

“Why on Earth would I want to do that?”, you say?

There are two reasons:

1. Some ranges restrict the FPS your weapon can fire at.

This is a safety concern to prevent airsoft welts and other injuries. Most closed quarter’s ranges are going to restrict you to 350 FPS. Most long range outdoors fields are restricted to around 400 FPS.

2. You’ll wear down your internals.

The second issue you run into with AEGs specifically when you jack the FPS to 500 or so is constantly fixing your worn out internals.

This is rough on an electric gun and will tend to beat the internals to pieces. It can be rough on gas guns, but not as bad.

Either way, even in a woodland game you’re probably not going to be allowed to use anything higher than 400 anyway, so try to keep it below that.

If you’re a beginner, leave your gun stock until you gain a bit more knowledge on how airsoft games are played. After that, don’t raise your FPS any higher than 350.

With a quality gun, the hop-up adjustment gets the range you desire more so than the FPS anyway, so focus more on that than FPS adjustments.

Always remember that a higher FPS does not mean a better gun. There’s more to maximizing your range than FPS and a 500 FPS gun may not even get you the same range as one with 350 FPS.

It’s All About You

airsoft player

If you’re a beginner, you might not yet have decided on (or discovered) your ideal playstyle and preferences.

However, it’s important to start thinking about these things now because there are several things to consider.

Ready for the fun part?

First, let’s talk about choosing your role…

Choose Your Role

Airsoft team

There are several specific playstyle-oriented roles that you can choose from in airsoft.

These are also termed as classes and often represent what the player does in the game. It also affects their loadout.

Aside from having a good weapon, you should also know every rule and effective tactic that go with your chosen role.

Here are the basic roles along with information on playstyle, strategic tips, and suggested gear:

Rifleman – Grunt – Soldier

This is the basic player in the game. It’s an excellent role to start out in as a new player because it is the most versatile.

The game is won and lost by the Rifleman in a team.

Being a Rifleman allows a new player to learn the basic but important strategies. These strategies include flanking, fire and movement, and completing objectives.

Every role in the airsoft teams exist to support the Rifleman and the jobs they have to accomplish.

If this sounds like you, check out a short list of suggested gear:

Suggested Weapons

  • Cyma AK
  • JG AUG A3


The Grenadier is either a Rifleman with an attached grenade launcher or a standalone unit.

They often serve the same role as a Rifleman and exercise the same strategy but are capable of laying down some extra fire with either a large rubber plug or a mass of BBs.

Check out some suggested weapons:

Suggested Weapons

  • Matrix Speed M203
  • 6mm Proshop Pocket Cannon


Assaulter – Breacher – CQB Specialist

No matter what name you call it by, this is the close quarter’s combat specialist that’s involved in, you guessed it…close quarters games.

They can be interchanged or even be a Rifleman. What’s important is that their weapons are smaller, lighter and more movable in closed quarters.

The Assaulter(s) are often the first in the building or room and lead the charge.

They’re typically more experienced Rifleman who have a solid grasp of CQB (“close quarters battle”). Their smaller weapons make it easier to do tasks like capture the flag or maneuver through tight areas.

If being a close quarters specialist sounds interesting to you (and you can take the heat), check out these suggested weapons:

Suggested Weapons

The biggest advice I can give when choosing the right system for close quarters is to simply be prepared to use it. Meaning that whether its a short system, medium, or a full length you better know how to make the best of it in a tight environment. I have always advocated constant learning and always taking action to learn more.

– Arwin from MilsimJunkie1 Youtube channel.

Recon – Scout

Recon men, or Scouts, tend to avoid combat. Their goal is to slip through the field unnoticed.

They are to provide reconnaissance and information back to the rifleman. They also give intelligence back to the main units and allow planning to occur.

This also lets certain support roles like Machine Gunners and Snipers to take advantageous positions. They tend to move light and in small teams.

These teams often combine long range weapons with medium to short range weapons.

If recon sounds like fun, give these weapons a try:

Suggested Weapons


The Sniper is a role that a lot of people want to dive into in the beginning.

But what they fail to realize is the Sniper often has a low kill count and can have a rather boring job. They are often in the same place for an extended period, wearing a ghillie suit, and…sweating their butts off.

A sniper’s goal is to take accurate shots and pick off valuable members of the opposite team.

This is not a good role for beginners looking for that ultimate rush. If you’re a beginner, I suggest you shadow a Sniper before making up your mind about taking the role.

If you’re ready for the ghillie suit, try these suggested sniper rifles:

Suggested Weapons

  • JG Bar-10
  • G&G Top Tech GR25
  • Tokyo Marui PSG-1
  • ARES MSR-009

Machine Gunner – Support Gunner

The Machine Gunner provides support for the Rifleman by laying down cover fire.

It’s another role rarely suited for beginners. It requires a heavy weapon that most will hate carrying after a few long games.

If you’re a Machine Gunner, it’s important that you act as Support Gunners and not as Rifleman with big guns. You should learn what avenues of approach are as well as how to cover large open areas and support the Rifleman as necessary.

If you’re ready for the big guns, try these:

Suggested Weapons

A Note on Sidearms

Galaxy KP5K Pistol
Galaxy KP5K Pistol – best sidearm for snipers

It’s a common misconception that sidearms are only limited to pistols. There are actually a wide range of sidearms to choose from depending on your role and preference.

For example, a Sniper may wish to have a machine pistol or small SMG if the game rules allow it. Or depending on the size of a Support Gunner’s weapon, they may wish to have a sidearm for close quarter’s encounters.

And there’s a constant discussion as to whether or not you really need one, considering that you have to master your sidearm’s capabilities plus your main airsoft gun if you want to carry one. So, keep that in mind.

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s better to pour more money into a high-quality long gun than worrying about an average handgun and long gun.

Game Type

What kind of games are you going to be playing?

woodland airsoft game

Keep in mind that game type affects the kind of weapon you’ll use.

We briefly mentioned woodland and CQB (Close Quarters Battle), and how FPS affects them. Your gun type also changes for either of these. If you are joining a group, consider looking into what type they most commonly play.

CQB is often mock urban areas or even inside buildings. In tight quarters, a smaller weapon is always better. Smaller, lighter weapons are more maneuverable and easier to use in doors.

The extreme CQB nature of an indoor game can reduce everyone to a Rifleman or a CQB Specialist. A CQB Sniper then is more or less a designated marksman who provides over watch in an urban environment game.

However, a woodland or blended woodland/urban game makes range a much more important factor.

In these game types Snipers, Support Gunners, and Grenadiers can really stretch their legs. A Rifleman can use full sized rifles and Grenadiers have an excellent advantage. Larger, heavier, and longer weapons are more welcomed here than in an urban environment.

No matter what game type you’re playing, keep in mind how this can change the kind of weapon you should bring and make sure you’re prepared.

Price Range


High-end airsoft guns can be quite expensive, running easily into the $300 and up range.

They often feature nicely crafted bodies, all metal construction, and high-quality internals. These models are often upgradeable but can be more complicated to upgrade and work on.

A high-end weapon should have an excellent body, look, and feel realistic.

Here’s a quick list of high-end airsoft gun brands along with some typical pros and cons of each:

Real Sword


  • Awesome externals, very realistic
  • Extremely durable and reliable
  • Ready to go out of the box with top notch performance


  • Expensive
  • Limited mostly to Soviet and Chinese style small arms



  • Excellent quality
  • Well-made internals
  • Great warranty
  • Very modern furniture for accessorizing


  • Difficult to work on
  • Expensive

Tokyo Marui


  • Constantly innovating
  • Extremely well-made
  • Wide variety of modern designs
  • Easy to work on and upgrade


  • Stock power can be low
  • Expensive



  • Well-made externals and internals
  • Compatible with a variety of upgrades
  • Modern platforms
  • Large selection of guns


  • Expensive
  • Tends to have poor stock motors


Mid-tier guns are the perfect starting point for most new players.

They often ranges from $150 to $350-400. These weapons are usually easier to upgrade but cannot mimic the performance of high-end models.

You’ll also find more polymers in use, but the important parts are often still metal.

Brands to consider here include:



  • Affordable for entry level players
  • Well-made internals
  • Maintenance is easy


  • Lacks bodywork



  • Produces the best entry level guns
  • Excellent out of the box performance
  • Lots of models available
  • Good external bodywork


  • Weak gearboxes
  • Upgrades can be difficult

Classic Army


  • Sits firmly between mid-tier and high-end
  • Wide range of modern guns
  • Well-made internals
  • Easy to upgrade


  • Bodies can be weak

Things to Avoid: Cheap Airsoft Weapons

cheap airsoft

Avoid cheap airsoft weapons of every kind like the plague.

These are cheap. And I mean really cheap.

They often fall apart very quickly, don’t function properly to begin with, and should be avoided at all costs.

The likelihood is, if it’s $50 or less and you can get it from Walmart or a Flea Market– it is not for serious use.

Airsoft weapons are often a get-what-you-pay-for kind of sport. The big box brand guns may be good for occasional target practice but will break with real use.

Whatever you do, even if it takes you a bit more time to save up, do yourself a favor and invest in a quality airsoft weapon.

You won’t regret it.

Time to Gear Up

We’ve laid the best gear out for you to choose from and given you all the information you need to make a smart decision based on your playstyle and preferences.

Take some time to decide what the ideal airsoft gun is for you, gear up, and get out there.

What airsoft role do you play? Rifleman? Sniper? Tell us in the comments below.

This guide is part of a detailed hunting and shooting gear introduction. For more information, click here to read the rest of the series. 

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European Airsoft Association

The Airsoft Trajectory Project: A study of the BB trajectories.


  1. This was/is an amazing guide to read. Im just starting out and was looking for good info on airsoft weapons in general.

    Thank you very much!

  2. Having been interested in ‘all things military’ for many years, I am looking to branch out into Airsoft Combat etc. to expand this interest, and therefore found this guide extremely helpful and informative. Thank you.

  3. This is not the strongest airsoft gun because the strongest airsoft is belief to be around 1000fps and i think it’s winchester model 94 if im correct.


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