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The 5 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Reviewed & Revealed ( Hands-on 2021 Guide )

Airsoft sniper rifle

The position of a sniper on an airsoft team is a hard one. It’s not for beginners and for the faint heart.

It requires stealth, excellent observational skills, patience and the ability to keep calm under pressure. A sniper has a dynamic job and it’s a challenging one. Shooting is a very small part of the overall job but it’s one of the most important.

One of the key features of a sniper is the ability to hit a target when necessary. The last thing he needs to be worried about is if his rifle functions. That’s why gun choice is one of the most critical decisions a sniper should make.

Here are a few options we found to fit most players needs. One model we left off was the Tanaka M700, it is a great rifle but it’s discontinued for some time. The rifles below are all widely available and easy to find.

It’s recommended to use atleast .20 gram airsoft BB’s with all of these. KJW M700 even requires 0.25g or heavier.

The 5 Top Airsoft Snipers of 2021: Outdoor Empire Reviews

These are our top recommendations for airsoft snipers of 2021:

  1. Best the money: KJW M700
  2. Best for beginners: BBTac M62
  3. Best under $200: CYMA VSR-10
  4. Best overall #1: Novritsch SSG24
  5. Best overall #2: Silverback Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert

*Looking for a specific feature? Check out our quick-reference chart below:

ProductKJW M700
KJW M700

BBTac M62
BBTac M62


Muzzle Velocity500 ~ 550 FPS450 FPS400-450 FPS
Power sourceGasSpringSpring
Length46 in44 in45 in
Weight7.9 lbs4 lbs5.4 lbs
Magazine Capacity11 rounds20 rounds55 rounds
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Best Sniper For The Money: KJW M700

KJW M700

If you want to go big, then the KJW M700 is for you. When I say big, I don’t mean its size but high in quality and price. While it’s not cheap, this full metal airsoft sniper rifle is one of the top dogs in the airsoft world.


  • Comes with a 4-way adjustable front and rear sights, a functional safety switch, and light trigger pull.
  • Bolt pull is incredibly light and comfortable in all positions
  • Built-in scope mount and bipod stud for easy use

It is a gas gun and houses the gas cartridge in the magazine of the weapon. This is a great feature because as the shooter notices a loss of range, velocity and accuracy, they can swap mags and keep playing.

What sets it apart is it takes procedure. You can split the rifle primarily in two pieces. This makes transportation and even movement a breeze.

The KJW M700 is a well-made sniper rifle that weighs less than 8 pounds though made of metal. It is a perfect gun if you are looking to spend a little more money.

2. Best Sniper For Beginners: BBTac M62

BBTac M62

Beginners who start with a subpar product don’t learn the beauty and fun of the hobby they’re starting. However, it’s also a bad idea to jump into the deep end by spending as much money as possible on gear when you don’t know what you like.

BBTac’s M62 bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle is a great beginner’s rifle because it’s high-quality enough to bring satisfaction instead of frustration, without being too expensive.

Please note that you will have to partially assemble the sniper rifle yourself, and the screws come hidden in the stock.

The BBTac M62 is a spring-powered bolt action airsoft rifle. Operating the bolt loads the next six-millimeter BB from the clip and also sets the spring. Pulling the trigger shoots the BB at speeds up to 450 feet per second.

The stock is made from ABS plastic and is hollow to keep the weight down. The cheek rest is adjustable for height, and there are spacers to adjust the length of pull. However, it’s not as tough as some stocks, so you can break the airsoft gun at the grip if you bang it around.

The BBTac M62 does come with a scope, though you will want to upgrade it before too long.


  • Comes with a scope
  • Reasonably powerful and accurate


  • Not very durable

The BBTac M62 is a great beginner’s sniper rifle, though you may outgrow it before too long.

3. Best Sniper Under $200: CYMA VSR-10




The CYMA VSR-10 bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle is a great upgrade choice for airsofters looking for range and accuracy.

The bolt action loads the spring for each shot, so you do not have to take any additional action. Each clip holds 55 six-millimeter BBs, and the VSR-10 is known for loading each one without jamming.

The VSR-10’s barrel is precision made from aluminum and is more accurate than most other airsoft rifles. It’s capable of accurate fire up to 100 yards away!

You’ll get the highest velocity with .20-gram BBs. However, those won’t buck the wind as well as heavier BBs. Though airsofters recommend weights up to .45 grams, .25-gram BBs are the recommended minimum. They will be slower but more accurate at long ranges.

The hop-up is adjustable and is BAR-10 compatible. So are the springs and trigger, so you can customize the VSR-10 with upgraded parts. However, upgrading the trigger is less important; it’s a great trigger out of the box!

The only real problem with the VSR-10 is that it doesn’t come with a scope or bipod even though they are shown in the pictures.


  • Great trigger
  • High capacity for an airsoft sniper rifle
  • Precision barrel
  • Upgradable


  • Does not come with scope
  • Hop-up adjustment is easy to accidentally change

The CYMA VSR-10 may not be top-of-the-line out of the box, but it’s a great value and can be upgraded to be even better.

4. Best Overall #1: Novritsch SSG24

Novritsch SSG24

The Novritsch SSG24 is perhaps the ultimate airsoft sniper rifle.

Every part is designed for maximum accuracy, and Novritsch takes pains during manufacturing to live up to the design. Unlike many airsoft sniper rifles, you don’t have to upgrade in order to get a good sniper rifle.

Though, if you want to, there are accessories available, such as a left-hand conversion kit, an enlarged bolt handle, and FPS adjuster rings.

You may need those rings because the SSG24 can fire six-millimeter BBs at velocities up to 650 feet per second with M190 springs!

The receiver and barrel are made of metal, and the stock is glass-reinforced polymer, just like the M24 rifle on which the SSG24 is based. The barrel is bedded with O-rings and an extra screw for maximum consistency.

The cylinder and cylinder inserts are also manufactured to the highest quality possible and can handle M190 springs.

The trigger is a two-stage trigger made from hardened steel. The spring guide stopper applies consistent pressure so the BB has repeatable backspin, for maximum accuracy.


  • Extremely accurate
  • Many accessories available, including a left-hand conversion kit
  • Can be very powerful


  • Expensive
  • No adjustable cheek rest

The Novritsch SSG24 is a very well-made airsoft sniper rifle that’s as well made and powerful as anybody can ask of an airsoft rifle, making it an excellent choice for people who want the most accurate sniper rifle.

Learn more about the Novritsch SSG24.

5. Best overall #2: Silverback Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert

Silverback Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert

The Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert is a bullpup-style airsoft sniper rifle by Silverback Airsoft. It has a shorter barrel than the other SRS-A1 designs but is no less powerful or accurate.

Everything in the SRS-A1 comes upgraded, except for the springs, which can be upgraded in strength up to M180. The spring system is cocked when you pull the bolt back, as with a bolt-action firearm.

The hop-up has adjustments on either side, so you can tune it to an extent greater than most airsoft rifles. It’s a flat-hop design to lessen jams.

The piston has improved geometry, so you get more compression than is typical, giving you more energy even with lesser springs. The trigger is also consistent, so this is a very accurate airsoft sniper rifle.

The stock and receiver are both injected polymer. You can adjust the cheek rest for height and the butt pad for length of pull, so this sniper will fit almost anybody.

The SRS-A1 doesn’t come with a bipod or scope. The orange tip threads on negative 14 millimeter threads and can be replaced with various muzzle devices, including a faux suppressor.


  • Available left-handed or right-handed
  • Sniper rifle capabilities in a shorter form factor


  • Expensive
  • The bolt can be awkward to reach

The Silverback Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert is a high-quality, powerful, and accurate sniper rifle that handles like an SMG.

Important Choosing Factors

man holding sniper rifle


Two main powerplants, gas and spring, are generally considered  to be “real” sniper rifles in the airsoft world.

There are AEG sniper rifles but these aren’t necessarily “real” airsoft snipers, but they are designed after real steel sniper rifles.

For example, M21’s and Dragunov’s are often used as sniper rifles in the real world and there are AEG variants of these guns. They are efficient enough to act as a sniper rifle in airsoft though.

Gas Power

co2 cartridge
CO2 Cartridge

Gas powered guns are quite powerful and offer a semi-automatic option for sniper rifles. They can be substantially stronger than AEGs. This means you need to ensure the gas gun fires at an acceptable velocity.

Many fields do not allow high velocity guns, so that 500 feet per second gas sniper rifle may not be a good choice. Gas gives you more speed and an overall longer range. They also require less tuning for more accurate and powerful shooting.

They tend to have much better triggers. Trigger control and pull are essential for accurate shooting.


  • They don’t function well in cold weather, which can be a factor for some folks.
  • As the gas source empties, the rifle becomes less consistent. Consistency is critical for accurate shooting especially in longer games.
  • You have to reload both gas and BBs
  • More expensive than spring guns

Spring Power

spring airsoft sniper

Spring guns are an excellent choice for a sniper rifle. Sniper rifles are one of the few solid contenders for spring guns in action airsoft. They are more authentic for the sniper role. A sniper rifle in real life is a weapon designed to be fired slowly and accurately.

Spring guns often require upgrades to be properly tuned for long range accuracy. This means you need to invest a little money in your system and tune it. The maintenance required is minimal and simpler than a gas gun.

They are usually the ideal choice for new players and new snipers in general. They tend to be more popular and there is also a lot more options for spring based sniper rifles.


  • Most are bolt action, and spring guns replicate this manual action firearm.
  • Much cheaper and overall simpler
  • Works in both warm and cold weather, and remains consistent shot after shot.
  • Very accurate but also have stiffer triggers when tuned for extra range and power

Semi-automatic or Single Shot?

Another significant difference between gas and spring guns is the ability to fire semi-automatically or as a single shot weapon.

Semi-automatic means it has the be a gas (or an AEG) gun.

  • This allows you to fire one shot per pull of the trigger without manual action.
  • It has a much higher rate of fire and lets you rapidly engage multiple targets in a short period.
  • It allows shooters to put down a lot more fire than a single shot rifle.

Single shot, bolt action guns tend to be more reliable and simpler overall.

  • They are easier to upgrade.
  • The lower rate of fire can be considered a downside but for a sniper, this isn’t a total loss. A sniper’s role is to place accurate rounds on target, not to engage targets rapidly.

The decision between these choices is mostly based on play style and the ranges one frequents. Close quarter battlefields are friendly to semi-auto options, whereas single shot rifles are ideal for open fields.

In CQB, speed is more important due to how close the game is played. In open field games, the single-shot rifle is more consistent and accurate for long ranges.


sniper rifle

Sniper rifles out of the box are great but most shooters and skilled snipers agree that upgradeability is the key.

Upgrading a sniper rifle allows you to be more accurate, more consistent, and grants you a longer range overall. Spring guns are easier to refurbish and there are a lot of upgrades available for them.

You want to purchase a rifle that is easily upgradeable like the Tanaka, JG, TSD, or UTG. The parts you should look into for upgrading include:

1. The bore is a major factor in your rifle’s accuracy. A tight bore provides steady velocity and is a significant accuracy contributor. An excellent tight bore from companies like PDI ensures greater accuracy and more consistent precision.

2. An improved hop-up chamber to better adjust the system and get a nice straight line of fire from your BB.

3. Sears and trigger are important to ensure you can handle more powerful piston, spring, and spring guide. These parts need to be upgraded together.

A more powerful piston, spring, and spring guide can break weaker sears and trigger mechanisms.


Sniper rifles tend to be heavy and long. This makes them somewhat difficult to carry and move quietly. This is why so many new snipers quit so soon.

If possible, you want to minimize the weight of your rifle and maybe not choose the biggest one out there. A few companies make replicas of real steel 50 BMG and 416 CheyTac rifles. These look cool but are unnecessarily large without much advantage.

Unlike in real life, you can’t chamber a bigger projectile in a larger gun. Regardless of the size of the rifle, the BB you are firing is the same size. I’d go with the highest quality, lightest sniper rifle available.

You have to consider how a sniper moves. He usually crawls on dirt — moving slowly and quietly in position. Once in position, a sniper has to maintain a low profile to remain hidden.

As you can imagine, the larger and heavier the rifle is, the harder it is to move especially when crawling.

A big rifle will catch on every stick, branch, and vine out there. It’ll make moving loud and difficult. Once in position, you have to factor in the rifle’s size to your ability to be hidden. The larger the rifle, the larger the profile you’ll have.


Bushnell sniper optic

The ability to mount an optic goes without saying. However, the real question is: how much room is there to mount one? Does the rifle come with an optic? If not, what optics are compatible with it?

Airsoft rifles don’t have the same range as real steel guns so it’s easy to discount the need for a scope. With the limited range of an airsoft gun, what is the point of getting anything besides a red dot scope?

A sniper’s role is more than simply shooting an opponent. A sniper acts as a scout and forward observer for his team. He should be able to see further than his teammates and opponents.

A quality magnified optic allows you to hit your target as well as scout and observe the playing field. With a scope, you are capable of spotting other players and more importantly, other snipers.


airsoft sniper accessories

A sniper rifle doesn’t need much more than a quality optic to be a good sniper gun. However, it can be beneficial to toss on a few extra accessories to make you a more efficient player.

A good Picatinny mounted bipod can help you stabilize the weapon. Of course, that means you need to have a Picatinny rail system on your rifle. Some models have it included or you have to purchase it as an add-on.

A bipod easily places the gun in a stable position than trying to muscle the weapon for the entire game.

One of the most important accessories to have in an airsoft loadout is a high-quality sling. It allows you to drape the weapon over your back when crawling into position. The sling holds it in place and keeps it from hitting the dirt.

This can be invaluable when moving since your hands are free to aid in crawling. It also reduces your overall profile to have the rifle slung. In CQB games, it lets you climb ladders and obstacles with both hands easily.

A sling is one of my necessary long gun accessories.

One final thing you want to buy is a good airsoft pistol which will be very useful in close quarter combat.


There is a common misconception among new snipers that velocity is the most critical factor in choosing a sniper rifle. Contrary to proper belief, it’s not a significant aspect.

Sure you need a solid base for velocity but a 500 feet per second gun isn’t going to have a longer range than a 350 feet per second gun.

You want to avoid those super powerful sniper rifles since they are often banned from most fields. Muzzle velocity is near the end of the list when it comes to factors to consider in a sniper rifle.


Snipers play an interesting, dynamic, and challenging role on the battlefield.

As a sniper, you need a quality rifle — one that is designed for your play style and environment. Remember what you learned here and you shall succeed.

To learn more about choosing an airsoft gun in general and to see our picks for other roles, check out our “Find The Best Airsoft Gun In 2021” guide.


  1. Clearly the author have no clue to actual airsoft, or the basic physics behind it.

    Range is a funktion of the Energy and the BB, a 500fps gun always outranges a 350fps as long as you use the same BB’s.
    To reduce drag, you use heavier BBs, using anything below .30g in any gun is just plain dumb, and most these days use .40 and above as soon they shoot 2J or byond.

    The modify M24, resold by Novritsch as the SSG24 is… a fine VSR clone, but limited by being just that.
    The silverback SRS is, still, the best platform. Its more Rigid than any other platform due to all CNC construction including the outerbarrel. Its have the easiest tool less takedown of any airsoft rifle, perhaps the most important parameter with airsoft snipers, as you are going to clean them often. Also the SRS is the stronges gun out of the box handeling 7J springs with no upgrades, thats 870fps or M260 @ 0.2g needing no upgrades. The SRS also have the best stock hop up of any models out there.


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