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man with airgun

How To Mount A Scope On Your Air Rifle ( Complete Guide )

If you aren’t happy with your iron sight accuracy, or your vision isn’t the best, you may want to consider adding a scope to...
break barrel air rifle maintenance

Air Rifle Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Airgun Operating Properly 

Air rifles are fun and challenging tools that allow you to hunt, target practice and compete at very little cost. But it’s easy to get wrapped up...
Airgun vs. Real Gun

What’s Better For Hunting – Airgun Or a Conventional Gun? – Compared!

  Quick question: What’s better for hunting, a good airgun or a real gun?  A lot of people are going to say a real gun, as they assume that...
Man shooting air rifle

Can You Hunt With Airgun In Your State? (Laws & Regulations)

  Airgun hunting steadily gains popularity over the last decade. Spurred by numerous factors like a lack of available 22 LR, tons of new shooters,...
recreational gun types

Airgun, Airsoft, BB, Pellet, Paintball- Differences Explained!

Recreational guns are not considered as firearms -- paintball, airsoft, pellet guns, BB guns, and air rifles among others. Each is designed for a specific role,...

Learn More About 7 Different Types of Airgun Pellets

Picking the right ammunition can have a big influence on accuracy and power. In fact, ammunition is even more important with airguns than it...

Airgun vs Airsoft – Total Comparison

  Both airsoft guns and high-velocity air rifles are hot right now, each for different reasons. Airsoft is a whole lot of fun to play with...