Are eBikes Worth It For Hunting? (Pros, Cons & Who Should)

hunter riding ebike on the mountains

Today’s hunters have multiple options for their equipment, most of which are designed to provide better accuracy, comfort, or convenience. Getting to and from your hunting areas from your entry point can be both difficult and time-consuming. 

ATVs and UTVs have been around for a while. While these off-road vehicles can carry more weight, their noise and scent can spook the game. 

Electric hunting bikes are becoming more popular with many avid hunters. They make minimal noise and can travel in inaccessible areas by OHVs (off-highway vehicles).

Although similar in some ways, electric hunting bikes are different from electric mountain bikes. Hunting versions are usually sturdier and capable of carrying more weight. Most offer features just for hunters, including camouflage paint and optional racks for hunting gear that can be attached to handlebars. 

Should you get an eBike for hunting? Read on for valuable information that can help you decide.

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Are eBikes Worth it for Hunting?

There’s no cut-and-dried answer to that question. Every hunter should do research and think carefully before making that investment. With that being said, most hunters who use electric bikes enjoy the benefits they gain.

Fellow hunters who have used eBikes for hunting can be a good resource. Ask them about the benefits and disadvantages they’ve noticed and their overall satisfaction.

If you decide to purchase one, consider your specific requirements based on the types of terrain you’ll travel, the types of game you’ll hunt, and what kinds of accessories you might need.

Pros of Electric Bikes for Hunting

Hunters may consider buying an eBike for many reasons. They:

  • Can carry your gear and game
  • Make getting to your cameras, game trails, and tree stand faster and easier, especially in rough or steep terrain
  • Are easy to transport without the need for a trailer
  • Don’t produce exhaust like gas-powered alternatives
  • Provide excellent maneuverability in narrow spaces
  • Are more affordable than ATVs or UTVs
  • Have easy maintenance requirements
  • Make emergency travel faster if someone is injured. Electric hunting bikes are made with heavy-duty, durable frames to support weight and withstand difficult terrain. Their suspension design and wide tires provide increased stability. Adjusting the tire pressure can make for a more comfortable riding experience; this is extra helpful for those with physical limitations.

Many accessories are available, including racks, cargo trailers, and bags. This allows hunters to save their strength because they don’t have to physically carry their kit.

This type of accessory also lets hunters easily transport game back to their vehicles. Although heavier than regular bikes, electric hunting bikes don’t require much effort to pick up for loading and unloading into your truck.

Different sized batteries are used for hunting eBikes, but an average fully-charged battery can let you travel for around 60 miles. Because eBikes run on electricity or solar power, they’re better for the environment than gas-powered alternatives.

Cons of Electric Bikes for Hunting

As with anything, there are some downsides to buying an eBike for hunting.

  • Batteries can take between four and six hours to charge, drain quickly, and usually don’t last longer than three years.
  • Your riding distance is limited by your battery’s charge.
  • If your battery dies while you’re hunting and don’t have a solar charger, you’ll have to pedal it manually; this can be especially difficult if you’re carrying a lot of weight or traveling uphill.
  • While not as expensive as other motorized hunting vehicles, they can be a significant investment. According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, electric hunting bikes range from about $1,500 to $7,000.
  • They don’t hold their value well, so you can’t necessarily expect to sell it for very much money.

When You Should Get an eBike for Hunting

For some hunters who aren’t physically capable of strenuous walking or hiking, buying an electric hunting bike can be the difference between being able to hunt and not hunting at all. An eBike can let them continue pursuing their interest for a longer time.

Many states allow teens to operate electric hunting bikes. If you’d like to take your teen hunting with you but don’t want to walk or use an ATV, eBikes are a great option.

Hunters who will benefit most from riding an eBike are those who:

  • Take large amounts of heavy gear, such as camping equipment, with them
  • Routinely must make their way through difficult terrain, including steep inclines, mud, narrow areas, and overgrown trails, to get to and from their hunting locations
  • Would travel long distances on foot otherwise
  • Need to transport harvested game
  • Use the headlights to travel game trails at night
  • Have physical conditions that make getting to hunting areas difficult or impossible on foot
  • Hunt often

When You Should NOT Get an eBike for Hunting

For hunters living or hunting in extremely cold climates, eBikes aren’t necessarily a good choice. They shouldn’t be ridden in temperatures under -5 degrees F or be stored in temperatures below freezing. The frigid temps can reduce battery life and inhibit overall performance.

If your normal hunting grounds don’t allow eBikes, there’s no need to buy one.

Those who are in good physical condition and hunt in flat, easy terrain or close to vehicle parking areas don’t really need an eBike. Alternatively, if you can’t ride a bike safely due to physical issues, you shouldn’t try to operate one.

Things To Consider

Ebiker point of view ride along lake

Even though you may be thrilled with the idea of owning an electric hunting bike, consider the following questions to see if the investment is right for you.

Where Do You Hunt?

Whether you hunt on private or public land, you should check with the property owner, local and state governments or the Bureau of Land Management to find out laws, rules, and restrictions governing the use of electric hunting bikes.

Can You Safely Ride a Hunting eBike?

Not everyone has the body strength, coordination, or endurance to control a bike. Poor eyesight and slow reflexes can also present hazardous situations when operating one. Be realistic about your physical condition and limitations before you buy an eBike.

Can You Afford It?

Although eBikes don’t cost much to maintain, their purchase price and the cost of accessories can be prohibitive to some budgets. If you can’t afford to pay for the bike, associated equipment, and maintenance costs, don’t buy it.

Make an Informed Decision

It’s wise to research and evaluate hunting eBikes before buying one. Your decision needs to be right for you.

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