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What Types Of Airsoft Events Are There? (+ Biggest World Events)

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Here is a breakdown of 7 popular airsoft event types:

Airsoft weekend event

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An airsoft event refers to airsoft games that take place over several days, as opposed to conventional or usual games (known as “Sunday games”). These types of realistic airsoft games bring together several teams, associations, and freelance players, sometimes from several countries, with anywhere from 100 to 5,000 people for a duration of two to three days. Some international airsoft wars can reach a large number of players and feature more evolved scenarios than a casual airsoft game. Some can even last up to a week.

Generally, the players take place in an elaborate “background” (or scenario), which can be inspired by real conflicts (World War II, Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq) or fictitious ones (inspired by films, video games, or totally imagined). It is possible to find reenactment games, called “MilSim,” where the dress code is strict (i.e., they accept only this or that outfit, this or that type of replica, etc.). Some organizers add realistic immersion such as the use of army combat villages, construction of forts or bunkers, docking by boat, motorized transport, presence of military vehicles, use of elaborate pyrotechnics, radio CP, chain of command, specific conditions of engagement according to the role played, and so on.

Airsoft event indoor (CQB)

CQB games (close quarter combat) are mostly single-day events. The restriction imposed by the limits of the playable zone makes it almost impossible to play an entire weekend in the same building. It can be boring to fight again and again in the same area. However, indoor airsoft events are still very popular due to the high level of adrenaline in such games! Intensive fights, a lot of shots, and a lot of fun are the keywords for such airsoft games.

Airsoft zombie event

In games where players have to fight to stay alive, the role of the zombies has particularly high importance. These games are mainly organized with two principal sides, the living and the dead. Expect some intense moments where surprise is one of the most fearsome weapons of the zombie players!

WW2 airsoft event

This type of airsoft event aims to re-enact World War II combat. The most realistic events feature a mix of blank fire and airsoft combat, which considerably increases the immersion. The historically played roles are the Americans, the Germans, and the Russians. It may be hard to find airsoft guns to play other nationalities in such a game, so if you plan to join one, make sure to buy yourself the appropriate airsoft replica some weeks before the start date!

Airsoft apocalypse event

This type of event essentially works around a well-written scenario like Mad Max. When you play in such an event, the appropriate look is always welcome!

Airsoft MilSim event

MilSim, in general, is an activity that strives to realistically simulate the experience of armed conflict. These events can range from historic military battles, law enforcement-style engagements, to small skirmishes. Large events usually have rigid requirements for entry and can span between hours and several days without leaving the battlefield. The experience often includes camping, food preparation, and transportation logistics. MilSim differs from the sports of airsoft or paintball, and though both rely on tactics and marksmanship, MilSim has a focus on real-world accuracy. There are often fireteams with designated roles, such as simulated combat medics and support gunners.

Halloween airsoft event

This style is very close to zombie games, as the majority of such events include stories with the dead coming to life again. Each one has its own rules.

Biggest Airsoft Events You Should Know About

There are a few events in the world that attract a lot of people from different regions and countries. An experienced airsoft player really has to play in such an event at least one time in his life to feel the adrenaline that comes from playing with such a level of realism!

The biggest airsoft event in the U.S – MilSim West

There are many different airsoft events all around the United States of America. One of the biggest is certainly the MilSim West, which pits the Russians against the Americans. Each episode has a different storyline, and each time players can test new objectives with rules that constantly are adapted to the game. For such an event, players have to follow various rules to make the game more realistic and easy to manage. It is recommended that you play with your teammates in such games: a lone wolf without the support can’t resist hundreds of enemies!

The biggest airsoft event in Europe – Operation Border War

By far the biggest airsoft event in Europe, Border War is a must for every lover of military simulations in Europe. Located in the Czech Republic with a massive utilization of motorized transports (even choppers) and its strict military rules, Operation Border War is one of the most immersive airsoft games in the world. Players from all around the globe come to be a part of the six squads included in the scenario: the task force, the militia, the BWN journalists, the HDLF (Green PMC), the DOD (Black PMC), and the civilians. Each of these squad has its own goal and may collaborate with others—or not.

The biggest airsoft event in Russia

In Russia, airsoft players have national airsoft events two times a year: at the beginning and at the end of the airsoft season. It’s the biggest event in the entire country. The airsoft season in Russia coincides with the climate: in winter, because of low temperatures, AEG and other airsoft guns may not work properly. It’s a MilSim event where you can even play with tanks! Players have to follow strict rules about equipment so as to not confuse their teammates with their enemies: the NATO units are equipped with their respective equipment and the others wear Russian camouflage.

Which one of those three events is the biggest in the world?

There are many big airsoft events in the world, each with a different type of gameplay and different type of material in use in the game, so it’s very hard to name the biggest one. If we count only the number of players, Border War in the Czech Republic wins the battle. Other events are still very interesting to participate in, however. Airsoft is a large community of players who are really engaged all around the world.

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