Why Do Fishermen Fish Early In The Morning?

angler fishing in the morning

If you haven’t been very successful in recent fishing excursions, maybe you’re fishing at the wrong time of day. Perhaps you know that many fishermen choose to fish early in the morning. But you may not know why this is usually the best time to fish. 

If you’ve ever wondered why fish early in the morning, here’s how it can make your fishing trips more successful. 

The Temperature of the Water is Better Suited for Fish

Fish are cold-blooded creatures, which means that they can’t regulate their body temperatures on their own. They rely on their environment to stay at a comfortable temperature, so they tend to stay away from water that has reached extreme temperatures.

During the spring, summer, and early fall, the cold-blooded nature of fish means that they can’t spend a lot of time in water that has warmed up by the sun. 

The water temperature is usually perfect for fish right after the sun rises. Because the water isn’t too warm or too cold in the morning, fish are more likely to hang out at the surface and feed at that time. When the water heats up later in the day, fish tend to dive deep to stay cool.

Outside of active morning fishing hours, you may have an even greater need for a fish finder to locate them.

The Sun’s Rays Aren’t Too Harsh

Fish are sensitive to bright light. Certain species are more sensitive than others, but most fish dive deep when the sunlight is too bright.

The sun’s rays are softer during the early morning and late evening hours. Fish can withstand soft rays much better, so they are more likely to be active when the sun is not too bright.

The sun’s brightness also plays a role in the temperature of the water. As the rays become harsher, they get hotter and heat surface water to uncomfortable temperatures for fish.

Although the rays dim late in the evening, it may take longer for the water to cool down. So the ideal time to fish is early in the morning after the water near the surface has cooled overnight.

Morning Means Feeding Time for Fish

Fish are most active in the morning because their food is more active at that time.

They’re attracted to insects that skim the water’s surface early in the morning. Fish are drawn to these insects, so they are more likely to be near the surface of the water with the bugs in the morning. 

You may even see fish gathering in a feeding frenzy near spots where food sources are plentiful. Fish are more likely to mistake lures for bites of food when they are hungry. So it’s usually best to fish at the same time the creatures usually feed.

There are several reasons to fish early in the morning. If you think you haven’t been fishing at the opportune times, it may be time to give early morning fishing a try.

With any luck, a simple change to the time of day when you hit the water can significantly impact the success of your trip.

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