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Review: Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Crossbow Package

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Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

Outdoor Empire top pick for crossbow under $500.

Wicked Ridge is the budget end line up from TenPoint. TenPoint is a high-end brand of crossbows and they don’t want to hut the main line up’s name by having cheaper quality bows so they renamed the line Wicked Ridge.

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The nice thing? You get the quality and durability that TenPoint is known for. But a lot of the higher end features are shed off and you’re left with a usable bow with minimal spending.

The Warrior G3 model, new for 2016, is a redesign of the old G3 and boy did they go back through it.

The whole bow and package are designed as a bare-bones kit. It is a “shiny pointy stick” — it’s everything you would need for hunting, wrapped in a nice package but with almost no amenities or luxuries.



Wicked Ridge Warrior

True to fashion, this is a bare-bones kit. They did a great job of selecting quality over quantity, and there are a few items you’d want before you head into the field for hunting with this kit. The package includes:

  • TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope
  • Wicked Ridge Instant-Detach 3-Arrow Quiver
  • 3 Wicked Ridge Aluminum Arrows with 100-grain practice points

You’ll need a way to cock the bow. Hand cocking is dumb, a cheap rope cocker is not it, and you can make one from 550 cord for pennies. You’ll want a few more arrows for practice and you’re going to definitely need broad heads before you go hunting.



The Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 is a typical beginner or budget bow in terms of specs.

The draw weight is easy to cock 155 lbs that shoots an arrow at about 320 FPS for an energy figure of 96 FP. This is plenty of power for just about anything that you’re going to hunt at normal hunting ranges.

The bow comfortably weighs 6.6 lbs and 37.75 in long, making it more compact than just about any crossbow in the market.

The stock design and length make it useful for just about anybody, and the pistol grip design helps newer shooters who have trouble keeping a steady trigger pull with a traditional straight stock design.



Compare Similar Products

Regarding the price, the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 comes in between the Barnett Headhunters and Barnett Jackal but matches them both in specs. This is interesting because it beats both out in the quality department.

ProductWicked Ridge G3
Wicked Ridge G3

Barnett Headhunter CarbonLite
Barnett Headhunter CarbonLite

Barnett Jackal
Barnett Jackal

Draw Weight155 lbs175 lbs 150 lbs
Velocity320 FPS350 FPS315 FPS
Weight6.6 lbs7.5 lbs7.7 lbs
Length37.75"- not specified -36"
CostCheck Price$$Check Price


If you’re looking for a cheap beginner bow, the Jackal is tempting because it is cheaper than the rest but it provides the same level of power, size and only slight remarks for weight. However, its quality is lesser than the other two and significantly less than the Wicked Ridge model.

Both Barnett models feel like beginner bows. The materials are cheap, the stocks are made of a bulky and cheesy plastic, while the Wicked Ridge has the profile and material construction of a higher end bow.

Overall, the Wicked Ridge design team just cut less corners and made a better bow. The specifications may seem like they’re identical but in real world performance, you can see the winner is clearly the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3.


Rating the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

Materials & Quality 

four star rating

It is for a beginner because you can learn to use it without worrying about it falling apart. Crossbow hunt is more than just rifle hunting, and its manufacturer understands this.

The materials used for the bow are made to last and are placed together correctly so you don’t have to worry about it disintegrating or falling apart like other budget brands. 4 stars are given for its materials and quality.


Design & Features 

four star rating

The simple cam design and usable features score high because they’re heads and tails above what other crossbows in this price range are.

The anti-dry fire system, the stock, the quality package and the weapon as a whole point to a real effort made by the design team. 4 stars are given for its design and features.



five star rating

This is by far its strongest attribute. You can buy cheaper bows out there, but not the same quality design and materials as it has. No wonder it won so many awards from Field & Stream to Outdoor Life. 5 stars are given for its value.



This is by far the best beginner bow in the market. It received an overall rating of 4.3 stars. You get the design and manufacturing of the parent company, Tenpoint, with the price tag of a simpler and more budget-friendly brand, Wicked Ridge.

There’s no reason to shop around here if you’re starting out and just want a solid bow you can rely on to be ready to hunt whenever you are.


  • Great beginner bow
  • Comes with a quiver and 3 arrows
  • The stock design beats out others in this price range


  • A little anemic for anything bigger than a deer
  • Need to buy a few accessories before you go out to hunt
  • The sight on the bow leaves a little to be desired




Final Verdict

If you need a bow to learn to crossbow hunt or if you simply need a second bow, this is it. You can go with another brand and spend 20-30% more to get the same quality and you might gain a little power but the difference in performance is negligible while the price is substantial.

This is the right size, weight and power for whitetail deer, hogs and small bears. If you’re hesitant to buy this because of the price, don’t be.

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