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Review: Pflueger President Spinning Reel

 Pflueger President

Outdoor Empire pick for best under $50 reel

Professional anglers and successful guides may often debate the finer points of $500 reels, but most anglers lack the budget to consider these super-premium models.

But that doesn’t mean budget-minded anglers don’t care about quality, because they clearly do. Accordingly, for most anglers, it is important to find the very best possible reel for the money 

And Pflueger President Series Reels are some of the strongest contenders for the title.  



The Pflueger President Series is designed to provide anglers with an affordable, yet effective spinning reel, and it certainly achieves that standard.

Each of the reels in the series (there are five in total) are designed for different line diameters and feature different drag pressures, but the entire line is designed for fairly light tackle – these rods are good for catching panfish, trout and medium-sized bass, walleye or catfish.  

Every Pflueger President reel boasts a number of features that are more-commonly found on high-end reels, such as the Sure-Click Bail System and a braid-ready aluminum spool, which alleviates the need to use backing line.

And while they are economy reels, they are made from a combination of stainless steel, graphite and aluminum, just like some of the most expensive reels on the market.  


Specifications and Special Features 

Before you consider purchasing a Pflueger President Reel, be sure to familiarize yourself with its specifications and special features so that you can be sure it will suit your fishing style and preferences.  


There are five different models in the President Series, and each has slightly different specifications. The higher the model number, the heavier the reel.  

Model  Monofilament Capacity  Braided Line Capacity  Line Recovery  Ball Bearings  Maximum Drag Pressure  Reel Weight 
6920  100 yards of 4-lb-test  125 yards of 6-lb-test  20.7 inches per turn  6 + 1  6 pounds  5.9 ounces 
6925  110 yards of 4-lb-test  140 yards of 6-lb-test  22.4 inches per turn  9 + 1  6 pounds  7.2 ounces 
6930  145 yards of 6-lb-test  190 yards of 8-lb-test  25.2 inches per turn  9 + 1  9 pounds  8.3 ounces 
6935  185 yards of 8-lb-test  220 yards of 10-lb-test  27.4 inches per turn  9 + 1  10 pounds  9.9 ounces 
6940  230 yards of 10-lb-test  280 yards of 14-lb-test  30.2 inches per turn  9 + 1  12 pounds  10.9 ounces 


Each of the reels in the President Series can be set up for either left- or right-handed retrieves.  

Special Features 

The Pflueger President Series Reels come packed with a number of attractive features. Unless otherwise noted, each of the reels includes the following:  

  • A stainless-steel shaft and handle will resist corrosion 
  • A graphite body is lightweight, yet durable 
  • A braid-ready, double-anodized aluminum spool 
  • The solid aluminum Sure-Click Bail® system, which produces an audible signal so you know it closed properly  
  • An anti-reverse bearing, which can be turned on and off 
  • A tri-coated spool lip and line roller 
  • A multi-disc, front-positioned drag system is silky smooth 


Compare prices at: Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Guide

Comparison to Similar Products

Choosing a reel – particularly a budget-priced model – often means selecting between a few relatively similar options. Two of the reels that are most commonly compared with the President Reel are the Shimano Sedona and the Browning Fishing X-Bolt.

Each of the three reels presents different strengths and weaknesses, so review the primary differences between them carefully before making your decision.  

ProductPflueger President 
Pflueger President 

Shimano Sedona
Shimano Sedona

Browning Fishing X-Bolt 
Browning Fishing X-Bolt 

Model No.6925Sedona FIXLT3000
Gear Ratio5.2:15.0:15.0:1
Ball Bearings9+13+17+1
Braid Capacity6/14015kg/58m30/235
Max Drag6 lbs3 kg11 lbs
Line Capacity4/1102kg/128m8/235
Weight 7.2 oz215 g10.2 oz
Recovery22.4 in per turn66-105 cm per crank range26 in per turn
CostCheck Price

Check Price

Check Price


Pflueger President vs. Shimano Sedona  

Shimano SedonaThe Pflueger President and the Shimano Sedona are both budget-priced reels, made by manufacturers who are better known for their premium-quality reels.

They are roughly comparable products, and most differences of opinion regarding them boil down to personal preferences and experiences.  

Some of the notable differences between the two reels include: 

1. Although prices vary from one retailer to the next, the Sedona is usually about $10 to $20 more expensive than the President, depending on the specific model you purchase. Nevertheless, they are both quite affordable.  

2. Most anglers who have used both reels have found the Sedona to last longer with less maintenance than the President.  

3. The President Series contains five different model options; the Sedona Series only contains three.

4. The Sedona reels are about as light as the President reels (when comparing similar models), but they provide more maximum drag pressure (7, 20 and 24 pounds for the three Sedona models, as opposed to 6, 6, 9, 10 and 12 pounds for the five President models).  

5. Each Sedona model collects more line per handle turn than the comparable President model.  

6.Each President reel has at least 6 bearings (most have 9), while each of the Sedona reels has a 3 + 1 bearing system.  


Pflueger President vs. Browning Fishing X-Bolt 

The Browning Fishing X-Bolt reels are priced about the same as the Pflueger President reels are, and they offer broadly similar features and materials.  

1. Each of the Browning X-Bolts collect much less line per handle turn than the comparable Pflueger President reels do.  

 2. The Browning X-Bolt Series can provide slightly more drag pressure than the President reels can, but the differences are quite small.   

 3. The Browning X-Bolt Series reels hold a little more line than comparable President reels do.

4. Both reels can be set up for either left- or right-handed anglers.  

 5. The President Series reels have a 7 or 9 bearing system, while the Browning reels feature an 8 bearing (7 + 1) system. 

 6. Many anglers who tried the Browning reel were very pleased with the casting distance they were able to achieve with it. Many anglers noted that they increased their casting distance by 10 yards or more after switching to the X-Bolt.



Rating the Pflueger President 

If you just want to cut to the chase and see how well this reel should work for different circumstances, check out the ratings below.  


four star rating


three and half star rating



four star rating


Suitability for Panfish

five star rating


Suitability for Bass 

three and half star rating


Suitability for Catfish

three and half star rating


Suitability for Walleye

three and half star rating


Suitability for Trout

five star rating


Suitability for Inshore Saltwater 

two star rating


Suitability for Offshore Saltwater

1 star rating 


Although some reels are certainly better than others, almost every reel on the market does some things well and some things poorly. Some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Pflueger President Series include: 


  • Very affordably priced 
  • Smooth rotor operation and casting 
  • Lightweight, yet strong frame 
  • Excellent drag system 
  • Top-notch line management system eliminates most line twist and tangles 


  • Many anglers complained that it wasn’t very durable 
  • Mediocre line-retrieval rates 
  • Relatively low maximum drag pressure 



  1. Hi Ben,
    this Pflueger President reel is really cool! After breaking the previous one I bought this. It’s work nice and smoothly.


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