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Review: Hoyt Carbon Defiant Compound Bow

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Hoyt Carbon Defiant

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Any person who has shot a compound bow likely heard of the name Hoyt; they seem to be the “Cadillac” of the archery world.

Smooth shooting and comfortable, Hoyt has built a name for them. And they did not disappoint with their latest flagship bow — the Carbon Defiant. 



Carbon Defiant

The Carbon Defiant has an amazing IBO speed of 331 FPS (the Defiant Turbo can reach up to 350 FPS) which isn’t as fast as most flagship bows. But what you lose in speed, you make up for in accuracy.

It has a brace height of 7 inches (the Defiant Turbo’s is 6 inches) giving the user the flexibility to not have perfect form, which happens quite often in the heat of the moment and the only thing pulling the bow back is adrenaline.

It weighs 3.6 lbs, which makes it comfortable to shoot with.

It is indeed durable. It’s important to understand that this bow will last you the rest of your shooting career, making it a great lifelong investment.


Cams and String

Understandably, the Defiant can’t be changed with a couple of twists to fit any size of shooter. It involves the need to change out the cams and string for someone of a different stature to shoot it comfortably and accurately.

Although it seems like a negative point, it actually is a good thing. Hoyt engineered the Defiant for smoothness and accuracy. With the correct size of cams and string, it will bring out its top performance.


Draw Length & Weight

Before you purchase it, you need to know ahead of time what size of poundage and draw length you’ll need:

  • It comes in 24 to 30 inches for draw length, and the bow can be purchased in two-inch increments.
  • For the poundage, it comes in 30 to 80 pounds and must be purchased in 10-pound increments. The starting poundage is 30 to 40 pounds, all the way up to 70 to 80 pounds.

Of course, with the brand name, expect nothing but the best and expect the price tag to reflect this as well.


Comparison to Similar Products 

When you think of flagship bows, three major brands come to mind — Hoyt, Mathews, and Bowtech.

ProductHoyt Carbon Defiant
Hoyt Carbon Defiant

Bowtech Prodigy
Bowtech Prodigy

Mathews Halon 32 6
Mathews Halon 32 6

IBO Speed331 FPS343 FPS343 FPS
Weight3.6 lbs4.2 lbs4.73 lbs
Brace Height7"7"6"
Axle to Axle31"32"32"
Draw Weight30 - 80 lbs50 - 80 lbs40 - 70 lbs
Draw Length24" - 30"25 - 30.5"26 - 31"


Bowtech Prodigy

Bowtech Prodigy

Bowtech has defiantly upped their game with the Bowtech Prodigy. It has a speed of 343 FPS with a brace height of 7 inches, making it not only fast but also forgiving.

It is a little heavier than the Defiant, weighing 4.2 lbs.

It has a let-off of 80% which is extremely welcoming when held at full draw and waiting for an animal to step out from behind the trees.



Mathews Halon 32

Mathews Halon 32

Halon 32 is Mathews’ flagship bow which is built to hang with or perhaps surpass the Hoyt Defiant. It comes in three different series — the Halon 32 5, 6 and 7. The main difference among the three is their brace height.

They are set up for a 5, 6 and 7-inch brace height. Each bow is shooting a touch faster than the other. Obviously the shorter the brace height, the faster they shoot. The 5 series shoots 350 FPS, the 6 shoots 343 FPS and the 7 shoots 335 FPS.

The bows weigh between 4.73 lbs and 4.83 lbs. Their draw length ranges from 25 to 30 inches.


Rating the Hoyt Carbon Defiant Compound Bow

The following is based on a 1 to 5 stars rating.


three star rating

It is a full-size bow with all of its engineering used in shooting, accuracy, and smoothness, but adjustability isn’t the greatest. As long as you know what your required specs are for shooting a bow, then you can just buy the correct setup for yourself.

With that said, the adjustability received 3 stars. But again, keep in mind that it is made for serious hunters and the shooters rarely need their bow to be adjusted.


Ease of Use

three star rating

It is a bare bow when purchased from a dealer. That means that the shooter has to add all of the attachments, giving it 3 stars for ease of shooting right out of the box.

But if you are a serious hunter, you might personally want to pick the type of sights, rest, peep sight, etc. and customize it based on your preference.



five star rating

The smoothness of the draw and the comfort, balance and smoothness are top notch and can’t be beaten by any competitor; receiving 5 stars for shooting.



four star rating

Its competitors cost less. If it weren’t a flagship bow, then it would lose pretty much most of its stars on price. But because this is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for” bow, a hunter or shooter should expect to pay this sum. 4 stars are given for its cost.  



Overall, the Hoyt Defiant is a fantastic bow that is engineered and constructed for the serious hunter or shooter. It received an overall rating of 3.8 stars.

Anyone who purchases it will not be disappointed. As always, it is ideal to test as many bows as possible before you make a purchase.

Just make sure your bank account knows what you are about to do before you test out the Hoyt Defiant as it will be tough not to buy right on the spot.


What Other People Say

As expected, it seems that the numerous reviews out there have only good things to say about the Hoyt Carbon Defiant.

It is well balanced and comfortable in your hands when you are shooting. Its let-off is quicker than average, and it seems to have an even greater let-off at the very end of the draw.

It barely moves in the shooter’s hand when shot, so all the energy is sent directly to the flight of the arrow. The only downside to a bow of this caliber is the cost. But if you’re not expecting a bow like this to have a steep price, you don’t know archery well enough to shoot a Hoyt.


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