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Review: Bowtech Fuel Compound Bow

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Bowtech Fuel

“Refuse to follow.” is Bowtech’s motto. And they have done just that with a compound bow that seems to have everything for someone who is just getting into archery, or for someone who is an avid archery hunter.

The Bowtech Fuel is adjustable so it is suitable for pretty much all ages and sizes of archers.

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R.A.K. Accessories
R.A.K. Accessories

The Bowtech Fuel is built for shooters and hunters of all ages.

Its draw weight can be set up from 14 to 70 lbs, and its draw length can be adjusted between 18 and 30 inches. It is perfect for any young adult who is still growing physically and skill-wise too.

No need to buy different cams or take it to a pro shop to adjust anything since you can make the adjustments yourself.

It can be used solely as a target or a hunting bow. It screams speed by maxing out at 320 feet per second, yet has a brace height of 7 inches making it a very forgiving bow.



The Bowtech Fuel comes with the R.A.K. (Ready Aim Kill), which means it is fully equipped so it is shootable right out of the box. It comes with a quiver, rest, sight, wrist sling and stabilizer.

Understand that these items are basic and you may want to upgrade shortly after buying it. But for a first-year shooter, it is a one stop shop option for you to get into archery.

The Bowtech Fuel comes at a price that is a little steep for someone trying to decide if they want to get into the archery game.

However, the fact that Bowtech is the manufacturer, you know it will live up to the hype. And as long as it is taken cared of, it will also provide years of reliable shooting.


Comparison to Similar Products

ProductBowtech Fuel
Bowtech Fuel

Mission Craze II
Mission Craze II

Hoyt Ignite
Hoyt Ignite

IBO Speed320 FPS306 FPS300 FPS
Weight3.4 lbs3.4 lbs3.6 lbs
Brace Height7" 7 1/4"8"
Axle to Axle31.5"28"28"
Draw Weight14 - 70 lbs13 - 70 lbs15 - 70 lbs
Draw Length18" - 30"19 - 30"19 - 30"
CostCheck Price$$


Mission Craze II

Mission Craze II

Bowtech isn’t the only company to target the wider variety of hunters or shooters. Mission Craze II by Mathews is trying to follow suit and do the same thing.


The Mission Craze II has an adjustable draw weight of 13 to 70 lbs and an adjustable draw length of 19 to 30 inches. These numbers mean that just like the Fuel, pretty much anyone can shoot it.

The engineering of the Craze II also allows it to be adjusted without a bow press.

Its brace height is 7 ¼ inches, making it an even more forgiving bow than the Fuel. However, because of that extra ¼ inch, its speed suffers dropping it down to 306 FPS.

Unique Features

Though the Craze II comes right of the box with everything you need to shoot, it can be purchased in different packages — the Pro Hunter, Bow Hunter, and the Basic package.

Each package comes with the same bow; the difference is the quality of the sights, rests and other accessories. Of course, each of the package increases its price with the quality and accessories so you need to check with your local Mission retailer.


Hoyt Ignite

Hoyt Ignite

It seems that you can’t talk about archery unless you use the word “Hoyt”. Hoyt has also produced a bow that can adapt to all shooters regardless of skill level.


The Hoyt Ignite can be adjusted from 19 to 30 inches for its draw length and you can change the draw weight from 15 to 70 lbs.

Just like its competitor, the Hoyt Ignite can be adjusted right at home with a few simple steps.

It has a brace height of 8 inches, making it the most forgiving among these three bows. Although not by much, its speed is the slowest at 300 FPS.


It doesn’t have an outstanding feature when compared to the other two because it is similar to its competitors when it comes to its adjustability. It is also equipped with all the accessories needed to shoot right out of the box.

It is comparable though with the Mission Craze II when it comes to its cost.


Rating the Bowtech Fuel Compound Bow 

The following is based on a 1 to 5 stars rating.


five star rating

Because it is a full-size bow and it is versatile for pretty much all shooters, it received 5 stars for its adjustability.


Ease of Use

five star rating

It is already set up and ready to fire right out of the box, thus receiving 5 stars for its ease of use.



five star rating

The smoothness of the draw, and the comfort when holding the bow at full draw are the reasons for it to receive 5 stars for shooting.



two and half rating

The area where it struggles is on its price. You can purchase a full-size bow with all the same bells and whistles from a competitor for pretty much half of the price. 2.5 stars were given for its cost.



Overall, the Bowtech Fuel is awesome that any person can grow with, especially in their shooting skill level. If money is not an obstacle, there isn’t any reason why it should not be purchased. If you are on a budget and looking to get into archery, it may not seem as tempting.

However, if you already have a love for the sport and want a bow that you, your kids or spouse can grow with, this bow can’t be beaten. It received an overall rating of 4.4 stars.


Considering Other Reviews

The Bowtech Fuel reviews seem to be nothing but positive. When it first came out back in 2014, a few issues arose with the stock string breaking on the bow. But once the strings were replaced, no further issues were to speak of.

The biggest concern with the Fuel is its price. When it was introduced, it was the only one of its kind from a major bow producer.

But now that Mathews and Hoyt are making similar bows for less than Bowtech’s cost with pretty much the same features and setups, people are wondering if you get what you pay for; or is Bowtech just making a lot of money off of this bow?

Some people state that they like the way the Fuel feels on their hands, a full draw versus the Hoyt and the Mission. So better test each of these bows before purchasing to see what works for you.


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