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How To Choose Airsoft BBs? – Answered!

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You will be surprised with the number of options available for your airsoft rifle. From optics to rail systems and accessories, it can be both mind blowing and intimidating.

Choosing your ammo is a critical component to successful playing and weapon longevity as well. This is often overlooked by new airsoft players. Understanding various ammunition weight, type, and quality is an important factor to consider before you hit the field for a game.

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In the modern airsoft world, 6mm pellets are essentially the only option for gas, AEG, and spring guns on the market. The difference in ammunition comes from the type and quality of ammo, plus the weight of the pellets.

Though different types rarely affect the gun’s performance, it is still recommended to understand them.


2 Main Factors Affecting Choice


Weight affects the way a projectile moves. It affects the velocity, energy, trajectory, and durability of the airsoft gun. Choosing the appropriate weight is critical to succeed with a particular gun. The following is not an all-inclusive list, but a rundown of the most common.

.12 G

  • The most common BB out there.
  • These are crap, made for low-quality spring guns.
  • Tends to break apart in more powerful airsoft guns, and can also break guns.

.20 G

  • Serviceable and a good choice for higher quality guns.
  • It is common, affordable, and works well.
  • Far from perfect, but they don’t damage AEGs.

.25 G

  • Very popular with serious players using AEGs.
  • The heaviest projectiles that are used in low-powered airsoft guns.
  • They have better wind resistance, and often fly further than 20 g rounds.

.28 G

  • Designed for more powerful AEGs like ASG CZ Scorpion.
  • Often used in spring powered airsoft guns in a sniper role.

.30 G

.40 G

  • One of the best choices for sniper rifles due to their long range performance, stability, and maintains velocity.



Lastly, regardless of the type and weight of the projectile, you should always invest in good quality BBs. They are well polished and they lack seams from plastic molding. They have uniform size and weight as well.

You should buy from a dedicated airsoft website or store and avoid big box store projectiles. Good quality rounds will make your gun shoot straighter and last longer.


Analyzing Each Ammo Type


standard BB

Your standard 6mm BB is simply a piece of plastic molded into a spherical shape. They come in various weights and are available in bright and dark colors, where each type has its benefits.

Bright colored pellets are easy to see. It allows the shooter to see where they are hitting and allows them to adjust when necessary. But this makes it simpler to trace the stream of fire back to the shooter, which is a downside.

Dark colored pellets on the other hand make it difficult to see where the shooter is coming from, and also difficult for the shooter to see where the pellets are going.



biodegradable BB

Biodegradable pellets are becoming popular with outdoor games. These BBs simply disappear over time and reduce the costs associated with outdoor fields. They are just a hair more expensive than standard BBs.

Using non-biodegradable pellets can often harm animals and eventually pollute the field.



tracer BB

Tracers are pretty new in the airsoft realm. These pellets are for night use and they create quite the night light show. They glow in the dark and it creates a bright stream of green light as it is fired.

A tracer unit is also available. It is rechargeable so once the pellet is fired through it, it creates the pellet’s bright stream while flying on the air. Biodegradable tracers are also available.



marking bb

Marking BBs are coated with a bright powder. These rounds leave a noticeable circle when they strike an opponent. They are slightly more expensive than standard rounds.

Some powder comes off in the gun so cleaning is required between matches.



paintball BB

6mm paintballs are designed to explode on contact. They leave a distinctive mark on an opponent. They do not function in guns using a hop-up system because they can break inside it.

These small paintballs are brittle and break easily. So thoroughly cleaning the gun is required to ensure they properly function.


Other Rounds

steel BB

There are airsoft BBs that should not be used when playing against other people. This includes metal BBs, ceramic BBs, and silica BBs. They are often strong and can break regulation eyewear.


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  1. I utilize biodegradable airsoft pellets currently in training courses. However, when conducting training “indoors” they leave a mark on the walls (drywall) and lets just say, I have been tasked with researching “softer” airsoft pellets so as to minimize damage to interior walls. Do you have any thoughts on an efficient, softer, airsoft pellet that I can purchase for “indoor” training??

    • Unfortunately not. the problem with softer BBs is that they would malfunction in guns and create a mess. The closest would probably be paintball bbs, but they make a mess.

  2. Most airsoft bbs will break thru drywall especially is your close enough to it. If you talking about non-marking bio round, that doesn’t leave scuff marks etc to metal, Plexi, rubbers, and harder surfaces, try the next bio rounds from Killer Bee Airsoft. I just picked up some .28 and .32 and pretty impressed with the performance. https://killerbeeairsoft.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fbiodegradable-bbs .
    They will go through drywall if the shot is head-on with enough FPS, but just ricochets, and bounce offs should be non-marking. Rubber silicones might work for your needs as well.


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