Grundens vs Simms: Comparing the Best Foul Weather Rain Gear

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It is no secret that dealing with volatile weather is a reality for many fishermen.

Whether you participate in commercial or recreational fishing, buying foul-weather rain gear is a necessity. While countless companies sell rain products, Grundens and Simms are two of the most reputable manufacturers.

Both companies offer a wide range of quality rain gear items at both affordable and high-end prices. With so many similarities between these two companies, how do you know which one to choose?

Read below for a comprehensive Grundens vs. Simms foul weather rain gear comparison.

Grundens vs. Simms Foul Weather Rain Gear 

When it comes to quality gear for anglers, Grundens and Simms are two of the most well-known names in the industry.

Founded more than 100 years ago by the son of a Swedish fisherman, Grundens has developed into a global brand that designs, develops, and produces a variety of waterproof clothing for commercial fishers.

Grundens is a recognized leader in the commercial fishing industry, and many commercial fishermen own several products created by this Swedish powerhouse.

Although Simms was not founded until 1980, it has produced some of the most groundbreaking rain gear in the industry. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, Simms owns several state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities focused on coming up with the newest innovations in fair and foul weather fishing gear.

Pros and Cons of Grundens

Grundens logoGrundens is a solid choice for purchasing foul-weather rain gear. Read below for a few pros and cons of buying Grundens items:

Quality products: Grundens has designed and manufactured high-quality protective clothing and rain gear for generations. Its clothing is waterproof and created to function in the most challenging environments. A favorite manufacturer of commercial fishermen, Grundens is known for developing high-quality products.

Affordability: Grundens products are durable, but they are also highly affordable. From rain slickers to rubber suits, Grundens products are within most consumers’ budgets.

Wide Selection of Products: Grundens offers a comprehensive line of rain gear, including bibs, jackets, shirts, pants, boots, and accessories. It offers various models of each product to fit a wide variety of weather conditions.

Repair and Replacement Policy: If a product covered by warranty fails because of a manufacturing issue, Grundens will repair the product or replace it at no cost. Only branded products are covered under this repair policy, but it is a significant advantage if you regularly purchase a lot of gear.

Limited Warranties: While Grundens has a generous repair policy on branded products, its warranties have many exclusions. Warranties do not cover damage covered by routine wear and tear, accident, or improper care. However, Grundens will repair damaged clothing for a reasonable cost. 

While the limited warranties may deter some consumers, the advantages of Grundens products far outweigh the disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Simms

Simms logoWhile Grundens was founded more than 100 years ago, Simms has established itself as a leader in the rain gear industry since it was founded in 1980. Read below for a few pros and cons of choosing Simms products:

Durability: Simms is known for producing high-quality, durable products. For instance, its Challenger Jacket comes equipped with seamless stitching, making it very difficult to rip it accidentally. With proper care, most Simms products will last for several years.

Good Customer Service: Simms outperforms Grundens when it comes to customer service. Its customer service agents are friendly, helpful, and readily available.

Extended Warranties: Simms offers some of the best warranties on the market. Simms stands by the quality of its products and offers extended warranties on various items.

Convenient Features: Simms manufacturers products equipped with convenient features, including adjustable hoods, chest pockets, and water-resistant fabrics. Several clothing items also feature PrimaLoft insulation materials, which help you retain body warmth in the coldest temperatures.

Pricing: While Simms products are not necessarily high-end, they are more expensive than Grundens items. For instance, Simms bibs are more costly than other brands. However, the quality of the items often justifies the price. 

While some products are more expensive than other leading brand items, Simms uses high-quality, durable materials on all items.

Simms vs. Grundens Rain Jacket Product Comparison

Both Simms and Grundens offer a full rain gear line, including rain jackets. Read below to compare Grudens’ Dark and Stormy rain jacket and Simms’ Challenger jacket.

Grundens Dark and Stormy rain gear are one of the reasons the company has such an excellent reputation among commercial fishers. The jacket is outfitted with material designed to repel water and retain body heat.

The rain jacket is made from eVent fabric, making it flexible while still providing superior water resistance. The jacket has numerous pockets, high-quality zippers, and internal storage compartments.

The Dark and Stormy rain jacket is breathable, comfortable, and adjustable. It is one of the most popular fishing gear clothing items in the U.S. It keeps wearers dry and comfortable, even in the wettest weather conditions. The coat is one of the most expensive items sold by Grundens but will last for years with proper care.

The Simms Challenger jacket is similar in design and construction to Grundens’ Dark and Stormy jacket.

The Challenger jacket is waterproof, flexible, and helps you stay warm against the elements. The liner on the jacket is flexible yet durable and allows for fluid movements while fishing. The jacket also comes with waterproof zippers and fleece-lined pockets.

The Challenger jacket is not as aesthetically pleasing as the Dark and Stormy rain jacket, but it has many features, including a kill switch attachment and a zippered chest pocket.

Grundens vs. Simms Conclusion 

If you are a commercial or recreational fisherman, Grundens and Simms create a line of products you need to stay dry and warm. When comparing Grundens vs. Simms, it is crucial to consider each company’s experience, pricing, and customer service.

Both companies create high-quality, durable products made to withstand harsh weather elements. Grundens products are more affordable, but Simms offers better customer service and extended warranties. Both companies provide high-quality products, and you cannot go wrong with either choice.

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