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Review: Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Goggles

Armasight Nyx7 Gen 2+

Outdoor Empire pick for best NV goggles for the money.

Night vision goggles lets you own the night. They enable people to easily walk, shoot and even drive small recreational vehicles in the middle of the evening without the need for white light sources.

These are popular for hunters. With the rise of the feral pig, many states are relaxing their rules on hunting these critters and allowing people to shoot at night.



The Nyx7 NV goggles by Armasight are the most versatile option for shooting at night. It is a Generation 2+ optics that performs quite well for its price range. It is a 1x optic designed to be worn and used while moving.

It can instantly swap lenses to become a robust set of night binoculars. It works on a biocular principle and it uses a single output lens.

Thanks to the optional magnifying lenses, you can attach a 3, 5, 7, or 8 power lens for long distance viewing or a magnifying lens with a reticle for range finding.

The system comes with an integral illuminator needed for basic movement but there is also an alternative for a stronger illuminator. This is a must-have if you are using magnifying lenses since it allows long range scanning and observation.



This is a Gen 2+ device so you get a solid 47-54 lp/mm resolution. While it’s nothing close to a Gen 3, it’s good enough for hunting but a higher resolution unit for tactical use is advised. It offers a wide 40-degree field of view which is impressive considering it’s a biocular system.

It can use either a CR 123A battery or a AA battery through the utilization of an adapter. This is superbly handy when you have access to only one or the other battery type. It lasts up to 60 hours depending on IR illuminator use.

There is a built-in low battery indicator and an IR on the indicator that is visible when looking through the goggles. This is essentially a heads up display that makes it easy to know when your IR illuminator is on and batteries are dying.

The Nyx7 is perfect for hunting, airsoft, or just walking at night.



Comparison to Similar Products

ProductArmasight Nyx7
Armasight Nyx7

Bering Optics Stryker
Bering Optics Stryker


Lens Diameter24mm24mm26mm
Resolution47-54 lp/mm47-56 lp/mm40-45 lp/mm
Weight16 oz 17.6 oz17.6 oz
Dimensions (LxWxH)5.9" x 4.0" x 2.7"7.2" x 5.2" x 2.3"6.3" x 6" x 3"
Battery Life60 hoursup to 40 hours60 hours
Power Supply(1) 3V, CR123A or (1) 1.5V AA (1) 3V, CR123(1) 3V, CR123A
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


Bering Optics Stryker


Bering Optics Stryker

The Bering Optics Stryker night vision goggles are quite similar to the Armasight Nyx7. They are biocular goggles with a built-in IR illuminator. The system can also equip a wide variety of lenses like the Nyx7, including 3,4,6, and 8 power magnifiers.

The Stryker can accept a power in jack that allows surveillance for extended periods without changing batteries. This is certainly desirable in situations where you are tasked with long-term surveillance or observation.

Unfortunately, they do lack a few key features to make them better for long term observation than the Nyx7. You cannot quickly equip a more powerful IR illuminator for long range use, and there is no adapter for a tripod.





The ATN NVG7-2 is a Gen 2+ device that uses a common biocular design. Like the Nyx7, it can accept lenses for long range use including 3, 5, and 8 power lenses. Like the Stryker, the NVG7-2 cannot be mounted to a tripod.

However, you can easily attach a more powerful IR illuminator to a section of picatinny rail on the 8 power lens.

The resolution, battery life, field of view, and water resistance are about equal with the Nyx7 system. However, the NVG7-2 is heavier, more expensive, and not as versatile. They are still well-made optics that will serve you well. But for the price point, the Nyx seems superior.



Rating the Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+


three star rating

If this were a competition among Gen 2 devices, it would easily be a 4 or even a 5. In a world where Gen 3 and 4 devices exist, we have to be honest with ourselves.

This unit is surprisingly bright but tends to suffer at extended ranges. As a Gen 2 device, it also has some distortion around the edges of the lens. The Gen 2+ technology makes the center of the image surprisingly clear when there is enough ambient light in play.

3 stars for its clarity.



five star rating

These bad boys weigh only 16 ounces and are readily equipped with a variety of mounts. It’s comfortable when worn on a helmet style system and prevents neck strain. It is easy to customize; adding lenses can be done in the field with ease.

It can also be easily used as a handheld device. Swapping batteries can be done while wearing the goggles and the tethered battery cap keeps you from losing it in the dark. It certainly seems like it was built by experienced night vision users. 5 stars for its ergonomics.



five star rating

The ability to add separate lenses allows these goggles to fulfill multiple roles. The lenses are easy to change, and the system can instantly transform to serve a different role.

Its clarity and weather resistance makes it a good choice for hunting, airsoft, and other roles outside of tactical use. The 8x lenses even have an adapter to mount the system on any tripod. 5 stars for its versatility.




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