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7 Most Comfortable Tree Stands for Hunters Who Hang in There

Man aiming rifle while sitting in a treestand

My first tree standing hunting experience was as a teenager in central Missouri, just after the snowiest day of the year.

It was cold enough for two pairs of socks to not be warm enough, but I stuck it out on that tree stand from dawn ’til midday. I lasted longer than the adults, hah!

That much time freezing my feet off up in a tree impressed upon me the importance of a comfortable seat. That was the only reason I didn’t pack it in after two hours!

Unfortunately, I do not remember who made that tree stand, but I’ve always made sure since to approach all tree stands from the comfort angle.

Overall, the most commonly recommended comfortable tree stands are the Summit Viper climber and the Millennium L110 ladder stand. Both offer all-day hunting luxury, are durable enough to last many years, and will not exhaust your hunting budget.

The most comfortable tree stand for you will, ultimately, be based on personal preference and how you will use it. However, here are some specific models known by rifle and bowhunters to be the most comfortable stands available today.

The 7 Most Comfortable Tree Stands in 2021

  1. Overall Best Comfortable Climbing Stand: Summit Viper SD
  2. Overall Best Comfortable Ladder Stand: Millennium Treestands L110
  3. Best Budget Comfortable Climbing Stand: Summit Viper Steel
  4. Lightest Comfortable Tree Stand: Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite
  5. Most Comfortable Extra Large Climbing Stand: Summit Titan SD
  6. Easiest To Use Comfortable Ladder Stand: X-Stand Treestands The Duke
  7. Best Comfortable Tree Stand for Two People: Rivers Edge Lockdown 2-Man

Check out the table below to compare our top picks!

CategoryMost Comfortable ClimbingMost Comfortable LadderBest Budget Pick
Summit Viper SD treestand product image
Summit Viper SD

Millennium L110 tree stand product image
Millennium Treestands M100U

Summit Viper Steel tree stand product image
Summit Viper Steel

Weight20 lbs92 lbs29 lbs
What We LikeLightweight, easy to use, nice design, good reputation for comfortDurable steel, comfort features like adjustable shooting rail, footrest includedSimilar design as Viper SD, but cheaper
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Overall Best Comfortable Climbing Stand: Summit Viper SD

Product image of Summit Viper SD treestand attached to tree

Ask a dozen tree hunters which stand they find the most comfortable and the most common individual stand will be the Summit Viper.

The Summit Viper SD is the upgraded version of the old Summit Viper Classic, now discontinued, and is regarded as a worthy successor.

The Viper SD has a full-perimeter aluminum frame, including the combination climbing bar/gun rest, with padding for your arms and on the bar. The seat has thick padding and so does the backrest so you can sit all day in comfort.

The platform isn’t the largest on the market but it’s enough for most hunters to have room to stand to take the short. Or to stretch your legs.

Also, the “SD” in “Viper SD” refers to the sound dampening added by Summit. This reduces metal-to-metal contact so you won’t spook a deer when you shift in your seat!

But it’s the little touches that raise Summit over the rest.

For example, the joints are designed to be able to support your weight even without being welded, so the welds experience little stress. And the climbing system is the easiest to use in the business.

Key Features

  • Type: Climber
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Included Harness: 4-point


  • Lightweight, so you won’t fatigue yourself as you carry the stand into the woods
  • Well-designed climbing and cable retention systems make the Viper SD easy to use


  • The backpack straps can be uncomfortable
  • The Viper SD uses zippers instead of cable ties, which can cause noise as you walk to your hunting area


The Summit Viper SD is a very well designed climber stand that will keep you hunting in comfort for a decade or more.

Compare prices at: Sportsman’s Guide

2. Overall Best Comfortable Ladder Tree Stand: Millennium Treestands L110

Product image of Millennium L110 ladder treestand

Millennium is the other big-name brand you’ll find recommended by most hunters, whether they use a bow or a rifle.

You may not think it just by looking at the Millennium L110 but it’s one of the best ladder stands on the market and is much more comfortable than you’d guess at first glance.

The seat is of the suspended style, which Millennium calls comfortMAX. It’s comfortable without needing inches of rain-absorbing foam, so you’ll almost fall asleep even in wet weather.

The footrest helps a lot but also folds out of the way when you don’t need it. And the gun rest is both adjustable and padded.

Installation can be a pain, however, as the L110 does weigh almost 100 pounds. Bring a friend!

Key Features

  • Type: Ladder
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Included Harness: Full-body


  • Durable, long-lasting steel construction
  • Surprisingly comfortable sling seat and adjustable shooting rail plus footrest for all-day sits


  • The seat is hard to replace if squirrels chew through the fabric
  • Too small for larger individuals


The Millennium L110 should be the go-to choice for anybody wanting a comfortable ladder stand. Unless they have certain other requirements they need filled, such as a wider seat.

3. Best Budget Comfortable Climbing Stand: Summit Viper Steel

Product image of Summit Viper Steel tree stand

The Summit Viper SD is an excellent hunting stand but it is also an expensive one. Which is why Summit also offers the Viper Steel.

This climbing tree stand is just as comfortable as the Viper SD. It’s almost exactly the same!

There is a big difference, though:

This one is made of steel, which adds nine pounds and saves you almost $100!

Whether you prefer to save weight or money is up to you. I will point out that, though the Viper Steel does have a powder coating, it can get scratched, so you will have to watch for rust.

Key Features

  • Type: Climber
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Included Harness: 4-point


  • Same pros and cons as the Viper SD
  • Steel construction allows this version of the Viper to hit a more economic price point


  • Doesn’t have the same sound dampening materials as Summit’s SD stands
  • Heavier than the more expensive aluminum stands


If you want to save a good chunk of change and are fine with rucking nine more pounds on your hunting trip then the Viper Steel is a great climber stand.

Compare prices at: Bass Pro Shops

4. Most Lightweight Comfortable Tree Stand: Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite

Product image of Millennium M100U Ultralite treestand

Interested in saving even more weight? Millennium has the tree stand for you.

The M100U Ultralite is a hang-on tree stand re-engineered to keep what’s necessary and get rid of what’s not. The result is a suspended seat stand that weighs less than fourteen pounds!

This is the same comfortMAX seat as on the Millennium L110. This means it’s super comfy while weighing little. And, since you’ll be bringing this one home with you at the end of the hunt, it’s safe from squirrels!

The platform does not look large. However, you can fold the seat out of the way and have access to the entire platform for those standing shots.

The M100U attaches to a receiver mount. These are either a chain or ratcheting strap that attaches a bracket to the tree. Slip the M100U into the bracket and you’re good to go!

One receiver comes with the stand, but it’s the chain style. Most (but not all!) hunters prefer the strap. Extra receiver mounts are useful for establishing multiple hunting sites but they are expensive.

That’s the biggest problem with the M100U, actually. It looks like a budget tree stand at first but the moment you start buying upgrades the cost inflates, fast. 

Key Features

  • Type: Hanger
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Included Harness: Full-body


  • The seat folds out of the way so archers have plenty of room for standing shots
  • Very lightweight design without sacrificing durability


  • No included gun rest or footrest
  • People tend to prefer the strap receiver over the chain receiver


The Millennium M100U Ultralite is a great hang-on tree stand for hunters looking to minimize their weight while maximizing comfort but it can get expensive if you want to upgrade its minimalist design.

5. Most Comfortable Extra Large Climbing Stand: Summit Titan SD

Product image of Summit Titan SD climbing treestand

Climber and hanger tree stands are often a bit small. This is to save weight and space when you’re lugging them into the woods.

What if you are not small, though? Is there a good hunting stand for you?

Summit has you covered with the Titan SD.

The Titan SD is an upscaled version of the Viper SD, suitable for hunters taller or wider than most. The platform is both wider and deeper so anybody can fit. The seat can be adjusted for height.

The Titan can also support 350 pounds, 50 more than the Viper’s 300 pound limit.

You get the other good qualities of the Viper as well, such as the precise construction that minimizes welding stress and the easy climbing system.

Key Features

  • Type: Climber
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Included Harness: Full-body


  • All of the benefits of the Viper SD
  • Can safely support up to 350 pounds of hunter and gear


  • More expensive than the smaller equivalent models


The Summit Titan SD is a great tree stand for heavier hunters. It’s also a good choice for anybody who wants to have a bit more room to move when stuck in a tree for hours and hours, making it great for people with bad backs as well.

Compare prices at: Bass Pro Shops

6. Easiest to Use Comfortable Ladder Stand: X-Stand Treestands The Duke

Product image of X-Stand The Duke treestand

Ladder hunting stands tend to be more secure than their climber and hanger counterparts. However, it’s impossible to set up a ladder tree stand by yourself.

Or is it?

The Duke, by X-Stand Treestands, is a full-on ladder stand that’s lightweight and surprisingly easy to install by your lonesome.

Though part of this is the lighter-than-average weight, the real trick is in the Jaw Safety System. This allows you to stabilize the stand from the ground, by yourself.

Still, shooting partners do make assembly easier…

The Duke comes with a footrest. There are also armrests. Not gun rests you can use as armrests, or a padded safety perimeter masquerading as armrests, but actual, purpose-built armrests.

Mix those features with the sling-style seat and you have the comfort you need for long sits.

Fold up the seat and you have access to the entire platform, great for archers or when you need to twist at an odd angle to make an ethical shot on the deer behind your tree.

Key Features

  • Type: Ladder
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Included Harness: 4-point


  • Can be assembled and installed by a single person thanks to the Jaw 
  • Comes with two accessory hooks and a drink holder


  • Long assembly time with poor instructions


X-Stand’s The Duke is a good choice for ladder hunters who want something that’s easy to put up alone without sacrificing comfort.

7. Best Comfortable Tree Stand for Two People: Rivers Edge Lockdown 2-Man

Product image of Rivers Edge Lockdown 2 man treestand

Hunting tree stands for two people often seem to miss the mark for me.

The Lockdown 2-Man, by Rivers Edge, is one of the few that manages to be very comfortable without costing twice that of a single-person tree stand.

It has a single, wide mesh seat. It’s of the sling style, and so it’s very comfortable for the weight. It’s also not two seats stuck together so a single hunter can sit in the middle comfortably, unlike most other two-person tree stands.

The platform is large enough for an archer to stand up without knocking over their partner. There’s also a footrest.

The gun rest is adjustable for both height and length, which allows you to tailor it to your gun and physiology. This is an improvement over certain other gun rails.

Also, this stand is easier to assemble than most ladder stands. Most have poorly-thought-out instructions but hunters tend to praise the Lockdown’s instruction manual.

You’ll still need some extra muscle to manhandle this 113-pound behemoth into position, though!

Two people sitting in a treestand hunting, one with binoculars and one with aiming rifle
The Lockdown 2-man tree stand comfortably seats two people.

Key Features

  • Type: Ladder
  • Weight: 113 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Included Harness: 2x Full-body


  • Better assembly instructions than most tree stands
  • Clever design for the tree support strap that makes assembly safe and easy
  • Great for hunting alone or with a partner, unlike other two-person tree stands


  • Does not come with padding for your arms
  • Very heavy


The Rivers Edge Lockdown 2-Man is the perfect tree stand for people who hunt with a partner. It is also a great option for a single large-bodied hunter or someone who just likes extra space.

What Should I Look For in a Tree Stand to Ensure It Is Comfortable?

Hunter sitting comfortably in a treestand
The Summit Viper SD tree stand is widely regarded as being very comfy.

I haven’t met a single hunter who got to their hunting stand, waited five minutes, shot a deer, then went home for the day.

A lot of treestand hunters also use deer feeders. Depending on where you put your feeder, you could be in that stand for the long haul!

Sitting in a tree stand is a multi-hour or even all-day affair so the second consideration to a stand being safe is whether or not it’s comfortable.

There are steps you can take to make an uncomfortable stand more comfortable, true. But it’s a better idea to buy a stand designed for comfort already rather than trying to modify an old one.

Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

The Seat

Tree stand seat attached to a tree

How comfortable is the seat?

There are two main schools of thought on this subject. Some people like lots of cushioning. Other people like sling seats with naught but a thin-yet-tough layer.

I’m in the second camp.

Cushioning can hold water. Foam is also an attractive source of nesting material for birds and rodents, so you may return to your hunting tree stand to find a gaping hole in the cushion.

I also find the suspended style just plain more comfortable than thick cushions.

That’s not all you should keep in mind, though. Here’s something else to consider:

How wide is the seat?

If you’re a larger fella then you may need a seat with more horizontal space than most on the market.

Even scrawny folks may prefer wide seats if they’re the restless type and like to change positions frequently. That’s me. Big tree stands are good for all size hunters.

Arm and Foot Rests

Man's feet resting on treestand footrest
The River’s Edge Lockdown treestands have really nice footrests.

All of the above tree stands have a platform you can stand on. But what if your feet get tired of that flat surface?

It may seem small if you haven’t tried them but the ability to put up your feet can vastly improve your hunting experience when you sit in one position for 8 hours. Footrests can improve circulation, too.

Similarly, you’ll likely find a hunting stand more comfortable if you have a place to put your arms that’s not your lap. Even better if the armrest is padded and not bare metal!

As a plus, armrests typically take the form of gun rails, which give you a place to safely set your firearm, increasing comfort. Even light rifles feel like they weigh too much when held in your arms or left on your lap all day!

Not all gun rests are fully adjustable, though. If you’re taller or shorter than average you may want to buy a tree stand with a gun rest that’s adjustable for length, not just height.

Space to Stand

Man in camo standing on a treestand with a bow in hand
If you like standing room the Lockdown 2-man tree stand can’t be beat, even for one person.

Comfortable archery tree stands need large platforms.

Rifle hunting stands need them, too.

Sitting all day is a good way to cramp up when you need to jump into action, so I recommend buying a tree stand with a platform large enough for you to comfortably stand on.

Climbers and especially hangers don’t need to have huge platforms, though, because every additional inch adds weight you’ll need to hike in and out!

And if standing and moving about is imperative for you, you might even consider a hunting blind vs a treestand.


Close up of armrest hardware on a hunting treestand

Finally, hunting stands are expensive.

These are devices that will help you hunt comfortably for years on end. In other words, an investment.

Don’t cheap out on a hunting stand. Look for one that’s made well, with strong joints and environmental resistances.

A weak or rusted-out tree stand is not only less comfortable. It’s also more dangerous.

Remember, safety comes before comfort!

How Can I Make a Treestand More Comfortable?

If you have an existing tree stand and want to make it more comfortable then there are some upgrades you can add.

The easiest one to perform is to add to the seat. There is a variety of tree stand cushions you can buy, such as the Super Slumper, but you can make your own as well.

Make sure whatever cushion you add has straps! You don’t want to be sitting on a slippery seat when twenty feet up in a tree.

Adding cushioning to gun rests for your arms is easy, too. My father would use pool noodles, which is a workable option if you are on a budget.

And, if your stand doesn’t come with them, you can add footrests or gun rests.

For example, if you want to upgrade your Summit Viper SD, you can add a Summit Footrest Kit.


An uncomfortable tree stand can send you home in defeat before you see your deer.

A comfortable tree stand will keep you rested from the moment you reach the hunting area until you bag that deer and take it home with you.

Remember, if you’re rested and alert, you’ll be more accurate. The more accurate you are, the smoother you’ll take that deer.

The best hunting stand depends on your hunting style, of course. Summit and Millennium make some of the most comfortable stands in the business so it’s hard to go wrong with one of those.

If in doubt, the Summit Viper SD is the tree stand I’ve seen recommended by the largest number of hunters.

…and, for the record, I did not get a deer from that first tree stand hunting trip.

A buck did approach the tree, but he did it from straight behind then left in the same direction. I never saw him!

And remember that there are even more options for climbing treestands if comfort is not your number one priority.


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