Best Bowfishing Line: A Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2022

Muzzy bowfishing line on wood

Bowfishing is a thrilling and rewarding mixture of bow hunting and fishing. This makes the sport an excellent evolutionary step for either hunters or anglers. However, you need the right tools to do the job right, and a standard bow and arrow setup won’t work for obvious reasons.

Perhaps the essential tool for bowfishing is the line. The line connects the arrow to your bow and allows you to reel in your catch. To do that, you need a line for bowfishing that’s long and strong, like some of our favorites below.

Top 3 Bowfishing Lines of 2022: Outdoor Empire Reviews

  1. Best Overall: Muzzy 1078 Line
  2. Best Budget Pick: Cajun Bowfishing Premium Bowfishing Line
  3. Best Value for the Money: AMS Bowfishing Braided Dacron Line
Best OverallBest Budget PickBest Value for the Money
ProductMuzzy 1078 line
Muzzy 1078 Line

Cajun bowfishing line
Cajun Bowfishing Line

Ams bowfishing line
AMS Bowfishing Line

Line Weight200 pounds250 pounds200 pounds
Fishing Line TypeBraidedBraidedBraided
Quantity33 yards25 yards50 yards
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Best Bowfishing Line: Muzzy 1078 Line

Muzzy 1078 line


Those experienced in bowfishing probably aren’t surprised that the top pick comes from Muzzy. They have plenty of experience manufacturing high-quality bowfishing products, and they’re especially well-known for durability and ease of use.

As a line for bowfishing, what Muzzy offers doesn’t differ much from the rest of their top-notch products. Made from nylon, the lines are abrasion-resistant, knot-friendly, and strong. So if you’re bowfishing in an area where the line may catch on rocks or other water-borne debris, you can’t go wrong with the Muzzy 1078 line.


  • 100-foot spool
  • Crafted for spin-cast style bowfishing reels
  • Made from braided nylon
  • Lime green color
  • Passed the 200-pound test
  • Spool-sized
  • Works with a variety of species


  • Extremely durable 
  • High visibility color
  • Knot-friendly
  • Reduced abrasion construction
  • Strong yet slender for less drag when shooting


There aren’t too many cons to the Muzzy line. Yes, it’s braided nylon instead of a nylon filament, but the braided bowfishing line is still resistant to abrasion.

Perhaps the main concern that could potentially knock it from the best bowfishing line perch is the line can remember its shape. This can lead to frustrating tangles and make it difficult for the line to fully straighten when in use.

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2. Best Budget Pick: Cajun Bowfishing Premium Bowfishing Line

Cajun premium bowfishing line


If you’re new to bowfishing, the Cajun brand may be unfamiliar to you. However, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. A subsidiary of Bear Archery, a well-respected name in the bowhunting world, Cajun’s lines for bowfishing offers similar advantages to the Muzzy line listed above.

However, the Cajun bowfishing line is typically less expensive yet passes a slightly tougher strength test. So, if you’re looking to save a few bucks with your purchase or want to try out a budget pick before jumping to the best overall choice, the Cajun bowfishing line is for you.


  • 75-foot spool
  • Bright white color
  • Made from braided nylon
  • Passes 250-pound test


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Bright color offers easy visibility
  • Extremely durable
  • Knot-friendly
  • Slender size considering its strength


As with the Muzzy line, the main issue here is line memory. That means tangles can be an issue, and, with time, the line may struggle to remain a straight shape when shot. In addition, those looking to reach their maximum distance with each shot constantly may end up frustrated.

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Compare prices at: Bass Pro Shops

3. Best Value for the Money: AMS Bowfishing Braided Dacron Line

Ams bowfishing braided dacron line


AMS is known for its high-quality retriever reels, yet it’s their braided Dacron bowfishing lines that offer the best value for their money. Dacron, which we mentioned above, is highly durable — especially when it’s braided as it is here.

While the AMS bowfishing lines can be slightly more expensive than the options listed above, you’re still getting excellent bang for your buck due to the line’s strength and length. Choosing their lines is a no-brainer if you’re already part of the AMS bowfishing ecosystem.


  • 150-feet length
  • Available in a variety of colors, including orange and yellow
  • Made from braided Dacron
  • Passes 200-pound test


  • Extremely strong
  • High visibility color
  • Low-memory construction
  • Suitable for spinning and retriever reels


While braided Dacron lines have their advantages, they also have their weaknesses. Unlike nylon lines, Dacron lines are less knot-friendly and more likely to deal with abrasion.

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What Kind of Line Do You Use for Bowfishing?

Bowfishing lines are usually made from one of three materials:

  • Dacron
  • Nylon
  • Spectra

Each of these lines is manufactured to be durable and robust even when shot into something as substantial as a shark or an alligator.

When shopping for bowfishing lines, you’ll see them listed with a maximum weight. The range generally runs from 80 to 600 pounds, with the heavier weights more suitable for the strongest aquatic creatures.

Additionally, you’ll see that most lines are manufactured in bright colors like orange or neon green. This helps keep them visible even if they run to the murky depths of a body of water.

How to Choose Bowfishing Lines

As bowfishermen hunt a wide variety of game fish, the most significant factor in determining what line you’ll use is your intended target. Larger fish and animals, like alligators, rays, and sharks, will require far stronger lines than those used on carp.

Types of Bowfishing Lines

You’ll also want to consider the materials used to manufacture the lines, as mentioned above. Nylon, or nylon monofilament, is often a favorite due to the three key advantages it offers:

1. The material is capable of stretching. This can be helpful when hunting larger or stronger animals as stretching helps to absorb sudden shocks from the creature forcefully changing directions.

2. The material catches against itself. This helps make knots more effective, which, in turn, makes it less likely for you to lose your arrow.

3. The material is considered extremely tough. While nylon can be braided, a nylon monofilament line resists abrasion because there aren’t threads constantly rubbing against and weakening each other.

Dacron and Spectra can also fulfill your needs, but they have their strengths and weaknesses you should be aware of.

For example, they tend to be relatively smooth and knot-resistant. In addition, there are braid-approved lines made from these materials, and they’ll be labeled as such, but they aren’t always easy to find.

Where to Find More Information About Bowfishing and Other Outdoor Sports

If you’re new to bowfishing, this information can be overwhelming. That’s why Outdoor Empire is committed to offering the highest-quality resources to help you up your outdoor sports game. If you’re looking to start from square-zero, we recommend checking out our beginner’s guide to bowfishing hunting.

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