One- Or Two-Piece Or Telescopic Fishing Rod – Which One To Choose?

fishing rod with reel

Despite their seeming simplicity, fishing rods vary in a number of important ways.

They exhibit different actions, different levels of power and various construction materials, among other things. These influence how the fishing stick works and the best applications for which it is suited.

While these considerations receive their share of discussion, many anglers fail to consider the differences between one-piece, two-piece and telescopic (or collapsible) rods.

Though this is not as important as factors like length, action and power, they will definitely influence your fishing experience.

Here are the number of rod pieces that you have to consider before finally choosing one that best fits your fishing needs.


G. Loomis Crosscurrent PRO 1

One-piece rods are the most common style available for all shorter sized classes. After all, 6-foot-long poles easily fit inside most vehicles and the average closet with ease. In fact, multi-section or collapsible rods are usually not available for shorter fishing sticks.

They are typically regarded as the most sensitive style among the three, and they often boast finer craftsmanship than multi-section rods do.

In most cases, serious anglers seeking a precision rod will elect to go with a one-piece for this reason alone. It is also important to realize that most tools – from rods to reels and lures – work better when they feature fewer parts.

Suited for:

  • Advanced anglers for whom sensitivity is paramount.
  • Anglers who don’t worry about transporting the rods to and from the lake.
  • Anglers who are not detail-oriented, and may not take the time to ensure two-piece rods are assembled correctly.


Shakespeare Omni X Fly

Most two-piece rods are manufactured in a way that they can be easier to ship, store and haul back and forth to the water. Most models connect via a small metal sleeve called a ferrule, located about halfway up the pole.

This connection is the source of a loss of sensitivity for the rod, regardless of how well-manufactured it is.

Nevertheless, high quality two-piece rods are unlikely to exhibit a drastic difference in sensitivity. Usually, beginning and intermediate-level anglers fail to even notice the difference.

Think Twice

Some anglers have experienced problems with two-piece rods when they fail to ensure that both pieces are fit snuggly together and are properly aligned.

If you fail to seat the two sections together well, the upper tip may fly off in the middle of a cast which may spook the fish that you are trying to catch.

On the other hand, if you do not ensure both halves are aligned properly, you’ll lose casting distance and prematurely age your line, courtesy of the increased friction.

Suited for:

  • Anglers who use public transportation, a small car or a bicycle to access their fishing hole.
  • Anglers who lack the storage space necessary to safely store a long rod.
  • Anglers who prefer very long fishing sticks, over 7 feet in length.
  • Anglers targeting very large fish.
  • Anglers who will use it for trolling.

Telescopic or Collapsible

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic

Telescopic rods collapse into themselves, enabling you to take your 8- or 10-foot-long pole and shrink it down to about 2 feet in length or so.

This provides obvious benefits for anglers who like to keep a rod in the car for impromptu fishing expeditions, or students who would like to keep one stashed in their back pack so they can get in a few quick casts between classes.

While portable rods often have worse sensitivity than two-piece rods do, they allow you to fish in a number of situations and circumstances that you may have otherwise missed, because you can keep the collapsible rod with you most of the time.

Suited for:

  • Anglers who spend lots of time camping.
  • Anglers who have very little storage space.
  • Anglers who like to fish opportunistically.
  • Beginning anglers who are unlikely to miss the sensitivity of one- and two-piece rods.

Choose Based on Your Circumstances

The number of rod pieces are definitely helpful when you are selecting the best type based on your circumstances. You should never be afraid to buck these trends and select the rod that you like the most.

Usually, casual anglers will catch just as many fish with a one-piece rod as they will with a telescopic rod; and pros will catch just about as many fish with a collapsible rod as they will with a one-piece, despite the one-piece rod being more sensitive.

No matter what your choice is, the most important thing is to think thoroughly of what you most likely need so you can stop shopping and start fishing!

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