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Stun Gun vs Taser – Which One Is Better?

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stun gun vs taser

Whenever you start talking about stun guns, you’ll hear the word “taser.” Why? Because Taser invented the stun gun. Taser was the first company to weaponize electricity in a handheld form.

Stun guns quickly grew in popularity, but Taser became so popular that their name has become (incorrectly) synonymous with “stun gun,” like Kleenex and tissues.

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Taser recently changed its name to Axon, but they still call their line of stun guns Tasers. Taser has moved beyond the average stun gun to the point where Tasers and other stun guns are somewhat distinct from each other. Taser produces stun guns unlike any other electrical weapon out there.



Taser Advantages

taser x26 fired

One of the best things about purchasing a Taser is that you know you are getting a high-quality product. Axon Tasers are designed for serious use, being used by both law enforcement and military forces.

A long time ago, when I was still an active duty Marine, I was required to become Taser qualified. This involved getting hit by an X-26 Taser. It took me down instantly. I had no idea what was happening until what seemed like years later as someone helped me up.

Tasers are incredibly powerful weapons and can deliver near-instant muscle-control loss to an attacker. This is an impressive feature when purchasing a weapon made for self-defense.

Axon/Taser is the only stun gun company I’m aware of that produces projectile-based stun guns. Their stun guns include the X-26, the Pulse, the Bolt, and the X2.

These guns fire two barbs at a target up to 15 feet away. These barbs dig into the body, and when the weapon’s trigger is pulled, the bad guy gets 5 seconds of shock.

This gives you a massive advantage when it comes to dealing with targets at different ranges. You don’t have to physically touch an attacker, and that is invaluable. These Taser stun guns will still work at contact range if needed.

Taser also produces stun guns like the Taser Strikelight, a pure contact weapon. They do a bit of everything.


Stun Gun Advantages

lady holding Sabre stun gunMost stun guns made by quality manufacturers like Sabre will deliver painful and efficient shocks to an attacker. These stun guns are all designed for contact range. This means you have to physically press the gun against your attacker to cause them harm. This does allow for an effective force multiplier in any fight.

Stun guns are typically more affordable than Tasers. You can get a quality stun gun for well below a hundred dollars. Stun guns are also typically smaller than a Taser, and this reduced bulk makes them easier to conceal. You can carry them on your body with no major changes to how you dress or live.

Stun gun sizes and configurations vary.

You can get ultra-small stun guns in various shapes and sizes—some shaped like guns, some straight bricks. Others are palm-sized shockers. You can also get stun guns disguised as other things like a key fob, a cell phone, or a flashlight. You can even get a stun baton, a large and powerful weapon.

Stun guns overall have a greater variety of sizes than Tasers and configurations. They are cheaper too, with more availability in stores and online.


Taser Disadvantages

man fired taser x2
Taser X2

Axon-brand Tasers are expensive—very expensive. The cheapest model they make is the contact stun gun known as the Taser Strikelight. The Strikelight is a flashlight stun gun and goes for over a hundred bucks. Beyond that, it’s common to see Tasers like the Bolt and Pulse going for several hundred dollars.

The X-26 and X2 cost over a thousand dollars. Tasers are far from cheap. However, this is the cost of a well-reputed electric weapon that packs power and range.

Tasers also tend to be bigger and bulkier to accommodate the projectiles. This makes them harder to conceal, but due to their popularity, you can purchase holsters and other accessories to make concealment a bit easier.

The Taser brand is well respected, but the price can be a turn-off for some. It’s hard to justify a stun gun to some when it costs as much or even more than a quality handgun.


Stun Gun Disadvantages

stun gun phone case
Stun gun phone case

Unlike a Taser, other stun guns cannot fire a projectile. This means you have to stun an attacker that is basically on top of you. Additionally, there is no regulation of stun guns or their quality in the United States.

There are also lots of horrible stun guns on the market that will deliver about the same power as a D battery pressed to the tongue. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but poor-quality stun guns are a dime a dozen.

You have to conduct thorough research and ensure the model you are buying is capable of stopping an attacker. A million volts doesn’t mean much either. For example, Tasers only use 50,000 volts but stop attackers instantly. Voltage isn’t a representation of quality in any way.

Stun guns can be found for a very affordable price and in many different configurations. As the purchaser, you have to do a hair of research prior to purchasing any stun gun that’s part of the Taser line.


Choosing One or the Other

taser pulse

If this was a decision I was making, I would choose a Taser. When it comes to electric-based weapons, there isn’t a better option. I’d go with either the Pulse or the Bolt.

Admittedly, both weapons are expensive, but I trust in their design. If you are willing to put in the research and the time, you can find a powerful and capable stun gun for a lower price and likely in smaller and easier-to-carry configuration. Either way, ensure that you’ll get a weapon you can and will carry every day.


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