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Review: Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder


Outdoor Empire top pick as gravity deer feeder

The Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder is lightweight and durable, with a very basic and simple design. It has been made to be versatile for different terrains and needs that hunters come across. It is also affordable knowing that it is built to last.



At first glance, the Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder gives a quick impression of simplicity, durability, and mobility. Redneck Blinds definitely knew what they were doing when they designed it.



It is made from a heavy duty polyethylene which is undoubtedly durable. Because of its material, it is lightweight and simple to pack into a honey hole through rough terrain or even far distances.

It can hold up to 80 pounds of corn, which is an advantage to hunters since they do not have to refill it frequently.



In areas that tend to hold standing water after heavy rain, this type of feeder is optimal because it doesn’t drop the feed to the ground that causes the corn to get wet and go to waste.

Also, the simplicity of its design allows a hunter to pack and set it up independently.

Redneck Blinds designed it with a four-inch by five-inch opening which gives the deer plenty of room to access the feed simply and comfortably.



Many hunters like that it perfectly mounts to a standard t-post, or it can also be placed on a tree using ratchet straps. This option is very desirable especially that it can be easily moved to a new area if the initial location is unsuccessful.



Just as the name states, T-Post, the feeder comes already equipped with two t-post brackets and a t-post groove on the back that makes it fit snug to the t-post.

Right out of the box, it is pre-molded with slots on the top and bottom for tie down straps in case the user likes to attach it to a tree. Height to bottom of the feeding tube can also be adjusted based on how the user drives the t-post to the ground.



Compare Similar Models

Product:Redneck Blinds T-Post Feeder
Redneck Blinds T-Post Feeder

Banks Outdoors Feed Bank 40
Banks Outdoors Feed Bank 40

Southern Outdoor Technologies Max-75
Southern Outdoor Technologies Max-75

Feed Capacity80 lbs 40 lbs75 lbs
Weight 10 lbs14 lbs18 lbs
Unique FeatureAdjustable height to bottom feeding tubeHas 2 feeding portsBaffle system for feed control
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


Banks Outdoors


Banks Outdoors has the Feedbank 40 Gravity Deer Feeder. It is designed to be mounted to almost anything: t-post, a tree, 4×4 post, or even a fence post.

It can hold 40 pounds of feed.

The main difference is the fact that the Feedbank 40 has two separate ports that the deer can feed on, compared to the Redneck Blinds T-Post Feeder which has only one.




Southern Outdoor Technologies


Southern Outdoor Technologies Max-75 Deer Feeder is more similar to Redneck Blinds. It has the capacity for 75 pounds feed in its hopper.

It can be mounted to a tree with a place for just one tie down, and can also be arranged to a post. Plus, it can regulate the amount of feed that flows down through the spout.






Rating the Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder

The following is based on a one to five stars rating.


five star rating

The setup for this feeder is so simple, one person can do it by himself. Five stars have been given for setup.


Filling the Feeder

five star rating

Refilling the feeder is as easy as setting it up, so five stars have been given for filling the feeder.



five star rating

Everything is included in the box for setting up the feeder. Five stars have been given for its user-friendliness.


Varmint Proof

four star rating

Four stars have been given for it being varmint proof. The only reason it lost one star is the fact that the user must customize it to keep the varmints off the feeder.



Overall, the Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder received a totaling vote of 4.8 stars.

It does not have many complaints. In fact, majority of its users stated that it performs perfectly and that they love its engineering, especially that the feed is protected from the water after heavy rainstorms.

According to them, the only downside of the feeder is that squirrels and raccoons can climb the t-post with ease and eat the feed.

But with a simple fix, where one can place a three-inch to six-inch PVC pipe over the t-post to make the climb a touch slippery so varmints will be unable to access the feed.



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