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Review: ION X Electric Ice Auger

Ion X Ice Auger

Gas powered ice augers may be the gold standard for most anglers but many grow tired of the stinky fumes and ruckus that these units create.

Anglers of the past had no choice but to deal with these problems or switch to a manual auger which obviously places a considerable burden on their body. Fortunately, modern ice anglers have other options such as the ION X Electric Auger.


Outstanding Features

ION produces three different electric augers, and the ION X is their premium model. It features:

  • an 8-inch bit
  • easy-on rocker switch starting
  • 60 percent more battery capacity than their other augers
  • a power-packed rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which can cut through 1600 inches of ice on a single charge

The charger is included, it takes about 5 hours to fully recharge it according to the manufacturer.


Slush-Flushing Reverse

Just by pressing a reverse button, it flushes the slush back down through the hole you’ve drilled.

Ion X reverse


Because it is an electric unit, you don’t have to worry about mixing fuel, cleaning up spills or breathing in the thick exhaust fumes that pour out of most gas powered augers.

However, you give up a little bit of cutting speed by switching to the electric design. But the ION X’s ease of use, comfortable operation and ability to cut precise holes more than make up for this weakness.

Going electric doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. It features premium, super sharp 8-inch shaver-style blades, designed to cut a smooth hole through the ice. In fact, many ice anglers report that it cuts smoother holes than many gas powered units do.



Comparison to Similar Products

Although the StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper has a more powerful battery and lower price point than the ION X, it is the lightest auger in its class and is the only one that is capable of operating in reverse. The comparison is based on 8-inch cutting diameter.

ProductION X

StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper
StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper

Jiffy PRO II Lectric, Model 55<br data-lazy-src=
Length34 in 43 in42 in
Weight22 lbs24 lbs25 lbs
Propulsion40-volt Lithium-Ion battery50-volt Lithium-Ion batteryBattery or car cables
Motor Warranty2-year limited3-year limited1 year
Battery Warranty1-year limited1-year limited 1-year limited
CostCheck PriceCheck Price$$


Rating the ION X Electric Ice Auger

The following is based on a 1 to 5 stars rating.


four and half star rating

One of the best qualities that it boasts is its light weight. Though there are lighter augers available, only a few match its functionality and cutting ability. This makes it valuable for anglers who like to move frequently in pursuit of the fish. 4.5 stars for its weight.


Ease of Use

five star rating

It features a push-button start so cranking it up is much easier than fiddling with the choke and primer on a gas powered unit.

It also cuts smoothly and tends to push right through the breakthrough moment which prevents jagged ice around the bottom of the hole that can snap your line.

Plus the bicycle-style handlebars place your hands in the best position to control the tool and avoid fatigue. 5 stars for its ease of use.


Cutting Speed

three star rating


Though it is one of the best electric augers on the market, it has trouble competing with the speed of gas units.

That said, most users inclined to use an electric drill  find the cutting speed to be adequate, especially when the other strengths of the tool are considered. 3 stars  for its cutting speed.


Blade Quality

three and half star rating

The Straight-Through™ blades cut well and leave a smooth-sided hole. There are higher-quality blades on the market, but most users report that the ION X’s blades perform satisfactorily. 3.5 stars for its blade quality.



four star rating

Because it features fewer moving parts than gas powered units, the ION X is more reliable and durable than its similarly but differently powered competitors.

And because it features premium internal components, it is also more durable compared to other electric augers. 4 stars for its durability.



four star rating

Most ice anglers find the it to be the finest electric auger on the market, but it boasts a high price tag. It fails to cut as quickly as comparably priced gas powered augers do, which also hurts its value score.

However, by including a 12-inch extension and thereby enabling anglers to drill through ice up to 46-inches-thick, it makes up some ground in the value category. It also features a reverse function which is not available on any other electric models in the marketplace.

4 stars are given for its value.



The ION X received an overall rating of 4 stars. It stands head-and-shoulders above most other electric augers and it performs almost as well as comparably priced gas augers.

Unless you have to drill a lot of holes, you will probably find the benefits provided by the ION X outweigh its one drawback – somewhat slow cutting speed.




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