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Review: Halo XRT6 – An Angel of a Rangefinder?

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 Halo XRT6

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Technology is a truly amazing thing. I can hold a pocket-sized optic in my hand, and with the press of a button find the range of objects hundreds of yards away. Devices like the Halo XRT6 make this possible. The Halo XRT6 is a laser rangefinder that delivers accurate representations up to 600 yards. 

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Introducing the Halo XRT6 

The Halo XRT6 is a thoroughly modern laser rangefinder that’s lightweight, handheld, and perfect for anything from hunting to golfing. More or less made for the field, it’s a tough device designed to take a few hits without slowing down. Of course, as an optic it should be treated with some degree of caution. Glass is glass.

Another selling point of this attractive optic by Halo is the cost. The XRT6 is an affordable, modern laser rangefinder that will leave you pleasantly surprised.  



Halo XRT6 

  • Range: As mentioned earlier, the XTR6 can reach out to 600 yards on a reflective target. This type of target is limited to more or less man-made targets. Examples are the paper targets at the range, and the bright red flags used to indicate windage. Most nature isn’t reflective enough to be ranged at 600 yards. This includes game such as deer and elk. 


  • Accuracy: One of the most impressive features is this rangefinder’s accuracy. It is precise to within 1 yard, plus or minus, of the target. That’s typically the industry standard for high-end rangefinders. As a budget rangefinder, the accuracy of this rangefinder exceeds expectation.  


  • Magnification: The XRT6 is a 6 power optic, which is impressive considering the finder’s size. The higher number allows you to actually see your target as you range it. With this level of magnification, you can replace your dedicated spotting scope or set of binoculars. Furthermore, the lenses are fully multicoated for a crisp and clean picture!  


  • Weather Resistance: The Halo XRT6 is water resistant, and can shrug off some moisture without issue. Don’t use that as an excuse to submerge it in water because it is not waterproof. The Halo XRT6 is also equipped with a rubberized ergonomic grip that comes into play when your hands or the optic is wet. The eyepiece is fog resistant. A nice touch for the dedicated hunter that likes to hit the field before the sun comes up.  


  • Scan Shot: The XRT6 packs the punch of two different measurement modes, scan and single shot. Scan delivers the range as you search. Unfortunately, this isn’t the strongest feature. We feel Wildgame Innovations really stunted its development. The scan mode takes a full 20 seconds to activate, and then only scans for 20 seconds before it powers down. However, those 20 seconds accurately scan a variety of terrain at a variety of ranges.  


  • Single Shot: The single shot mode is functional, but takes time to deliver your reading. This is where the cheap cost of the Halo XRT6 really shows. The slow response of the laser rangefinder can frustrate some, especially if you are used to better, higher quality optics.  


  • Lowlight: We also found it difficult to read the LCD in darker conditions. Since many animals move during low light situations, this can be a frustrating experience for some.  


  • Angular Compensation: As you’d expect from the price range, this device does not provide angular compensation. It’s strictly a line of sight optical. 


  • Ease of Use: Using the optic is simple. It has two buttons. One activates the scan mode, the other activates the single shot mode. To save power, the device has an auto-off feature that shuts the system down after 20 seconds.  



How it Stacks Up  

The Halo XRT6 is a budget optic, so let’s line it up and see how it stacks up with its budget competition.  

ProductHalo XRT6
Halo XRT6

Nikon Pro Staff 3
Nikon Pro Staff 3

Redfield Raider 650
Redfield Raider 650

Objective Diameter24 mm21 mm23 mm
Size4.2 x 3.0 x 1.7 in5.1 x 1.5 x 2.7 in3.9 x 3.0 x 1.7 in
Weight8 oz6.3 oz5.7 oz
Range600 yards11 - 550 yds6 - 650 yards
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


Nikon Pro Staff 3  

The Nikon Pro Staff 3 is remarkably similar to the Halo XRT6. It’s lightweight, small, and designed for portability. The optic weighs only 6.3 ounces and fits into your pocket. The Nikon also offers a 6 power magnification rating and has a great LCD display. However, the Pro Staff only offers 550-yard reflective target recognition.   

This Nikon is waterproof and well made, but lacks the ergonomic nature of the Halo. It has only one button for a simpler design, but does not include a scan mode. Also, the closest you can use the optic is 11 yards. The XRT6 can be used as close as 5 yards. The Pro Staff 3 is just a point and shoot device. Overall, the Halo is better for hunting and target shooting.  



Redfield Raider 650   

The Redfield Raider 650 is another inexpensive option for the new shooter and budget hunter. The effective range is 650 yards for a reflective target and a minimum range of 6 yards. This super slick and compact laser rangefinder is perfect for pocket carry and can easily be clipped onto the belt. Not only that, but the 650 unit uses the same 6 power magnification rating as the Halo. However, it lacks the scan mode that’s equipped on the XRT6.  

This Redfield optic offers an easy to use design at same price range as the XRT6. It uses a simple single button design, and has an 8-second auto off feature. Since 8 seconds feels a bit too short to us, we prefer the XRT6’s 20-second auto off feature. Overall, both optics are outstanding, and side by side they are quite similar. Nonetheless, the Raider does not have scan mode equipment. 



Halo XRT6 Final Ratings   

Clarity – 3 out of 5 three star rating

The 6x magnification and 24mm objective lens deliver an excellent sight picture. The glass is crisp and clear and allows a nice even view of your target. Obviously, limitations exist at 6x, and a larger objective lens would provide a little brighter picture. But, you aren’t missing out on much.  


Range – 3 out of 5 three star rating

Modern rangefinders can easily reach out to 1,000 yards and beyond on reflective targets. However, these rangefinders are also substantially more expensive. A range of 600 yards on a reflective target will likely translate into 350-450 on a nonreflective target. Weather conditions permitting of course! 


Accuracy – 5 out of 5 

five star rating

The hallmark of a high-end laser rangefinder is its accuracy. The industry standard for excellence is within plus or minus one yard. The Halo XRT6 delivers on that high-end accuracy and stacks up with the big boys. This is an impressive feat all things considered. 


Ease of Use – 4 out of 5 four star rating

Two buttons and that’s all there is to it! The XRT6 is a simple and effective device that’s easy to use, and simplistic in nature. The biggest downside is the scan mode. It takes a full 20 seconds to start up! This is a bit slow to activate, especially when it doesn’t work for long.  


Overall – 3.5 out of 5 

The Halo XRT6 is a capable rangefinder, especially for the hunter on a budget. Even better, the price range gives you a quality optic for the money. It has an impressive degree of accuracy and is easy to use. Overall, the XRT6 is accurate, reliable, well made, and performs to the standard you’d expect.  



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