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Review: Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger

Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger

Outdoor Empire top pick as gas powered ice auger.

Although there is nothing wrong with using a hand auger to make holes in the ice, most avid ice anglers eventually decide that they want to upgrade to a power auger.

Why? Because power augers cut through the ice more quickly than you could with a hand auger without exhausting your arms, shoulders and back in the process.

So you can focus on finding and catching fish, instead of spending all your time and effort trying to cut through the ice with a manual drill.



Power augers are more expensive than manual units. Many ice anglers struggle to fit the cost of a reliable and effective power auger to their budget.

This is where the Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger saves the day. Packing a lot of performance into a very affordable package, it is an ideal entry-level power auger for most anglers.



Quantum Cutting System
Eskimo’s Quantum Cutting System

The Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger is a high-powered ice-shaving machine designed for helping you get through the ice quickly and reliably.

Built around the high-performance Viper engine, it turns a pair of Quantum blades nearly 8,000 times per minute for problem-free cutting and smooth operation.

It requires an oil-gas fuel mix, but its performance and price point make up for this minor inconvenience. Besides, it has a number of time- and effort-saving features, including a fingertip throttle control and primer bubble to help it start in a snap.



Comparison to Similar Products

Although it is a bit larger and heavier than some of its competitors, it falls in the middle of most specification ranges. The comparison is based on 8 inches cutting diameter.

ProductEskimo 43cc Mako
Eskimo 43cc Mako

ARKSEN 52cc V-Stroke
ARKSEN 52cc V-Stroke

Jiffy 4G Lite Model 43
Jiffy 4G Lite Model 43

EngineViper® 2-Cycle2 CycleOHV 4-cycle
Weight32 lbs27 lbs28 lbs
Length 42"29"42"
Engine RPM800070008000
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


Rating the Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger

This is based on a 1 to 5 stars rating.



three star rating

It weighs about the same thing as most comparable ice augers. Lugging a 32-pound driller around all day may cause fatigue, so this is not the ideal selection for hypermobile ice anglers who want to wander all over the ice looking for fish.

3 stars are given for its weight.


Ease of Use

four star rating

Most users report that it starts easily and operates smoothly, producing little more than a minor vibration (which is further dampened by the foam handle grips). It can also be effortlessly assembled, which means you get on the ice faster.

However, because it is built around a 2-stroke engine, you need to mix oil with the gasoline before refueling which is inconvenient. 4 stars are given for its ease of use.


Cutting Speed

five star rating

Almost without exception, its users rave about its ability to quickly drill the ice. The Quantum blades cut well and the high-speed engine ensures that they cut through the ice rapidly and smoothly. 5 stars are given for its cutting speed.


Blade Quality

three star rating

While the Quantum chipper-style blades included with it are better than the stock blades that come equipped on many budget-model augers, some users have expressed a desire to upgrade the blades by swapping them out with aftermarket replacements.

However, blades are just a minor expense that is offset in part by the relatively low cost of the auger. 3.5 stars for its blade quality.



four star rating

Few Eskimo Mako users have reported problems with their augers, and most have found that they stand up to the wear and tear of daily ice fishing better than expected.

Even anglers working in frigid temperatures say that the auger fires up and performs well in any conditions.

However, broken pull cords is a common occurrence reported by users. So try to take it easy on the cord and inspect it for signs of wear frequently. 4 stars for its durability.




five star rating

You will be hard pressed to find an auger with a better cost-to-performance ratio than the Eskimo 43cc Mako. Many anglers using it are pleasantly surprised and pleased with its fuel efficiency.

While it is a little heavier than some similar augers and it requires you to mix oil, these are acceptable compromises for such a low-cost but high-performance power drill. 5 stars for its value.



The Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger got an overall rating of 4 stars. It performs equally or even better than most other economy-class models made by other manufacturers.

Though experienced ice anglers or those who want to prize mobility may be better served by selecting a different auger. It is a good choice for most ice anglers trying to enter the world of power augers.



Final Impression

The Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger is ideal for ice anglers looking for an entry level power auger. There are a few cheaper and roughly competitive models in the marketplace, but most lack the high-quality construction and components that it boasts.

It is suited for anglers who need to drill a lot of holes but do not plan to move around very much while doing so; or for anglers who want to move around the lake with a sled to haul their equipment.

It doesn’t try to be the flashiest auger on the market. Instead, Eskimo set out to produce a budget-level workhorse, and that is exactly what they accomplished.

The Eskimo 43cc Mako can also be upgraded easily as necessary. Eskimo makes an extension you can purchase if you are faced with exceptionally thick ice. The blades can be upgraded if your budget allows and if you want to further improve its performance.


  1. I have a mako 1.8 43cc power auger and can’t find a gas tank I was wondering if you could help me with a phone number or can you sell them?


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