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Review: DDT Ranger Range Bag

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When it comes to shooting, hunting or pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors, even though these would be our dream jobs, most of us do these as hobbies.

This means that the times we do get to visit the range or hit the hills, every second we are out doing what we love is precious and memorable. You don’t want to waste any time getting ready or find that you forgot something at home.

The Death Dealer Tactical has taken on organization and the conveniences of being able to carry everything you may need in in one trip. Thus allowing us to make our getaways to the range or the mountains even more convenient, by producing bags perfect for the occasion.    

This particular DDT bag is called “Ranger”. This bag is aimed towards those who not only like the ability to have all of their gear in one location, but also like the rugged and slick look of a tactical range bag.  


Specs and Features 

DDT range bag filled with gear

  • Able to securely and safely hold four full sized handguns in their own pouch 
  • Soft padding throughout the bag 
  • Heavy duty stitching  
  • Cleaning mat  
  • Carry handle  
  • Lockable zippers 
  • Made of 600D polyester with PVC water resistant lining 
  • 18” X 10” X 7” 
  • Shoulder strap  

Upon opening this DDT Ranger bag, a few things quickly jumped to mind, it is made of very durable material called 600D polyester with PVC water resistant lining.

It is also has closed cell foam padding throughout the bag which helps keeps your guns and high dollar equipment not only safe, but protected.  I was very impressed at the variety of pockets and how organized it is.   

This bag has four main compartments, one is for holding four full sized handguns which are stored in two padded pockets and one divider that can be pulled up to separate the other two guns.

It also has two smaller circular pockets for miscellaneous items such as extra magazines. Another pocket has a row of elastic mage holders.

The next has pocket has two padded Velcro pockets with a few elastic mage holders between them that would easily hold the size of pens. That pocket unzips all the way open and becomes a pad for an area to place or even clean your guns.

The material in this compartment is able to be wiped down in order to clean up any oil or cleaning fluid that is slipped or has leaked out of the firearms.

Along with those compartments, the Ranger also has two smaller Velcro tabbed pockets found on the side of the bag.   



Compare to Similar Products 

Of course this bag isn’t the only range bag on the market today.  There are several others available, but the two I want to focus on are the GPS Executive Backpack Range Bag and the Cabela’s Range Bag.

Each one has very strong positives as well as some negative aspects.  

ProductDDT Ranger
DDT Ranger

G.P.S. Executive Backpack
G.P.S. Executive Backpack


BrandDeath Dealer TacticalG. OutdoorsCabela's
Dimensions18″x 10”x 7”18'x 16"x 9.5"15"x 13"x 10"
Material600D polyester with PVC water resistant lining High denier nylon600-denier high density polyester
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


G.P.S. Executive Backpack Range Bag 


G.P.S. Executive Backpack

As I compared the DDT Ranger to a bag I have been wanting to purchase for a while, I was again impressed with the features of the Ranger. The G.P.S. Executive Backpack Range Bag is in the style of a back pack, which some may prefer.

It comes with a foam cradle that can be removed and holds up to five handguns. It also has a hidden pocket for a laptop.  

Unfortunately there are a couple downsides to this bag when compared to the Ranger. The price is considerably higher and it does have a pocket that unzips down for cleaning guns but it is quite a bit smaller.

The other downside is that it seems that the G.P.S. Backpack was built for shooters and only shooters as it doesn’t have the same amount of organizational pockets.

I know for sure I will be taking the Ranger not only to the shooting range, but also it will be chocked full of my hunting gear on my next elk hunt.    


Cabela’s Range Bag


Cabela’s Range bag


The other bag I was looking at was the Cabela’s Range Bag. This bag is less expensive than the DDT Range Bag and made with the same material except the water resistant aspect making it less sturdy.

Its dimensions are 15” X 13” X 10” with a variety of pockets and a pad that can be removed for shooting off of.  

It has a 4.5 star rating on Cabela’s website and many people really enjoy this bag, but the frequent complaint was that it is too small for everything they needed to take to the range.

Two guns was the limit that some people stated and even that was pushing it.  One of the biggest positives was the removable thick pad to shoot off of.   


Rating the DDT Ranger Range Bag

all the gear laid out DDT range bag can carryI have gone through this bag and I took it for a test drive to the range and I have come up with my own rating system below: 



five star rating

For me, anything tactical looks slick and the Ranger doesn’t disappoint on the good looks aspect. In fact I noticed a few guys eyeing my new bag when my wife and I visited the range.  



four star rating

For the organization aspect I gave this bag four stars. The reason for the stars is because this bag is perfect for me when I go the range. I am more of a weekend warrior/fair weather shooter.

So for the few handguns I do shoot, this bag is more than perfect to hold my firearms, spare ammunition, extra magazines, binoculars and range finder.

I also love the fact that there are pen holders inside of the bag for those days that I am trying get everything dialed in perfectly.

The only reason the Ranger lost one star is because as I was cleaning my pistol I spilled a little bit of cleaning solvent on the cleaning pad.

I was able to wipe it up for the most part, but I would have loved to have been able to unzip the cleaning pad to clean/wash it apart from the bag. 



five star rating

The ability to use this bag for other hobbies has me sold 100%. The Ranger is more than perfect for carrying my radios and my GPS when I am on my next mule deer or elk hunt.

It has plenty of pockets where I can stash flashlights, range finders, knives and my binoculars 



five star rating

I was looking at buying the GPS Executive Backpack which is $145.00 so when I got the the DDT Ranger bag, it was interesting to see that it was only around $65.00. Of course there are other bags out there that are cheaper.

But of course the saying “you get what you pay for” not only falls on the Ranger, but I believe that you get more than you pay for with the Ranger. 




Overall, the DDT Ranger is sitting right at 4.75 stars.

If you are a shooter or even a hunter, this bag will not disappoint. The pockets are perfect, the heavy duty zippers will not fail on you. Not to mention DDT’s lifetime warranty that comes with it.

If you are in the market for a great tactical shooting bag, in my opinion, the DDT Ranger is a good option to go with.

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Chris Waters was born and raised in a small town in west Arizona of around 5,000 people. At a very young age, he was introduced to hunting by his father. He has hunted everything from muzzleloader to archery, including deer, elk, antelope, ducks and more. He loves every minute of being outdoors. Chris would prefer to kill a smaller deer or elk with his family right next to him, than hire a guide and kill a Boone and Crocket animal. Every spring Chris and his wife Janell toss their two kids on their backs and hike the hills looking for deer and elk antlers. Chris also loves to fish and has been to Alaska where he was able to catch halibut and king salmon. Chris has a Bachelors of Science in Management from Western International University and he is an avid golfer with a few trophies on his shelf. On nice days he enjoys flying over his small town and the country he hunts in his powered paraglider. He is self published author. He is laid back and even with limited experience, he prefers to do all his own repairs, from fixing his own vehicles, to home projects allowing him to better his knowledge in everything he does.


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