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Review: Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod


Outdoor Empire top pick for surf fishing rod.

Shore fishing presents anglers with a variety of challenges that they rarely face when working on small ponds, rivers or even the ocean.

You have to be able to cast out beyond the cresting waves, you need to be able to drag the occasional monster to the beach, and you need a gear that can stand up to the abuse that Mother Nature will unleash along the shoreline.

Fortunately, Team Daiwa has shore anglers covered with their impressive Surf Spinning Rod series.


Outstanding Attributes

The Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod is designed to provide pro-caliber results at an intermediate price point. They have some high-end features which make them excel in most surf fishing applications, whether you are targeting bonefish, pompano or hogfish.


One of the aspects that most of its reviewers loved was its light weight.

This makes it much easier to handle and it also reduces the amount of fatigue you’ll feel after a long day of fishing. Additionally, because the rod is so light, changing location is a breeze. You won’t hesitate to move up and down the beach as much as necessary.


It is built to take the abuse that most surf fishing anglers can dish out.

It features a Polyflour protective coating which helps protect it from the harmful UV rays baking down on the beach all day. It also possesses over-sized aluminum oxide line guides that are sturdy enough to take a beating and still function perfectly.

Unlike many other high-quality surf fishing rods which are only available at a few lengths and a single power, the Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rods are available in a variety of sizes and powers. This allows you to select one that is ideally suited for your casting and fish-fighting needs.



The Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod is built with the same basic materials and specifications as most other high-quality surf poles. Its low price is the primary difference between them and other comparable products.

  • Length: 7-feet to 12-feet
  • Power: Medium-Light to Heavy
  • Action: Fast
  • Material: Carbon Graphite
  • Handle: X-Tube Shrink-wrap
  • Number Guides: 7 to 8



Comparison to Similar Products

ModelTeam Daiwa Surf Spinning
Team Daiwa Surf Spinning

Abu Garcia Volatile Inshore Spinning
Abu Garcia Volatile Inshore Spinning

G. Loomis IMX Surf
G. Loomis IMX Surf

Length7’ to 12’7’ to 7’6”8’ to 11’
PowerMedium-Light to HeavyMedium to Medium-HeavyMedium to Medium-Heavy
ActionFastFastModerately Fast
MaterialCarbon GraphiteGraphiteHigh-modulus IMX blank
CostCheck Price$$Check Price


Rating the Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod

This is based on a 1 to 5 stars rating.


four star rating

Sensitivity is one of the most important characteristics of any fishing rod. You need to be able to distinguish between the gentle tugging on your line caused by the waves and the delicate nibbling of light-biting fish.

Fortunately, it is quite sensitive and most users report that they can detect strikes that they would have likely missed before. 4 stars are given for its sensitivity.



four and half star rating

It is built to last, even in the face of the salt-spray and sand that can hasten the end for lesser rods. Its Polyflour protective coating ensures it a long life spent in the sun and sand. 4.5 stars are given for its durability.



three star rating

It is an excellent surf fishing pole but it doesn’t work well for many other applications.

While you could probably use one of the smaller versions (like the 7-foot, medium-light model) for catching catfish from the bank or even deep sea-fishing from the back of the boat, most of the rods in the surf spinning series are not particularly well suited for any other fishing applications.

3 stars are given for its versatility.



five star rating

There is simply no better rod on the market at the Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod’s price point. You need to spend three or four times as much money to obtain one that measures to its quality. 5 stars are given for its value.



four and half star rating

No matter what type of fish you are targeting, this rod has you covered. Available in powers ranging from medium-light to heavy, you can find a Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod to suit your preference and let you catch more fish than ever before.

The only thing that many users seemed to miss was the ability to purchase extra-fast action versions of this series. 4.5 stars were given for availability of options.



Given the sensitivity, value, durability and available options, you won’t go wrong with the Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rod. There may be a few rods that attain a greater overall score, but you will pay double or even triple compared to the price of Team Daiwa’s.

Accordingly, for the vast majority of surf fishing anglers, the Team Daiwa Surf Spinning series offers exactly what you are looking for. It received a final rating of 4.2 stars.



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