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hunter using rangefinder

7 Reasons Why Hunters Need A Laser Rangefinder!

One of the most valuable tools a hunter can invest in is a quality rangefinder. Rangefinding technology has both grown and shrunk at the same time....
reflective vs non reflective target

Rangefinder Reflective Vs Non-Reflective Target Range Explained!

Let’s say you are in the market for the best rangefinder. You are doing your research, weighing your options, and thinking about those really...
hunting vs golf laser rangefinder

Hunting VS Golf Rangefinders, Differences Explained!

A laser rangefinder is a device used to measure the distance between you and a target. That target could be a 10-point buck, hole...
Kolsol KY600

How Laser Rangefinder Works? Explained!

Hunting electronics are simply excellent. Most of its users though don't have an idea how they work or how to repair them when they’re broken. Rangefinders...