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Armasight Vampire NV Rifle Scope

How to Sight in a Night Vision Scope?

You’ve come here to learn how to zero your new night vision scope, or maybe you are just curious and want to see exactly...
night vision vs thermal

Night Vision Versus Thermal Imaging – Full Comparison!

When it comes to choosing an electronic optic, you have a lot of decisions to make. For nighttime use, you will be looking at both night...
night vision device assembled

6 Night Vision Safety Essentials to Follow! + Cleaning/Care Guide

Night vision devices are fascinating. The technology behind them is incredible. Their evolution from systems so large you need a backpack to tote them, to...
Hunter with night vision binocular

Night Vision: Can I Legally Hunt With It?

Is Night Vision Legal? Generally, this is an easy question to answer. Night vision and thermal devices are legal to own in the United States....
IR illuminator

Do You Need An Infrared Illuminator For NV? ( Complete Overview )

  Do you need an infrared illuminator? If you plan to use night vision, then yes. Regardless of the type of night vision device you...
night vision goggles

How Does Traditional & Digital Night Vision Work!

Without a doubt, night vision revolutionized warfare. It gave forces with this amazing technology an unparalleled advantage when the sun went down. To this day, it gives American...