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fisherman casting off into wild surf

4 Steps for Improving Your Surf Casting Distance and Accuracy 

Fishing from the beach is a glorious way to spend a morning or afternoon. It is hard to beat the scenery, the feel of...
angler holding saltwater rod and reel

9 Saltwater Fishing Rod, Reel and Lure Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

By the end of a long day on the water, you don’t want to do anything but get back to the marina, haul your...
angler demonstrating side cast

6 Fishing Rod Casting Techniques ( Basic to Advanced )

If you want to catch fish, you need to sling your lure out to where the lunkers lurk regardless of the species you are targeting, the...

Buying Rod & Reel Combo Or Choosing Each Separately?

Experienced anglers are usually better served by purchasing their rods and reels separately, while beginning anglers are often better off purchasing one of the rod...

One- Or Two-Piece Or Telescopic Fishing Rod – Which One To Choose?

Despite their seeming simplicity, fishing rods vary in a number of important ways. They exhibit different actions, different levels of power and various construction materials,...