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Thin Ice Warning Sign

12 Ice Fishing Safety Gear Tips and Practices!

Ice fishing is not only a good way to pass the winter months and put food on the table, but it is also a...
ice angler caught perch

Ice Fishing Effective Tips & Techniques ( Beginner to Advanced )

  A lot of ice-anglers-to-be never make it out on the ice because they don’t understand the equipment and techniques involved in the pursuit. To be...
head under ice

How To Find Fish Under The Ice

Ice anglers are faced with the challenge of finding fish that are bordered by a foot or more of ice. Despite this, there are still a number of tips,...

6 Ice Fishing Gear Must-Haves For Every Beginner

Ice fishing has a long and storied history, but its popularity has exploded in recent years. From Anchorage, Alaska to Stockholm, Sweden to Lac Brochet...
Ion X Ice Auger

Review: ION X Electric Ice Auger

Gas powered ice augers may be the gold standard for most anglers but many grow tired of the stinky fumes and ruckus that these...
Jiffy Ice Auger in action

Best Ice Augers Reviewed With Buying Advice!

Click here to see out full guide to fishing gear!   Outdoor Empire Recommendations Are you looking for a... hand powered ice auger? gas powered ice auger? propane...
Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger

Review: Eskimo 43cc Mako Ice Auger

Outdoor Empire top pick as gas powered ice auger. Although there is nothing wrong with using a hand auger to make holes in the ice,...

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