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fisherman on river

How To Cast a Fly Rod, All You Need To Know

When most anglers think of fly fishing, they tend to envision a fisherman standing in the middle of a large river rolling out 70-foot...
angler caught bonefish

What Type Of Gear You Need For Saltwater Fly Fishing?

There was a time when all fly fishers were trout fishermen. In fact, the earliest written accounts of anglers fishing with artificial flies dated...
fly reel caught salmon

You Need To Know These 9 Fly Fishing Knots

    From reel to fly, knots are an integral part of any fly fishing rig. And while learning to tie knots well takes some practice...
Orvis Fly Leader

Fly Leaders Made Simple

  Fly fishing is all about stealth. If your fly lands on the water with only a hint of a ripple and drifts downstream free...
fly fishing equipment and basket

Fly Line And All You Need To Know About It

  Without the proper fly line, a fly rod is practically useless. But when it is paired with a line that has the right weight...