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5 Best Hunting Blinds Reviewed In 2021 ( For Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl… )

hunter aiming rifle from a ground blind

Hunting blinds have never been more popular among hunters who pursue everything from deer and turkeys to waterfowl and wild hogs.

Flexible-hub technology has much to do with the rise in use, allowing a hunter to literally pop the blind open and place it into position as needed, offering concealment from the eyes (and noses!) of wildlife and protection from the elements.

Hunting blinds are valued by those who have trouble sitting still and want to hunt with friends and family members when treestands are not an option.

Beyond remaining “grounded,” there is a comfort benefit offered by ground blinds as well, because chairs, blankets and even portable heaters can be employed.

As simple as they sound, choosing the right ground blind from the variety available today can be intimidating. Here are some reviews and tips to help you make the right choice.


5 Best Hunting Blinds of 2021: Outdoor Empire Reviews

  1. Best for the Money: Barronett Radar Ground Hunting Blind
  2. Best Cheap: Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind
  3. Best for Bow Hunting #1: Primos Double Bull Deluxe GO Ground Blind
  4. Best for Bow Hunting #2: Rhino Blinds Bone Collector R600BC
  5. Best for Multiple Hunters: Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast


CategoryBest CheapBest for the MoneyBest for Bow Hunting
ProductAmeristep Doghouse Ground Blind
Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind

Barronett Radar
Barronett Radar

Primos Double Bull Deluxe GO
Primos Double Bull Deluxe GO

Openings- 4 windows
- 3 portholes
- 6 trapezoid windows
- 1 peek window
180 degrees full front view with silent slide window closure
Hub to Hub60 inches71 inches77 inches
Height66 inches67 inches70 inches
CamoRealtree XtraBackwoodsTRUTH Camo
Weight12 lbs11 lbs27 lbs
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


1. Best Ground Blind for the Money: Barronett Radar Ground Hunting Blind

Barronett Radar Ground Hunting Blind

The Barronett Radar Ground Hunting Blind is a bargain, featuring a durable five-hub design for easy setup and takedown. It’s also covered in lightweight, water-resistant, tightly woven 150D fabric with a black interior coating.

Triangular windows face the front and sides, featuring shoot-through replaceable mesh camo window panels that attach with hook-and-loop strips.

The windows can be opened with optional zippers, while peek windows are offered on the back side to track approaching game. At 71 inches by 71 inches and a weight of only 11 pounds, this blind a good choice for one or two hunters on the go.


  • Price
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Lightweight
  • Shoot-through mesh window panels are replaceable


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Hook-and-loop window panel attachments are loud
  • May be a tight fit for more than one hunter

At only 11 pounds, the portable Barronett Radar Ground Blind is great for hunters who need to hike a distance before setting up. Learn more at barronetthunting.com.


2. Best Cheap Ground Blind: Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind

Ameristep Doghouse Spring Steel Portable Ground Blind

The Ameristep Doghouse Spring Steel Portable Ground Blind has been a popular choice among budget-minded hunters for many seasons because of its low price, ease of setup and breakdown, and common-sense features including:

  • a large open window in the front
  • an optional mesh panel for use with a bow or firearm hunting
  • side ports with optional shoot-though mesh panels

The matte finish Durashell Plus Fabric and 3D Edge ReLeaf trim requires less brushing in when deer hunting and fits in with most woodland landscapes. The 66-inch-high by 60-inch-wide interior is coated with ShadowGuard to keep shadows and silhouettes to a minimum.


  • Price
  • Easy to setup and breakdown
  • Large shooting window
  • Comes with backpack carrying case for portability


  • Not waterproof
  • Not as steady in wind as hub-style designs
  • May be a tight fit for more than one hunter
  • Not as durable overall as higher-priced blinds

The Doghouse ground blind by Ameristep has earned a place among hunters who do not want or need to spend a lot of money on a basic, highly portable ground blind for one or two hunters.  Find out more about the Doghouse at ameristop.com.



3. Best Ground Blind for Bow Hunting #1: Primos Double Bull Deluxe GO Ground Blind

Primos Double Bull Deluxe GO Ground Blind

The Primos Double Bull Deluxe GO Ground Blind is a premium model with all the features a bow hunter could ask for, including a 180-degree, fully adjustable, front shooting window with fabric and mesh that can easily be adjusted for shooting.

The Truth Camo cotton-poly covering is patterned for use in any terrain, is water resistant, and holds tight as a drum with Double Bull’s patented Power Hub Framework system.

The Double Bull’s 70-inch height and 77-inch hub-to-hub interior is a plus for bow hunters, offering plenty of room for a solo archer and enough space for two, with handy gear pockets sewn into each side.

The zipperless door system is designed for silent entry even with gear on, and side window enclosures allow for quiet, single-handed opening and closing. Weighing 27 pounds, the Double Bull Deluxe is not light, but it does come with a new pack-and-go backpack carrying system.

Once you learn how to set it up, which can take some practice to match their seven-second setup claim, the Primos GO model is one of the best ground blinds in the field.


  • Silent, zipperless entry
  • 180-degree shooting window with silent-slide opening
  • 77-inch hub-to-hub interior
  • Backpack-style carrying system


  • Weight
  • Mesh is not tight enough to shoot through even with a crossbow and fixed blades
  • Setup and breakdown requires practice

The Double Bull Deluxe GO is a quality ground blind for bow and firearms hunters who don’t need to go too far afoot and may want to leave it in place for the duration of the weekend or the season.

Double Bull’s proven hub system is tight, sturdy and durable, the Cover fabric top quality and the silent entry and shooting port coverings are sure to be appreciated. For more details, visit primos.com



4. Best Ground Blind for Bow Hunting #2: Rhino Blinds Bone Collector R600BC

Rhino Blinds Bone Collector R600BC

Rhino Blinds Bone Collector R600BC 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind is another great choice for archery hunters. The five-hub style blind boasts a 71-inch center height and 77-inch-by-77-inch hub-to-hub interior offering elbow room for up the three hunters.

The cover is constructed of tough 600 denier polyester that is treated to be water resistant and can stand up to the elements over the course of the season, with reinforced stress points with triple stitched corners and reinforcements to prevent rods popping through the fabric.

Like all Rhino Blinds, it’s treated with an antimicrobial to help prevent mold and mildew.

The 270-degree window system in the R600 model consists of a large window on three panels of the blind with one smaller window on the door side. Each has shoot-through mesh and solid fabric covers which are adjustable on the “silent-slide” tracks from both the top and bottom, as does the rear window.

A large zipperless door allows the hunter to climb in and out of the blind without a sound, and sewn-in brush loops line the top and bottom of the blind’s exterior to give the option to add branches, weeds, grass and leaves to brush in the hide.

Included with the blind are tie-down stakes, support lines, and a backpack-style carrying bag for Rhino’s 26-pound Bone Collector model blind.


  • Water-resistant cover
  • Large silent-track shooting windows
  • Zipperless entry door
  • 71-inch height
  • 77-inch-wide interior


  • Weight
  • Setup takes practice

The Bone Collector R-600 is perfect for one to two bow hunters who intend to leave the blind set up for extended periods. The shell is treated for water resistance on the exterior and has mold and mildew inhibitor treatments on the interior of the fabrics.

Double stitching and reinforcements at stress points make the R-600 a very durable blind, and the plus-sized windows offer excellent shooting angles from a roomy interior.

Hunters who have to hoof it far to the hunting site will appreciate the backpack-style carry bag that comes with the blind.

Learn more about the Rhino Blinds Bone Collector R600BC.


5. Best Ground Blind for Multiple Hunters: Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast

Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast

Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast Pop-Up Portable 6-Person Hunting Blind is the only side-by-side hub-style blind on the market, making it a great choice for multiple firearm or archery hunters. The interior measures 160 inches by 90 inches hub-to-hub and 80 inches in height.

It also includes dual full-length zippered entry doors and six shooting windows fitted with shoot-through camo mesh. The shell is constructed of waterproof 150 Denier fabric with a black interior coating and an extended ground skirt to block wind and contain scent.

At 31 pounds, it’s not light, but the Beast is the only blind capable of concealing an ATV (!) and multiple hunters at the same time.


  • Size
  • Water resistant
  • Dual, full-height corner entries
  • Weight for size


  • Large Profile
  • Zippered entries can be loud

The Beast from Barronett Blinds is the only option for hunters who need to hide their ride as well as themselves at the hunting destination.

It’s also a great choice for a family or groups of up to six who want to hunt together, hunters who have lots of gear to stow, or a cameraman who needs lots of room to document the hunt. Learn more at barronettblinds.com.


Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast is also available at:



Blinds vs. Treestands for Deer Hunting

Blind Pros

  • Excellent concealment from movement
  • Safe and easy to get into and out of
  • Some scent containment
  • Easier to relocate
  • Can be large enough to accommodate multiple hunters
  • Protects from the elements


Blind Cons

  • Must be set up and brushed in weeks ahead of use to allow whitetails to become accustomed to it
  • Releases scent at ground level where it is easier for deer to detect
  • Limited shooting lanes governed by window positions
  • Field of view limited compared to that offered from an elevated stand

Click here for full deer blind vs treestand comparison!


How to Choose a Ground Blind

man fixing ground blind window


Budget is a major factor in the ground-blind selection process, because the price of blinds varies greatly — as does their quality. Once you know how much you can spend on a blind, it’s time to shop within that range while factoring in several considerations.



Perhaps the most important is knowing how many hunters may be joining you in the blind. Things get crowded quickly in the confines of a blind occupied by two or more hunters, their hunting implements, and their gear.

In our experience, it is a good idea to subtract one from the maximum number of hunters a particular blind is advertised to comfortably accommodate.


Type of Arms

two bow hunters looking inside a ground blind

The type of arms you intend to use while hunting from a ground blind is important to consider.

A blind capable of comfortably containing a pair of compound bow or firearms hunters may not be large enough to safely accommodate two hunters armed with crossbows, which take up more lateral space in use.


Window Covering

A bow or crossbow hunter will want the option of windows with camouflage mesh coverings that can be moved aside or positioned to allow their arrows open flight to the game.

Shoot-through mesh coverings work for firearms hunters, and some crossbow and bow hunters shoot fixed-blade broadheads through tightly stretched mesh coverings, but the majority of bow hunters prefer shooting through open, mesh-free ports.



hunter folding ground blind in the woods

Portability is another factor when choosing a ground blind. A full-size, premium five-hub model that may be a great choice for setting up and leaving in place for the season probably isn’t a good option for the hunter who has to hike in a distance, set up, and break down the blind on a daily or even weekend basis.

In the latter case, weight and portability are important factors, as is ease of setup once on site. In the former, it’s all about durability and quality of materials.


Frequency of Hunt

How much you intend to use the blind is another consideration when choosing the right blind for you. If you only intend to hunt turkeys a few days each spring, you may not require the durability and price that come with a premium blind and can get by with modestly priced model.

On the other hand, if you need a blind that will be used day in and day out and will possibly be left in place for periods of time, durability is paramount, and you may need to budget accordingly.

The broad middle ground between the two meets most hunters’ needs and budget, and providers of portable ground blinds today have plenty to offer. Here are three popular manufacturers that offer a variety of blinds to fit most hunters’ needs and budgets.


Top Ground Blind Brands

Double Bull Archery

Double Bull Archery logo

Double Bull Archery’s blinds earned their popularity among hunters long before the company was purchased in 2007 by Primos Hunting, primarily for the ease of use and durability of their hub systems. They were innovative as well, thanks to Double Bull’s hands-on ownership by archery hunters.

The Double Bull line from Primos is well regarded for its durability, including the cotton/poly covering and the attention to stress points where other blinds are prone to fail.

Double Bull also earned a reputation for their customer service, and they offer free replacements for any parts that fail.

Also noteworthy is the variety of styles and camo patterns available in the Double Bull lineup, allowing hunters using firearms and bows to select a model best suited for their style of hunting, the number of hunters needed to be accommodated, and the terrain in which the blind will be established.

Manufacturing of the Double Bull blinds went overseas two years prior to the acquisition by the company developed by owner Will Primos. It’s important to note that Primos Hunting offers a separate line of blinds under the Primos name, which also are high in quality and popular among hunters.

For information about all the ground blinds offered by Primos, visit primos.com.



Ameristep logo

For more than two decades, Ameristep has been the go-to brand for deer and turkey hunters who want the most blind for their bucks and plenty of variety to choose from based on their budget and style of hunting, and the brand’s widespread availability from big-box retailers to specialty hunting shops.

Ameristep’s ultra-portable Tent Chair, which combines a chair with a built-in blind, was an innovator in the market when it was first introduced and remains the most popular solo-hunting blind of its kind.

With blind models made of a variety of materials and support systems, Ameristep now has one of the most diverse lineups available today.

There are nine models in Ameristep’s hub series alone, along with four spring-steel blind designs that are a bargain to buy, easy to carry, and a breeze to set up.

Features such as super-quiet hinged doors, three types of silent window closure systems, built-in brush loops, 3D camo patterns and unique shapes and silhouettes are what have made Ameristep one of the most popular providers of hunting blinds in the nation. See more at ameristep.com.



Barronett logo

Barronett ground blinds are known for their large interior size, the five-sided pentagonal design of their hub models, and the overall quality of their products, which include chairs and spring-style blinds.

Barronett offers the largest hub-style blind on the market (the Beast), and sells an extensive line of hub-style blinds in a variety of shapes, sizes, and camouflage patterns.

The shells are extremely water resistant as well, making the blinds popular with those who often hunt in wet conditions or want to leave their blinds up for extended periods and need them to stand up to the weather.

Bow and firearm hunters also appreciate Barronett’s silent-slide window system, which allows hunters optimal heights and gaps for multiple setups, as well as the wide, silent-entry systems offered on most models.

The blinds’ extended skirts are appreciated by bow hunters who want to do everything possible to contain scent within the blind as well as to block wind from entering same. Barronettblinds.com is a source for additional information on this brand of premium hunting blinds.


Ground Blind FAQ


Q: What is the best time to enter a ground blind for deer hunting?

A: The best time to enter a blind before deer hunting is at least an hour before legal shooting time, to allow the woods to settle down from the scent and sound of your presence and to allow you to settle in to the blind and get gear stowed and equipment ready.

At the end of the day, wait until complete darkness sets in before exciting the blind. You may have undetected deer in the vicinity, and you don’t want them seeing you and associating human activity with the blind.


Q: When should I set up my deer blind?

A: Unlike wild turkeys, which are also hunted from ground blinds, whitetails will note the sudden presence of a blind and avoid it for days or even weeks before becoming comfortable in its vicinity. Set up your blind as far in advance of its use as practical.


Q: What are the best locations for ground blinds?

A: For turkey hunting, anywhere within gun or bow range of where you have scouted gobblers strutting, feeding, dusting, or passing by in the past is ideal. That includes in the middle of cut fields, as turkeys do not appear to be the least bit blind-shy.

Not so deer, as whitetails are famously fearful of blinds, which should be concealed in the woods along travel lanes or feeding areas or at the edge of fields amid brush and trees to break up their silhouette.


Q: What is the best camouflage to wear when hunting from a ground blind?

A: A blind itself is the best camouflage money can buy. Some veteran “hide” hunters concern themselves only with their upper body, paying extra attention to their hands and face to make sure they blend in with the dark interior of blind.

Black is a popular choice, as premium ground blinds are lined in black to allow the hunter to blend-in to the shaded interior. That’s why only windows that you intend to shoot through should remain open and admitting light into the blind.


Q: Do ground blinds hide a deer hunter’s scent?

A: They do to a degree, but you and your outerwear should be scent-free because you are hunting at ground level with the deer. Scent can escape the blind and be detected by whitetails downwind.

Some hunters leave their outerwear in the blind between hunts to absorb the natural scent of the spot and to allow the deer to become accustomed to the odors associated with the blind, including the hunting apparel.


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