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Jake Pelle is an Eagle Scout, avid hunter, angler, and writer who channels his passion for the outdoors through pen and paper. Located in south Louisiana, if Jake isn’t behind a computer writing, he can be found in the woods or on the water in search of his next big story.
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How to Range Without a Rangefinder When Hunting

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Early Fall Bass Patterns (Behavior, Baits and Colors)

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44 Best Fishing Gifts for a Fisherman Who Has Everything

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53 Best Gifts for Duck Hunters (Cheap, Unique & Practical)

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KUIU PRO Bag Review

KUIU PRO Bag Review

The KUIU PRO Bag is one of the most robust and versatile packs for hunters on the market. With features such as ...
Sitka Gear

Sitka Camo Patterns Explained: What They Are & What You Need

With various patterns available for every type of terrain in North America, it can be difficult for everyday outdoorsmen and hunters to ...